Japan's March Set: 'Rebellion Crash,' Plus Toxtricity V, Charizard VMAX, Grimmsnarl VMAX!

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  1. Nyora A Cat


    The reason neither had a weakness before hanf, if I had to guess, is because neither type in the card game is weak to Fairy and both their weaknesses and immunities cancel out. Bug isn't an immunity, only a resistance of Ghost, so that's why they have it.

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    The art on Spiritomb looks like a sort of throw-back to the art of the old Vending Machine Promo cards

    Galar Mine is a clear upgrade on Team Aqua Base. And the new Energy is a clear upgrade on Call Energy.

    Here's my problem with the new cards being released.

    I get that part of what they are doing is making the game a bit more simplified and easier, and we are in the middle of a clear restructuring. But so far, everything seems to be either super linear or clear upgrades on past cards.

    I get the idea of rehashing the old and making it new. But at the same time, Sword & Shield is kind of....dull. Even the V/VMAX mechanic is basically "Regular EX Pokemon that can Evolve"

    Like, where's something like the old Rocket Secret Machines? Lt. Surge's Secret Plan? Team Galactic's Wager? I'll even settle for a Random Receiver reprint.

    The WILDEST thing to come out of Sword & Shield so far is freaking NUGGET (which is basically "the kitsch of Missing Clover, but with less cards"). Even Sun & Moon had Ilima in their Base Set

    I'm hoping that this is all just R&D trying to "find their bearings" with everything in this block and we'll eventually begin getting some weird stuff, but so far, Sword & Shield feels A LOT like Upgrade & Reprint.
  3. Clam Almost decent


    These look neat I like them I wanna use them and yeah just cool cards
  4. Frost Amethyst AMAB-NB


    I mean, we've known this since literally the first Gen 8 cards revealed were V cards of random legendaries like Celebi and Tapu Koko.
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  5. TSA123 i play pokeman


    Spiritomb seems cool in stuff like Night March and Vespiquen if they choose to start playing the counter package

    Capture Energy seems neat in Cinccino mill but they already play Quick Ball so there's no point

    Galar Mine might be a nice addition to Cinccino as well, using Boss's Orders to drag something to the active and then stall. Unfortunately there's a bunch of counter stadiums in the format so we'll have to see
  6. AbyssalHand Surge Double Bellelba


    durant is vulnerable to stamp/marnie. play mill instead imo
  7. AbyssalHand Surge Double Bellelba


    idk capture could be a replacement for 2nd fire
  8. AbyssalHand Surge Double Bellelba


    true but it's all tpci bringing kids into the game as well as old players coming back. all about M O N E Y
  9. AbyssalHand Surge Double Bellelba


    maybe S3 will give us a dark patch reprint to make that possible
  10. TSA123 i play pokeman


    you need fire energy to use magcargo's gx attack
  11. AbyssalHand Surge Double Bellelba


    yeah just don't make do it away, you'll always have more cards to discard from intrepid sword and other make do's
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  12. Mcsonic00 Less Filler Cards Please


    Spiritomb has the potential to be insane when going against 2 and 3 prize decks. I imagine 4 Professor's Research, 4 Dedenne GX, and 4 Acro Bike for draw in the deck; maybe add in a Roxie or 2 as well. You also play 2 or 3 Counter Gain so that you can attack for just [D]. Spiritomb seems like a nice rogue deck in a multi-prize Pokemon meta.

    Galar Mine looks best when paired with Krookodile in my opinion. Doing 50x for each [C] in your opponent's active Pokemon's retreat cost for [C][C][C] is amazing. Triple Acceleration Energy is on the table here as well as Twin Energy + Counter Gain to be able to instantly charge Krookodile up. Galar Mine makes for another nice rogue deck.

    Capture Energy is great in mill decks for sure; you probably play 2-4 Capture Energy in them. I think you don't need to play Mew3 + Magcargo GX for the mill 5, instead, you can play Mimikyu (CEC 96) so that you can use an extra Bellelba & Brycen-Man in the turn to end the game. Sure, you are discarding 9 instead of 11 cards, but you can use a lot more special energy now instead of having to run fire energies and you don't get screwed if either the Mew3 or Magcargo GX get prized (less likely to get just the 1 card prized than either of the 2); you also get 1 more space in your deck as well. Outside of mill, could be good, but depends on the deck's attackers.
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  13. Nyora A Cat


    Upgrades? I assume you mean Pokemon, there's no way they're doing this with Trainers. Some are slightly better/worse in their own ways, but so far most are worse. Air Balloon is worse Float Stone, Vitality Band is worse Muscle Band, Tool Scrapper is being reprinted over Field Blower, etc.
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  14. braywing Aspiring Trainer


    It says the retreat cost of both active Pokémon is two more so since those Pokémon are not in the active they would not have an increased retreat cost and can’t be searched with pokemaniac
  15. Clam Almost decent


    I really like the art for the Spiritomb kinda weird just like how the pokemon itself is
  16. Otaku The wise fool?


    @Merovingian @Nyora

    "Update" is probably a better word for it, and it has been the standard operating procedure for the game since at least the BW-era. You'll find a lot of "Old effect on new similar-yet-different card" before that, but I personally noticed it as a major guiding factor during the BW-era. Anyway, when updating an older card, be it a reprint with tweaked wording, an obvious homage, or a loose one, the name of the game is improving game balance. Well... it should be, at least.

    We've had a weird thing for most of the life of Pokémon, a kind of "heightened" balance where the competitive metagame is made of up a fraction of the total card pool that kind of makes it feel like the Pokémon TCG is two different TCG's in one. Each operates at a different level of "power", but sometimes they crossover in competitive play when there isn't a "high power" option to do the job.

    The point being is that Air Balloon is a better balanced version of Float Stone, because multiplying a cost by zero is insanely good. Tool Scrapper doesn't let you use an "as often as you want per turn" resource to counter a once-per-turn one (plus a bonus). ¬_¬ Muscle Band almost seems reasonable by comparison, but the powers-that-be seem to have this thing where so many key KO's are missed by just 10 or 20 points of damage, so only doing the extra 10 leaves Vitality Band still good, even though it is a nerfed Muscle Band. Though you could argue that all of these are improved versions of older cards, instead of nerfs of (relatively) recent ones. The best example being how Vitality Band really is just a better Strength Charm.

    With the new T1 rule, a major change that seems to be game-balance driven, I'd say they really are trying to get back to basics; Pokémon V are like Pokémon-EX without the overly complicated rules for Mega Evolving.

    Hopefully that added something to the discussion. XP
  17. Cr1p1217 Aspiring Trainer


    Probably not, it says active pokemon.
  18. Water Pokémon Master I like Pokemon more than you. :D
    Water Pokémon Master

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  19. jamashawalker Ikouze!


  20. Tytus Expanded Best Format


    That Milotic v will be nice even if it isn't good. I am also interested to see if the ability on the falinks will be any good. I also don't think anyone expected mally v max. Getting gusting back will also be nice.

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