News Japan's SM3 Sets for the 20th Movie Feature Ho-Oh and Necrozma!


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Well that's interesting Eelektrik and eelectross tend to have interesting abilities so hopefully we get a playable eelectross perhaps even a gx


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the set is coming out on my B-DAY!!!!! Plus, it's all Fire-Type support, and Kiawe/Flareon EX will be a thing! so excited!

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  • Eelektrik - Eew! So Eeww! 1 Geodude for you!
  • The leak - (No Reaction!) One Hour Later... Hahahaha! What's going on??! So I made up the dialogue:
Dyanmotor Eelektrik: Hey weird Eelektrik why are you there??!
Eelektrik (BUS): Aaaahhh??! Why I am here? I supposed be on the booster packs!
Dynamotor Eelektrik: Yeah, I should be there because I am playable in Expanded!! Get out, Weird Eelektrik!

  • The Set Symbol - Nice and clear, what is this mean?
  • 147-card set - I'll try my best to give my partial and unofficial set list one these Jap Sets came out.
  • A Geodude Mentioned - Sorry!

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This is a pretty good card, but there are two flaws with this:

1 is that you need DDE and that's gonna be rotating soon(or you're just going to be playing Dark and Psychic energy).

and 2 is that Sylveon GX can OHKO it, and Sylveon is getting pretty popular(but its first attack can prevent Sylveon from using Crushing Hammer!).

This is still a good card, and I don't know why we didn't get this in GR instead of Kommo-o GX
I hear that Double Dragon Energy is getting a reprint. At least that's what I hear.


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Man, I was really hoping for a smaller set with Burning Shadows! We're looking at another 160+ set including secret rares - what are they trying to do to us collectors?! :p

As for Noivern, meh. As of now, DDE is going out of rotation, making its second attack nigh-on impossible to use after rotation (if I'm calculating it right, DDE and Noivern will be Standard legal together for a short time). Even its first attack isn't as good as Toad, because it's not a DCE so you'd have to rely on Benching it and Max Elixir and a switching mechanic to get it off on your first attacking turn. So I'm not seeing the hype/concern for now. Now if we do get a DDE reprint, that changes everything.

As for the prospect of yet more item lock in Standard going forward, URGH! Don't get me wrong, this is way more balanced than Vileplume, Trevenant and Seismitoad, but still!


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DDE better not get a reprint. I'd quite the game if it did. I'm just sick and tired of these locking abilities.
Well then lucky for you this is a locking attack.
Seriously DDE is needed for the viability of dragons and there's no real reason why it shouldn't exist it's not like all dragons are broken


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I think it's really a great card even though puzzle of time, alone, didn't saw any play but this things quite different. It's an item card on top of that, I don't really see the benefit of not using it. It might take space in deck or might not actually be as usefull enough as it seems but it is something new in the item variety.


Hmm, it's an appealing effect but feels like a luxury card.

Considering Pokédex from Evolutions has seen virtually zero play, I doubt this card will either unless something else is released that combos well with it. In fact, the only advantage I can see of this card over Pokédex is the option to shuffle the cards into your deck, thus refreshing your top decks.

@Mr. Rhyperior - This one probably won't get that many Geodudes...


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I think this card will see little to no play. It's fine but it takes up deck space and is pretty useless.