News Japan's SM6b, 'Champion Road'!


I love the Salamence GX! Not a fan of the Articuno GX, because it's GX attack is basically a worse version of Salazzle GX's GX attack, but to be fair, it is a basic and only uses 1 energy.


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Altaria GX- Tapu Koko GX

Salamence GX- actually pretty good, 200 or 230 with a choice band for a choice band and only discard 2? Not bad, it could be a good card with Dragonite GX teched in.

Massive shame DDE wasn't reprinted though.


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Articuno looks promising as a "surprise here's more math for you opponent" piece a la Tapu Koko-GX, but the lack of a good GX attack may hurt it. Salamence over here is like the A. Ninetales to Dragonite's Lapras, which I find really good, and Wishiwashi is becoming playable. Oh my word this set is gonna make the sky fall.


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Articuno gx has the same exact ability as tapu koko gx.
i'm sure some people can make this card work, but 120 damage isn't impressing me.

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  • Baby Wishiwashi (#HeyNick) - Wishiwashi-GX saw play before as a replacement for Wailord-EX as a wall. This won't help and its just a waste of space in the bench. Lele will be extremely MAD. 1 Geodude and also the HP is undeserving.
  • Salamence-GX -The ability is the worst for me. Since most main atkrs are GX and it needs free retreat for survivability, this won't help besides the fact that it is a Stage 2. Yes, it can be pulled by Lance but there are 2 Dragon Pokémon that are more deserving to be used for. The GX is trash. While the main atkr really hit the numbers. 3 Geodudes
  • Articuno-GX - Basically Tapu Koko with a Good Weakness to hit of, worst GX atk, and vulnerable to Solgaleo. 3 Geodudes


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Why do they like to copy paste same abilities? This is just tapu koko gx same ability and attack pfffff, the ability should have something to do with freezing your opponent but ok.

However Salamence GX is awesome and should see a lot of play

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The Drill Pokemon. An evolve form of Rhydon.
You know what non-EX/GX that can benefit from Salamence? A frikin Garbodor. Yeah. Since that card is vulnerable for giving up 2 Prizes and giving no retreat on non-EX/GX or I should say "Counter Energy Pokemon", Pokémon that can be beneficial to Counter Energy, It will still see play, not as big as usual


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Articuno-GX is so underwhelming to me. It's GX attack has no synergy with it's ability, and for a GX attack it has an awful drawback.


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Water Box is now a thing. Don't question it. Throw in one random Articuno and it's gonna be fun.


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If you have another Water-type GX, Articuno is a beautiful card as much as Koko GX has been to electric (in hopes its drawn from prize or deck mid game). As an old water-type fighter, i would put this card in rotation.


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Articuno-GX has a lot of potential in water box, when combined with Cyrus.

You can eliminate a lot of offensive momentum by swooping in, removing all their actives energy, and shuffling their bench into their deck.

Not to mention, Articuno has support as an attacker through things like Water Patch and Max Potion.


I'm not understanding the hype for Salamence-GX, however.
Very linear card.

Retreat cost ability doesn't work on a lot of cards it would want to be paired with, and Salamence doesn't do enough on it's own to really warrant a slot; when you could just put a switch/guzma/dawn-wings.

[R][W][C][C] for 200 damage on a Stage2... is just... clunky.
and the GX attack is basically: [R][C][C] for 120, which is super underwhelming.

Entei-GX is more consistent, and has a better GX if you want to snipe.