News Japan's SM3 Sets for the 20th Movie Feature Ho-Oh and Necrozma!


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Im still not understanding how there can be 500 Secret Rare's in ONE set. Am i reading it wrong?
It's just a joke, about how lately there's been a lot of Secret Rares in the Sun & Moon sets. There isn't actually going to be 500 Secret Rares in the set :p

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As I was staring at this I realized that ho-oh is very similar to Necrozma. Ho-oh makes rainbows and Necrozma also makes rainbows, so illuminati confirmed?!?!?!?

lel i'm not really serious


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I like Acerola / AZ more. Can find with VS seeker, only takes 1 spot. Though good in Bats (which is no longer a thing).


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Looks like most of the trainers from XY-on will be around in the 2018 Standard format (assuming it's BKT-on). Fingers crossed for a Teammates reprint!


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I think that Super Scoop Up will help Tapu Koko-GX decks a lot. Max Potion, what everyone looked to immediately including myself, only heals the Tapu Koko's after they have been hit and switched out. The major flaw here is that now you have a perfectly healthy Koko, yes, but now it sits on your bench with no energy. Sure, you can power it up slowly again, but Super Scoop Up lets you pretty much negate that, along with slightly lowering the needed energy count in the deck. You can pick the Koko up, hold it, and replay it down immediately, or hold it for the next turn if you really choose to. Additionally, the new Acerola is a Supporter, so you do not need to use your Supporter for the turn on picking up a Koko.


I really like the big influx of Pokemon whose abilities activate when played down to evolve a Pokemon. I think this Super Scoop Up and Acerola will encourage people to use cards like Herdier, Tsareena, Bewear, Salazzle, Blissey, etc. more. I really want to see a meta slowed down to where people have to rely more on clever in-game strategy than OP Pokemon, easy VS Seeker Lysandre K.O.s, and ungodly-fast-set-up.

...or this card is meant as an easy way to heal big Basic Pokemon :oops:


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Everyone gets so hyped over the first card in the set, and in this case its just a reprint. By the time they reveal brand new cards, three at a time, the hype of the new set has died down.

I personally don't like the new artwork. I prefer the card art and design from Black & White-Steam Siege.


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FINALLY!!!! Jeez, I've been waiting for a reprint for ages now (read: since it rotated out). A great, classic techy card that can lead to some powerful recovery & consistency.

Heck, I might even be able to bust out the old Reshiratina deck again - poor thing doesn't work well without SSU, but could always compete with it in. And it even has newer fire budies to play around with! :D

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  • Super Scoop Up - returns in rotation! Yes! I love SSU! I can't live without it. This, Acerola, Burning Shadows is awesome! To be honest, I used this card to return my Shaymin, now both this and Lele will benefit from it. But, It's an item, Garbage licks on it, and he was to use Trashalance on you. Burning Shadows is a set that will be legal for Worlds, so it'll be surprise for players to use this card in a deck.