Japan's XY9 Set: 'Rage of the Broken Sky,' New 'Battle Strengthening Sets'

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  1. Pipotchi Aspiring Trainer


    splash energy seems like it would be a great way to conserve special energy. that being said it is already a special energy so that makes things a bit awkward.. either way, perhaps there are water types that can make use of splash and DCE. It makes me miserable to say it but I can see a synergy with Seismitoad EX (ugh....) conserving DCEs since it also prevents hammers. (please delete this boring pokemon already)

    i was really excited for the idea that ninetales would be able to flare bonus and discard a burning energy, triggering its effect to reattach it from the discard to itself while also drawing 3 cards- but then i remembered that it isnt a fire energy card when it isnt attached to a pokemon :( oh well

  2. TheFlyingPidove Missing the old days


    Suicune! I knew Suicune would be in the set!
    Wow, Ninetales EX is beautiful :p
    Those Promo Mewtwo's look so cool too
    Froakie only gets +10 HP when he evolves o_O
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  3. Hellcat Outlaw Trainer


    Wow... None of these new EXs really stand out to me as great cards. Ninetales seems to be the best out of them. Just attach that new special fire energy (that I can't remember the name of) and you won't even have to worry about discarding. Meowstic's ability is great but it just completely sucks with that attack.

    Art wise, Ninetales takes the prize. Jolteon is a close second.

    I wonder how these are gonna be released in the US. If they're going into sets, I hope they make full art versions of them.
  4. Hellcat Outlaw Trainer


    Same here! Though, I think Ninetales would be a great starter with that draw power. Pair it with fiery torch, scorched earth, and blacksmith and there's some crazy drawing right there.
  5. Robin Aisaga Ginger Lillie > Regular Lillie
    Robin Aisaga


    Suicune's side view is interesting. You don't see that a lot.

    Jolteon EX is the best of the bunch. It's a great partner for Mega-Manectric EX. Both Pokémon have zero retreat cost. It's completely invulnerable to basic pokemon. Ability lock can't get past it. Which is powerful as we can see with Regice. It's first attack is also nice. With a Fighting Spirit attached it will be a real beast.

    I think...
  6. RealSlim Dragons Breeder


    *Clemont is gonna be overplayed in Magnezone decks, it's a very great card!
    *I'm sorry Eeveelutions, but I really hate 2D artworks for the EX's... and these cards are not that great, too.
    *Golem (omg I love Golem) is a little bit slow but has a very great potential! *cough Protect Cube cough*
    *Suicune: one of the best artworks ever... Mitsuhiro Arita I love you!!
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  7. fleshrum April in Kalos...


    Splash Energy is a complete fail.

    'This card can only be attached to a [W] Pokemon. This card provides [W] Energy only while this card is attached to a [W] Pokemon.

    (If this card is attached to anything other than a [W] Pokemon, discard this card.)

    "Nothing happened!"'

    is what it should say.
  8. zorinjarkraiveltal Shadow Trainer


    First of all, why couldn't we have those Mewtwos in BREAKthrough, I for one definitely prefer them.

    I also really want Olympia and Clemont full arts but seeing as the Leafeon deck may not have a supporter, and it's a Japanese deck where I can't recall them doing something like this with supporters, I doubt we'll see them :(

    My prediction is that we'll receive the Eeevelution Exs as the next set of tins and then all other cards from the decks will be crammed into our XY9, which I would not complain about, but I haven't checked the numbers or anything though so who knows?
  9. Otaku The wise fool?


    ...I am reminded why I stopped reading these threads. If you don't comment on everything instantly, someone starts spreading an at best questionable view of things, creating a hype train that will be derailed by reality with painful results.


    I know hyperbole is widely practiced and accepted, but knowing how a card was used two to three years ago when it was knew and one of the top two attackers in the format is not prehistory; if you wish to be as good a player as you can be, that involved knowing not only what works now but as far back as you can handle, in addition to knowing the rest of the story: the who, where, when, why and how of things. If we want to make a point through exaggerating, 2012 and 2013 aren't prehistory, they are just yesterday!

    Darkrai-EX released alongside Dark Patch and Dark Claw; the latter is all but pointless now but Muscle Band hasn't been released back then, neither had Silver Bangle (not that Darkrai-EX could use the latter). Darkrai-EX could attack first turn (because everything could back then); it was tricky but Turbo Darkrai builds could fairly reliably do just that by spamming Dark Patch and ripping through a good chunk of one's deck. Pokémon Catcher was an Item-based Lysandre back then because it hadn't received any errata at that point.

    Yeah, this is all relevant for seeing how good Manaphy-EX; it won't be starting out in a similar boat so odds are it won't age as well. Even just focusing on how Darkrai-EX functions now, you've got 120 HP and a bad attack versus 180 HP and a still solid one. Yeah, Manaphy-EX has a bad attack; if it was on something meant to be up front and swinging, it would be okay. You really shouldn't have a lot of stuff damaged on your Bench that needs healing, especially if a deck has mostly Water and/or Lightning-Type Pokémon (Rough Seas). The healing is still a nice bonus, but Manaphy-EX should usually be a OHKO; so you lose your free retreat and two Prizes so that for two Energy you hit for 60 and heal 30 across your Bench.

    I don't recall RealSlim hyping the attack, but people don't seem to be acknowledging it isn't actually good. Shaymin-EX (ROS), another low HP Bench-sitter has an Ability that you can only use once (when it is Benched outside of the pre-game set-up), but that also means an opponent spending time to KO it isn't really hurting your field strength. If you need to attack with Shaymin-EX, while it can backfire if you have nothing left in play you want as your new Active, usually this is done to both prevent easy Prizes and reuse Setup.

    Another questionable bit of praise I am seeing by other posters is for Clemont. Anyone forget Cilan? Well you should because it isn't a good card to use! XD Kidding aside, Cilan taught us that especially post-Professor's Letter it will so rarely be worth giving up your Supporter for three Basic Energy cards that competitive decks shouldn't bother with it. Clemont does snag four Energy cards instead of three, but they all have to be [L] Energy, which means basic Lightning Energy. I am well aware of the new Magnezone; even Blastoise didn't use Cilan over Professor's Letter and regular draw Supporters. Battle Compressor/VS Seeker doesn't seem like enough of an excuse to switch over; after all you could just use that same combo alongside Fisherman: paying for various discards should get two more basic Energy into the discard pile pretty easily and of course, past early game you'll still have a good use for Fisherman.

    TL;DR: Darkrai-EX is so awesome that even now that power creep has had three years, its Ability is still great and attack is still solid. Manaphy-EX and Clemont are probably not as good as some suggest, especially Clemont. Otaku may be cranky but he does know some stuff. Knowing is half the battle. ;)
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  10. Robin Aisaga Ginger Lillie > Regular Lillie
    Robin Aisaga


    Comparing Shaymin EX, Manaphy EX and Darkrai EX is not right. In case Manaphy EX is forced to the active spot it would likely not hurt at much as you might think. If it does survive a turn in the open it still has the free retreat cost ability. Also it depends on the deck It's used in. For example it wouldn't burden in a deck using Golduck Break and splash energy. Still even if It's low HP is slightly problematic. In standard It's still worth switching switch with Manaphy EX in order to make room. It's not that weird people are excited for this new water support.

    Ofcourse It's attack is not as good as Darkrai's. However there are some other prospects in it's favour. It can be searched with Dive Ball, it can be retrieved with Archie's Ace in the Hole and it can be healed by Rough Seas... Perhaps a bit situational. I wouldn't call It's attack bad, It's a nice last resort, two energy for 60 damage plus healing, in a defensive deck.

    Uhm... I totally agree about Clemont though :p
  11. RealSlim Dragons Breeder


    Nobody was comparing Manaphy's attack vs Darkrai's attack, or, at least, I didn't. 2012/2013 meta is actually prehistory, it was very different from the actual meta, a lot of cards and things changed. I'm not saying this is the truth but this is my point of view. Yes, Darkrai was good... in the past, where EX's were so overpowered etc etc. In the actual meta, you can see how cards with extremely powerful support (like Shaymin) have only 120 hp, and a meh attack, same for Manaphy.

    Now, the one and only thing I said was: Manaphy's attack is pretty bad, Manaphy's ability is very awesome. I challenge anyone to say otherwise.
  12. poke4trade Raising Ash


    Does the Sucuini affect prevent Seismitoad item lock and bat damage? Just curios?
  13. Robin Aisaga Ginger Lillie > Regular Lillie
    Robin Aisaga


    Sadly no and no,

    Seismitoad's attack Quaking Punch affects your hand. Not any of your pokémon. Bats damage is caused by their ability. Suicines ability only prevents side effects done by attacks to your Pokémon. At least that is how it stated at the moment.
  14. MegaButterfree Old Timer


    I don't think it will block Seismitoad's item lock, as it's not really an effect on your Pokemon (it's an effect on you), nor will it block the bats' ability effects, but it will block the bench damage from their attacks. It's just like how the special Fairy energy doesn't block the item lock. I think Suicue would prevent things like Sharpedo EX's Hunt attack, though. I think its purpose will be as a bench damage protector, along with protecting itself from a lot when it's active.
  15. MegaButterfree Old Timer


    I just want to point out that Kangaskhan-EX has the same drawing power, without needing to discard anything (Triple Draw). Of course, that doesn't lend itself to the Blacksmith combo.
  16. Chewy Aspiring Trainer


    That Jolteon is sweeeet. Manectric / Jolteon / Regice inc.
  17. Ms Hugo Aspiring Trainer
    Ms Hugo


    Golem-EX, possibly the worst EX we've ever seen? Jolteon looks good though.
  18. smashandslash2 Aspiring Trainer


    Oh, ok. Sorry.
  19. MarshalBry Shaym' on you


    Still better than Emolga-EX, which is what I'd call the most disappointing (and highest disappointment to adorableness ratio) EX.

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  20. MegaButterfree Old Timer


    My thoughts exactly! Looking at Emolga-EX closer, it looks like it was designed as a bench warmer for Mega Emolga-EX, which...well, doesn't exist. This card wouldn't even be good as a non-EX.

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