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  1. SO I enjoy collecting Japanese and English sets.
    I have Multiple Fancy Cards that are Unobtainable in English.
    I am BIlingual Speaking English, Spanish. and i can read Kanji.

    Earlier in POP! Rulings it said you Could use Foreign language cards if you Had a reference.
    POP Rules said:
    14.1.6. Japanese Pokémon TCG Cards
    Any player may use Japanese Pokémon TCG cards, provided they meet the following requirements:
    • The player’s deck is made up entirely of Japanese Pokémon TCG cards, and all of these cards have the same card back. OR, the player’s deck is comprised of cards with different backs, and all cards are sleeved with opaque back sleeves.
    • All of the cards in the player’s deck have been released, in English, in the United States and are legal for use according to the event’s format restrictions
    • The player has an English or local-language version of the card, outside of their deck, for reference, OR the player has a copy of the official Pokémon TCG Card-Dex, which can be downloaded at op.pokemon-tcg.com.

    14.1.7. Autographed Cards
    Autographed cards may be used under the condition that the autograph does not obscure any game text on the card. In the event that game text is obscured, the player may use the card as long as they have a nonautographed version of the card, outside of their deck for reference, or the section of the Pokémon TCG Card-Dex with that card’s text. Cards with a significant portion of their information obscured may be disallowed at the Head Judge’s discretion.

    14.1.8. Alternate-Backed Cards
    Cards printed with a back other than the Pokémon TCG back or the Japanese Pokémon TCG card back may not be used in a POP-Sanctioned tournament, even if sleeved with opaque card sleeves.
    Then Later you could Only play 6 Non native cards in your deck.
    The use of foreign‐language cards have been known to create time delays and confusion at high‐
    level Premier Events, where significant prizes are on the line. However, as the Pokémon TCG is
    an international game, concessions must be made to help accommodate markets where
    multiple languages are more common. Players are restricted on which language cards they can
    use, based on the country where they are playing. The list of countries and regions below
    defines which languages are considered local and which are considered foreign in that country
    or region.
    Local—English and French
    Foreign— German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish
    Local—English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish
    Foreign – Japanese
    Mexico and South America
    Local—English and Spanish
    Foreign—French, German, Italian, and Japanese
    United States and Asia Pacific
    Foreign—French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish
    Players are permitted to use a limited amount of foreign cards at Premier Events. At a Premier
    Event, a player’s deck cannot contain more than 10% foreign cards (i.e., 6 foreign cards for a 60‐
    card Constructed event). All of the cards in the player’s deck must have been released, in
    English, in the United States and must be legal for use according to the tournament’s format
    restrictions. If a player is using a foreign‐language card at an event, the player must have an
    English or local‐language version of the card, outside of his or her deck, for reference.
    So if Your Playing At a league or Sanctioned event should I not be allowed to play these cards?
    I think If you are Able to read the card in Your non native Language you should be able to Play the cards.
    As well What are the rulings for People who Live in more than one country (Dual Citizenship)

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    Currently, the rules are a bit different. It depends on the specific event you’re playing in, and the country the event is held in (not your citizenship).

    In the US, at a regional or lower level event, only English cards are permitted - period, no exceptions. At an Internstional or World Championship, you can use your native country’s language(s) or English.

    In other countries the rules vary. English and French are ok in Canada of course. All European languages are ok in any European event. Etc.

    I’ll add the rules citations when I’m not on mobile.
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    Snoopy basically got the just of it. The languages you can play are based on the region the tournament takes place in and the languages allowed in said region. Only for Internationals and Worlds does it take into account the players original region. In the case of dual citizenship in ICs and Worlds I would assume that they would base it off the region the POP ID you're using is from.

    But you said something that I want to comment on
    It's not about if you can read your own cards. It's about if your opponent can also read your cards. If you play a foreign language card that you're opponent isn't familiar with it then they don't know what the card does because they can't just pick it up and read it. Relying on a printed out translation or you verbally telling your opponent how the card works makes it incredibly easy to cheat. The only legitimate way to do it is to have a non-foreign language card to use as reference which generally works fine in game but creates hassles with judges when you need to get deck checked or about keeping cards to the side and potentially switching them with your deck mid tournament. Ultimately it is just increases the chance of their being issues for the judging staff and it's easier to go without (especially since most players want foreign cards to undercut the singles market in their region)
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    Or you could have universal collector's numbers across all regions, with a fast and efficient database of cards available online.
    It works in a certain different TCG and creates no problems. If only Pokemon stopped insisting that Japan is on a different planet and put effort into their official database so it doesn't crash on every second query.

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