Japan's XY9 Set: 'Rage of the Broken Sky,' New 'Battle Strengthening Sets'

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  1. crowfeather4 R.I.P. Night March


    Derp, I totally forgot, guess I was that tired.

  2. asdjklghty -------------



    But... this all seems cool and all. I don't know how this deck will respond to Mega Ray and the annoying Vespiquen. Grass Weakness is really hurting Water decks right now. I don't see this being viable at all because of Weakness and the low damage output to fast decks such as Mega Ray.

    I also don't see how the Ability lock does anything. Pyroar autoloses to Water Evolutions. Wobbuffet sucks. Aegislash's Ability is harmless to this card. I honestly don't know what Ability locking is for on this card. I guess Bats? But Bat decks typically have low damage output and Houndoom sucks against water. And wouldn't you want to rush Ability locking by playing Silent Lab, Hex Maniac, starting out with Wob or playing a passive effect such as Garbodor?

    TPCi needs to stop printing good Grass cards and remove the viable ones from play. Otherwise, these cards will be binder fodder.

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  3. Apterous Aspiring Trainer


    Biggest news? Standard Aromatisse-FairyBox gets its Darkrai-EX back in Manaphy EX. Now I can run Sky Field instead of Fairy Garden. FairyBox in Standard gets a small step closer to viable!
  4. SaitoGmr5 Aspiring Trainer


    Horrible? Get energy back, that´s what fire pokémon always wished!
  5. MegaButterfree Old Timer


    I think another good side to Manaphy EX that people have probably noticed, but I haven't seen commented on, is that with its ability and attack, it can let tired 'mon switch and get healed 30 though its attack (+30 more for water types with the seas stadium)...of course, this is a more for-fun kind of strategy.
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  6. TheFlyingPidove Missing the old days


    I really like this Greninja (BREAK)
    I wan't to see Greninja's art

    I like Manaphy too
    but, i don't like the art
  7. SaitoGmr5 Aspiring Trainer


    Holy cow this is XY Greninja in steroids, you deal 60 damage from a ability, then attack to hex maniac your opponent, this is so scary. I´m so glad now they didn´t make break pokemon archie searchable.
  8. Chewy Aspiring Trainer


    The designer for Greninja BREAK could not have possibly been lazier. You double the effect of old Greninja and call it a day? What a terrible card.

    Manaphy is pretty exciting though. No retreat is so powerful I would be surprised if there isnt a deck to abuse it. Especially with Rough Seas healing 30 a turn? Oh man.
  9. crystal_pidgeot Bird Trainer *Vaporeon on PokeGym*


    This is how all stage 1 Pokemon should work with the way the game went. Also, this is pretty much the killer of any support pokemon with lower HP. If this deck becomes really popular, I can see basic EX Pokemon getting even more stupid just to keep up with it.
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  10. Greninja's first attack does 40 damage, so it's 40 + Hex Maniac.

    They're advertising support for BREAKs and Evolutions in the set, so we'll have to see what shows up.

    Absolutely love that ability though.
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  11. chamate23 Aspiring Trainer


    Archie + Greninja XY + Greninja Break + Miltank + Energy retrieval. I don't know if this combination sees play, but it is really cool.
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  12. OVERGRO Pokemon is lyfe.


    Just a note; while it doesn't look like what is essentially a stage 4 will be a top tier Worlds deck right at this moment, the fact that the BREAKpoint Greninja can end off with having zero energy attached to it is definitely going to come in handy, now that M-Mewtwo Y exists and Yveltal EX got a whole lot stronger thanks to Max Elixir and Fighting Spirit Belt.

    Some calculations:

    Greninja BREAK on top of Greninja BREAKpoint vs. Yveltal EX w/ Fighting Spirit Belt:
    • 2HKO with two attacks and one ability (60 + 80 + 80 = 240)
    • Almost 1.5HKO with one attack + shuriken followed by a second shuriken next turn (60 + 80 + 60 = 200 [OHKOs non-FSB Yveltal, or FSB Yveltal with 10 damage prior])
    • Definite 1.5HKO with a Muscle Band (60 + 100 + 60 = 220) [Note: this also OHKO's FSB-Toad and FSB-Giratina]
    Meanwhile Yveltal w/ FSB or Muscle Band needs 7 energy to OHKO back.

    Yes, these calcs may end up meaning nothing... but figured I'd throw them out there nonetheless :)

    Also funny is that Greninja BRP's attack can shut down your opponent's ninja frogs (in addition to their Shaymins and Bats of course)!
  13. Hydrocrush Aspiring Trainer


    so now you can toss 2 energies using the xy greninja and break and do 90 damage

    welcome to the new meta

    btw water darkrai lol
  14. Lanstar The Funny Fairy Bug


    Oh my... Well, thing got quite interesting all of a sudden. If one can pull the Frogs out quickly, add Miltank and such, then you have a strategy that literally knock down loads of Low-HP pokemon against your opponent. I see it wrecking Night March, as 60 - 30 damage hits easily knock those cards out - and you haven't even attacked yet! Of course, pulling this off will be the tricky part, and Basics already got an HP boosting item to use...

    Will be fun to try, though!
  15. AshCo Payne-ful


    Manaphy EX. I thank you for existing, as the Great Primal Kyogre's return is imminent all because of you, you BEAUTIFUL CREATURE OF FOIL AND CARDBOARD. THANK YOU!

    Also Greninja Break woooooo
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  16. Mao999 Aspiring Trainer


    Let's play the frog deluge!!!
  17. Rocket The Shellos Aspiring Trainer
    Rocket The Shellos


    UP to 3

    Even if you have 3 or more you can grab any amount between 0 and 3
  18. HA559 Aspiring Trainer


    Next, 'call for family' will suddenly allow you to search your deck for 2/3 stage 1 pokemon and putting them onto the bench directly.
  19. silversalamence10 Top Hat Regulator


    Sounds like what the chat in TPP would say when a legendary comes up in PBR ([Insert type here] Entei).

    But yeah Manaphy EX does look pretty good.

    On another note, with Chesnaught BREAK in the last set, and Greninja BREAK in this set, chances are (and I'm betting on this) there'll be a Delphox BREAK in the next set.
  20. redsky22 Aspiring Trainer


    I would rather run fisherman over energy retrieval but I guess 1-3 of them wouldn't hurt a deck.

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