News Japan's First 2019 Sets: 'Night Unison,' 'Full Metal Wall'

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  1. oh no good bye slow format
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    Agreed, as a fan of the anime, my kids and I love Dedenne and Bonnie. For the card game they don't actually have to have names for any reason except to identify the cards. For us its the relationship to the shows and video games and the art that make it really fun. My daughter is wondering when the "Squishy" version of Zygarde will be a card since they made, the 10% (puppy), and 50% (cobra) Zygardes into cards. Then they also made Bonnie into a supporter for Zygarde, like they did Cynthia for Garchomp.
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    Still cute.
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    That was emolga from XY base and I almost wanna day there was another emolga UR in legendary treasures sub set but I can’t fully recall
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    Raichu/Raichu GX anyone?
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    Zoroark Lucario though. Throw the furry bait together
  7. yeah there was a emolga full art radiant collection but it was pretty bad

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