News Japan's SM3+ Set: 'Shining Legends!'


Mew is interesting; it helps with energy acceleration in Psychic decks, but it's way too easily KOed.
I'd think it might actually have seen some play if it had a [C] or [.] cost. Trading a prize for Special Energy acceleration isn't the worst thing possible, but limiting it to Psychic decks really reduces the probability of ever developing a niche.

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  • Shining Mew - I don't think we'll get this card in English along with Shiny Ho-oh but we'll see how it goes. The attack is pretty good, you can attach a DCE for free. Good for any decks, but the downside is the HP, 30? Come on! 3 Geodudes.
  • Shining Ho-oh - Built-in Exp. Share x2, period! 2-3 Geodudes.
  • Marshadow - I love the ability, makes Yanmega BREAK playable when SM4 released on November. Forget the attack. 3 Geodudes.
  • SM3+ - Come on! Give us a Durant and Zangoose since SM3 doesn't have these, guys. (And also Bellosom)


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Shining Mew isn't all that bad, though would definately have liked something that doesn't get ohko'd by pretty much every competitive 1 energy attack.

Marshadow is pretty solid, the Ability is all it really needs to be included in a deck as a one or two-of.

Let's see what kind of GX's end up here, could be interesting.


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They just had to add that extra energy requirment for Ho-oh for the fireblast attack.

Just to add, atleast give little Mew more than 30HP.

Is there a chance of these coming out in English as a mini set instead of SM4?


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I wonder if the shinings will be SRs in English I really hope so, it would make them super collectible


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Ash’s Pikachu(even tho Alolan Vulpix is better tho) and Shining Mew would work somewhat will for get Charizard GX and Burning Energy attached to it. And hopefully we get shining Ho-oh would love to try pair it with Ho-ho GX It sound interesting in theory boost up shining and maybe boost the Ho-oh in the bench just to three the sit on shining and two maybe one shot your opponent then if it dies you have the you have the Ho-oh in the back ready thanks to FoTGW.
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Come on, that Ho-oh is too awesome. Reminds me of the good old shining cards from Neo sets. But then I think we already get a ton of secret (or hyper) rares, so will these be added on top of those? Fingers crossed.


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Welp, here's our Psychic type acceleration! Shining Mew+Energy Recycler+Necrozma-GX anyone?
Oh, and if Garbodor wasnt a thing, this card with M Mewtwo would be absolutely busted. Just sayin.


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Wow, mew's attack is really good. Too bad MEGA mewTWO is dead.
Mega Mewtwo I see dead because of Garbodor. Stick in a couple of these mews and you won't have very much items to play in the first place! It may or may not bring back Mega Mewtwo into meta.


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Have people forgotten about Virizion or Palkia EX? This thing technically does this with 1 energy! And it says "cards" so I can actually attach double Dragon Rainbow!

Any energy acceleration = GOOD


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I'd love it if they made a lot of Shinings over time and turned them into secret rares for English sets like how they did it in the BW Era and neo...Revelation? I'm sure that won't be the case but man that would be nice. (Insert obligatory me hating rainbow rares here)