Contest January 2020 CaC: Forgotten Pokémon (All Results Up!)

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    Sorry I didn't post an entry or alert that I was dropping out, but this January had been a lot busier then I had originally thought.
    Good luck to all of the other participants!

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    Aaaaaaaand that's a wrap! Stay tuned for results at the end of the month! ^.^
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    Wait what. Do i have to like, wait 27 days?
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    Yessir. CaC has been run that way for good couple of years. It takes a pretty good amount of time to judge and the judges have busy personal lives in addition to this, so CaCs were arranged to have one contest month followed by one off-month for judging. Don't worry - that month will seem to have flown by when the time comes!
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    In my opinion, CaC should have more judges OR the judging should be done as entries are posted. It's okay if CaC keeps being bimonthly. Otherwise it'd be double the work. But when I host a contest I always announce the winner within 3 days. Because based on observation and my own experience, as time passes the less happiness from winning people get.
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    Having more judges is something we're working on; I quite agree that that needs to be the case.

    Judging as entries are posted is difficult because we can't reasonably expect to be free for all three-day intervals in a month, and it is important to keep to one judge per category per contest for consistency. Further, there often tends to be a last-minute rush of entries, meaning we'd still be swamped toward the end of the month.

    The bimonthly system works because it allows judges the full month to plan out when they can set aside time for judging. Sometimes that's over the course of multiple weekends, just chipping away at it for a few hours at a time rather than trying to get it all done in one swoop. It's valuable for us to have that time. So while we appreciate the feedback, this is likely how the system is going to stay for the foreseeable future. :)
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    Is there still time to submit an entry?
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    I'm afraid not; the deadline for this round passed January 31.

    The next contest should be up March 1. :)
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    Image-Based Results

    Judge: @Jabberwock

    This was an unusually high-scoring round! Granted, some of that may be down to small sample size, but it’s nonetheless impressive, and y’all should be proud. It certainly seems to me like you put some of your best work into this contest, so props for that.



    Ah, one of the classic “let’s see how many mechanics we can stick on one card before it becomes unreadable” gags. Nice. :p

    Your aesthetics never fail to impress, of course. It’s a different take on custom blanks than I’m used to seeing — not really derivative of official Pokémon blanks in the way most custom blanks are, but rather bringing something totally new and totally your own to the table. That’s pretty cool to see.

    There’s one area where I think it hurts you slightly, though. It might sound like a niche gripe, but the Pokémon’s name (“Delibird & Avalugg”) being in a different font just feels … out of place. Pokémon blanks change often, but the Pokémon’s name has always been in bold Gill Sans since Base Set. Of course, I’m not against the idea of changing it for creative reasons — but I think part of the reason it feels so strange is that it’s not a thematic element. That font doesn’t repeat itself anywhere else on the card, and all the other fonts are standard.

    In terms of effects — I’ll be honest, it’s a tricky card to judge. Tying different mechanics together is difficult because they each come equipped with their own strengths and weakness, and mixing those doesn’t always go well. For instance, this card is a Tag Team EX BREAK. It gives up three Prize cards on a Stage 1, without any particularly broken attacks. Not that the arsenal it has isn’t good, but for a Stage 1 that gives up three Prizes, I would expect a bit more than 220 HP and the damage output it has.

    Frozen Solid EX is the main attraction of the card, being the only attack on your actual entry (as the others are for context). Locking down your opponent for a turn is powerful — it’s basically getting to take another turn; your opponent gets to draw, but that’s about it — but is it powerful enough? It costs five Energy to pull off, and you don’t actually get any damage out of it. Look at Dialga-GX — also five Energy, though the greater number of [C] Energy means it’s a lot easier to use — but you get 150 damage out of it. That means you could very easily take a Knock Out with it on one turn, and follow up with another Knock Out on the next turn! Frozen Solid EX not doing any damage means that it really is just a delayer.

    I’m not sure I’m sold on the concept of an EX attack. GX attacks are a GX thing; EXs are an established mechanic that doesn’t have a special attack associated with it. I think that hurts you a bit in Believability.

    Overall, it’s a solid attempt at tying together multiple mechanics, and you achieved it beautifully from an aesthetics standpoint. There are just a few mechanical things to work out.

    Wording errors:
    - “more than 2 EX attack” -> “more than two EX attacks” [-0.5 point]
    - Retaining the rules of its previous Evolution seems like a mistake. The EX rule is that it gives up 2 Prizes, which is already overruled by the Tag Team rule. So I don’t think there’s a point to that part of the text. [-1 point]

    Fonts and Placement errors:
    - I’m going to dock a point here for the Pokémon name font, because every other font matches standard Pokémon card fonts, and it’s the odd one out. I respect stylistic choices, but this one seems out of place. [-1 point]

    Creativity/Originality: 12/15
    (Creative meshing of mechanics.)
    Wording: 13.5/15
    (A couple minor errors.)
    Fonts and Placement: 9/10
    (Pokémon name font.)
    Believability/Playability: 2/5
    (EX is an established mechanic, and it doesn’t do that. Also slightly underpowered.)
    Aesthetics: 5/5
    (Beautifully done.)
    Total: 41.5/50


    I’m always down to see a custom blank being used by people other than its creator. Heightens the sense of community that Pokémon TCG faking is all about. ^.^

    Props for using your own art, too — that’s definitely one of the best ways to put your own spin on an image-based fake. I reckon Ledian could probably be a bit brighter, just for contrast’s sake, but the rendering is quite impressive regardless.

    I love the avenues of play that are opened up by Prowl’s consistency in conjunction with Mach Punch’s effect. Prowl isn’t a new Ability — it was most recently seen on Whimsicott UNM, but goes as far back as the ex era, where it was on another Ledian card — but it’s much more rare for a card with that kind of effect to also be good in other ways. It’s the sort of combination that makes you want to look through pages upon pages of cards to find just the right way to exploit it. Handled right, it could be really powerful. My only gripe is that Five-Star Punch is relatively unexciting, leaving the card overall only really good for a one-time use of the GX attack.

    Wording errors:
    - “less cards” -> “fewer cards” [-1 point]
    - “ignore all attack costs during your next turn” -> “ignore all Energy in the attack costs of all Pokémon during your next turn” [-3 points]
    - There should be a space between “78.5” and “lbs” in the Pokédex bar. [-0.5 point]

    Fonts and Placement errors:
    - The HP is the wrong variant of Futura; should be Futura std - Heavy. Basically, bolder than you’ve got it. [-1 point]
    - Prowl’s effect looks to be in Trebuchet or something rather than Gill Sans. The other attack texts are correct, though. Not sure how that happened. [-2 points]
    - The stroke is very choppy, as you noted in your post. Unfortunately I’m not well acquainted with GIMP, so I don’t personally know how to fix it. Perhaps somebody else in our community might? [-1 point]

    Creativity/Originality: 11/15
    (Only Mach Punch is a particularly new effect, but the Ability works very well with it.)
    Wording: 10.5/15
    (A few errors.)
    Fonts and Placement: 6/10
    (A few things with fonts.)
    Believability/Playability: 5/5
    (Seems well-balanced — it’s only as good as the rest of the format.)
    Aesthetics: 4/5
    (Props for custom blank and original art. Would suggest brightening the render a bit.)
    Total: 36.5/50


    There are some really fascinating concepts here, Nyan! It’s quite rare that the Pokémon TCG cares about whether cards are face-up or face-down — although I can’t believe PCL would ever do it themselves, it’s certainly an unexplored area for mechanics, so I like that you’re going after some new design space. I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. Add in the Lost Zone and some creative effects with switching and searching, and you’ve got a nice well-rounded card. I can easily imagine it being a blast to play with.

    Forgotten Climb is cool from a flavor perspective; I like the idea of the Active Spot being mountainous or something, and your Benched Pokémon having to scale the mountain to fight, and then Froslass spiriting them away to the Lost Zone. The “once during each player’s turn” gave me pause, because it feels weird to only let it activate once per turn, but it would definitely be much more abusable if it weren’t, so I’ll chalk it up to balancing.

    The GX attack is also a neat enabler for the rest of the card, and particularly interesting because of the delay. A bit of a recurring theme seems to be the fact that, while your opponent can’t do anything about the Pokémon already in the Lost Zone, they can see it coming, and so they have the opportunity to do something about it before it happens. From a balancing perspective, that’s really well done.

    Soul Charger seems like a good damaging attack for this card. 80 damage per Pokémon on a Stage 1 for multicolored Energy seems fine.

    Oh, and from an aesthetics standpoint: Honestly, I think this may be one of your best cards yet. Definitely one of the most impressive renders. Great incorporation of all the visual effects.

    Wording errors:
    - It feels like there’s something off with Forgotten Climb’s wording, but I can’t think of anything better, so no points docked here.

    Fonts and Placement errors:
    - On point.

    Creativity/Originality: 14/15
    (Brilliant exploration of new design space.)
    Wording: 15/15
    (Full marks.)
    Fonts and Placement: 10/10
    (On point.)
    Believability/Playability: 4/5
    (Well-balanced. Cautious point docked because flipping cards seems out-of-character for PCL.)
    Aesthetics: 5/5
    (On point.)
    Total: 48/50


    Whoa, Kavross, you definitely did a wonderful job with that art. That’s pretty incredible. Reminiscent of HGSS art, which is only ever a good thing. :p

    It’s a really interesting concept, letting you screw around with your Prize cards for your own personal gain. I imagine if there’s enough support for such a mechanic, your Prizes could very easily become a valuable resource with this card.

    By itself, though, I have to admit it’s a little confusing. There’s just enough there to make you think, “wow, this would be really interesting to use,” but not quite enough to make you see a clear way to use it. If you set up a bunch of Sawsbuck, you could be doing 70 damage a turn for two Energy — which is respectable, just not all that exciting.

    It’s really best for Prize manipulation, but even there it’s not much more than a glorified Town Map. I think what would make it great were if there were some way you could manipulate the top card of your deck before Sawsbuck put it into your Prizes. But since it shuffles first, that’s not a possibility. So in conclusion, I guess, it’s got some good design space, but I’m at a bit of a loss for how to effectively use it.

    I respect all the choices around the card’s typing; I think it’s p neat that Omnium has such hard-and-fast rules for it. Harvest Augur and Focus Fracas are also cool names.

    Wording errors:
    - Nice grammar analysis. Full marks here.

    Fonts and Placement errors:
    - It’s almost as though you made the blank yourself! :eek:

    Creativity/Originality: 13/15
    (Getting into good design space, slightly lacking in gameplay potential.)
    Wording: 15/15
    (Full marks.)
    Fonts and Placement: 10/10
    Believability/Playability: 5/5
    (Balancing seems fine.)
    Aesthetics: 4/5
    (Kavross’s art is fantastic. Last point here would come from holosheeting, or some additional visual effect to kick it up a notch.)
    Total: 47/50

    3rd Place: chico’s Delibird & Avalugg EX BREAK, with 41.5/50 points.
    2nd Place: CardPone & Kavross's Sawsbuck, with 47/50 points.
    1st Place: Nyan’s Froslass-GX, with 48/50 points.
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    Welp, I tried :D

    At least my fave got 1st place haha
    Congrats to all for participating!
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    I guess I'm still having a hard time with getting the balance right for DPPt/HGSS, haha. It always seem like something that shouldn't be too hard, but I always undershoot just in case. Maybe I'll try and undershoot less next contest. My thoughts for the best way to play Sawsbuck is with the Gallade I mentioned in my notes, which in that case doesn't even require you to use his ability. You just need to be able to switch really often and evolve up both a stage 1 and a stage 2, which admittedly isn't easy. I'm pretty happy with the score, though. Thanks for another great round!

    Super congrats to Nyan, though! I believe this is the highest image-based score Jabberwock has given out for traditional Create-a-Card contests.
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    My rule of thumb around this for my own personal faking is that the ex era is where you want to be careful and undershoot. In DPPt you can push some of the effects to be a little more interactive — for instance, letting you control what goes into your Prizes with Focus Fracas (i.e. not shuffling; putting the old ones on the bottom or something instead). In BWXY you can start to push the numbers up a bit.

    I mean that's an option, and I do like the idea of being able to reuse Gallade; it's just that the efficiency drops off really suddenly after you start taking Prizes. Not sure it's a viable strategy by itself.
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    Wow, thank u so much! I'm honestly very surprised, but equally thankful. Everyone did really good this round, i'm looking forward to competing again this month!
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    Text-Based Results

    Judge’s Note:

    Thank you, everyone, for your cards this month. Though there were few cards this month (and many delays), the quality of the fakes was really high, which made this a really nice contest to judge. There’s no general comment I really have as advice here because the cards were really good and there weren’t any consistent mistakes, but as always, if you have any questions I encourage you to ask them. It’s also worth noting that for this month, I accepted either Sun and Moon or Sword and Shield wording when the era was not stated, but I believe that in future months, unless you specify otherwise, we will score your card based on Sword and Shield wording.
    I’m not sure if you are yet aware of this or not, but this will be my last month judging this contest for the foreseeable future. It’s simply too much of a time commitment for me and, judging by the delays I keep having, unsustainable for me in the future. I’d like to thank everyone for all of the great cards you’ve made over the two and a half years I’ve been a judge and it’s been an honor being able to judge so many editions of this contest. Thanks for all of your great work and kind comments over this time. I’m glad to be able to pass the torch over to someone as capable as Almonds, and I’m sure he’ll do great.


    Politoed-GX [W] HP230
    Stage 2 - Evolves from Poliwhirl

    Ability: Victory Song
    Once during your turn (before your attack) you may Knock Out this Pokémon. If you do, choose 1:
    - During this turn, if your opponent’s Active Pokémon is Knocked Out by damage from an attack of your Basic [W] Pokémon, except Pokémon-GX or Pokémon-EX, take 1 more Prize card.
    - During this turn, your Pokémon’s attacks do 40 more damage to your opponent’s Active Pokémon (before applying Weakness and Resistance).

    [W][C] Croak-GX
    For the rest of this game, if this Pokémon is Knocked Out, your opponent can’t take any Prize cards for it. (You can’t use more than 1 GX attack in a game.)

    Weakness: [G] x2
    Retreat: [C][C]

    Pokémon-GX rule: When your Pokémon-GX is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.
    Creativity: 14/20
    I really like the synergy you have going on here, Almonds! You’ve nicely balanced Victory Song from usually being to your disadvantage to being at your advantage once you use Croak GX and given a couple of interesting options with Croak GX. That being said, as you know, both of the effects here are simple combinations of effects and not particularly new themselves (there’s something interesting about having to get a KO with a non-GX Water type for Croak GX, but it’s still not particularly new).

    Wording: 14/15
    Victory Song:
    -Add a comma after “(before your attack)” [-1 Point]
    -The wording here feels awkward and could probably be simplified, but based on referencing, I don’t see a more correct way to make this effect while still keeping the “except Pokémon-GX or Pokémon-EX” clause [-0 Points]

    Believability: 14/15
    The balance on this is fine. Victory Song has some niche uses to close out the game without the GX attack, but requires the investment of a Stage 2 line to do so, which makes it perfectly balanced by itself. Croak GX uses up your GX attack to allow Victory Song to get a 1 Prize profit on a future turn, which is well balanced enough (especially considering your opponent can just KO Politoed and you’ll have just stalled a turn).
    That being said, no GX (besides Mewtwo & Mew GX) has had only an ability and GX attack and no other attack, and considering Mewtwo & Mew could still attack because of the ability, this card composition has no precedent.

    Final Score: 42/50
    As is typical for you, you have super good wording and balance and have some interesting synergy in effects, but your effects themselves just aren’t as new as they used to be. I know you were aware of this lack of uniqueness in your card this month, so I know that you are also aware of how to improve for next time (though of course that next time may be a while off, since you’re taking over the judging). Good job this month and I wish you best of luck as a judge!

    Colorless - Ninjask-GX - 160HP
    Stage 1 – Evolves from Nincada

    Ability: Speed Boost
    If you attached an Energy card from your hand to this Pokémon during this turn, it may attack twice this turn. (If the first attack Knocks Out your opponent's Active Pokémon, you may attack again after your opponent chooses a new Active Pokémon.)

    [C][C] Acrobatics 50
    If this Pokémon doesn't have a Pokémon Tool attached to it, you may flip a coin. If heads, prevent all effects of attacks, including damage, done to this Pokémon during your opponent’s next turn.

    [C][C][C][C] Baton Pass-GX
    If this Pokémon has any Special Energy attached to it, this attack costs [C][C][C] more. Put all Energy attached to this Pokémon in the Lost Zone. Switch this Pokémon with one of your Benched Pokémon. The new Active Pokémon may attack twice during your next turn. (If the first attack Knocks Out your opponent's Active Pokémon, you may attack again after your opponent chooses a new Active Pokémon.) (You can’t use more than 1 GX attack in a game.)

    Pokémon-GX rule: When your Pokémon-GX is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

    Weakness: Lightning x2
    Resistance: Fighting -20
    Creativity: 17/20
    I love the ways you’ve worked with effects in the game on this card! Speed Boost is a unique way to benefit your attack speed while having an interesting condition of attaching an energy that turn, and I like how Baton Pass is able to transfer that bonus over to another Pokémon (and the “extra cost if Special Energy is attached” idea is super interesting). Acrobatics also does a good job incorporating its condition to be more powerful in the games, but I wish the effect itself was something a bit more unique instead of combining two ideas that have been seen before with just a slight modification.

    Wording: 12/15
    -Specify that it’s a “Pokémon Tool card” (Reference: Alolan Sandslash CEC; I’m unsure why Mawile and Mr. Mime are that way (besides possibly just conserving space on the card) but this is a much closer reference) [-1 Point]

    Baton Pass GX:
    -Replace “one” with “1” [-1 Point]
    -Specify that it’s “Your new Active Pokémon” [-1 Point]

    Believability: 11/15
    I think in your efforts to achieve balance, you’ve actually made Baton Pass way underpowered. When you need four attachments to attack (and can’t even use Special Energy to speed this up) and you’re discarding all of the energy immediately after attacking to set up a vulnerable Pokémon in your Active spot, I think it begs the question “Why don’t you just attack with it this turn and next turn and not bother with Baton Pass?” Maybe if you moved the energy to the new Pokémon or it was a lower cost non-GX attack, it could be interesting, but as it stands, the effect feels totally useless.
    If there was an effect you needed to balance out, I believe it was Acrobatics. For a DCE, you can do 100 damage and have a 75% chance of damage immunity, which looking at a card like Jolteon GX, is about the level of power of a GX attack, not a normal attack. It’s not way too far above the power level considering you need to have an attachment every turn to get this level of power and there’s at least some condition to using it, but it’s definitely a bit high.
    I also still think that 160 HP is too little, but your explanation makes enough sense (and it’s not unbalanced considering the fact that the whole point of this card is to protect itself with Acrobatics).

    Final Score: 40/50
    This was probably the best card I’ve ever seen from you, ShaQuL! You’ve done quite well in all three aspects of the card, though you need a bit more work on your balancing, and have executed your typical great ideas into a card with interesting, new effects (without being overly complex) while maintaining good wording throughout. It’s been great to see you grow as a faker, and congratulations especially on your performance here!

    Azelf & Mesprit & Uxie-GX - Psychic - 260HP

    Ability: Mind Spread
    Once during your turn (before your attack), you may flip a coin. If heads, put one damage counter on each of your opponent’s Pokémon and heal 10 damage from each of your Pokémon.

    [P][P][P][P] Happy Space Dance-GX 280
    (You can’t use more than 1 GX attack in a game.)

    When your TAG TEAM Pokémon is knocked out, your opponent takes 3 Prize cards.

    Weakness: Psychic (x2)
    Resistance: none
    Retreat: [C]
    Creativity: 7/20
    There’s nothing here that is interesting. Mind Spread just puts together effects that have been seen a billion times before and Happy Space Dance is just entirely vanilla. By leaving an effect completely empty, you’ve wasted the potential to put literally anything of interest there, to give the card more synergy, to use a good idea, or to do anything. Maybe if Mind Dance was something incredibly new and unique it could in part make up for it, but it’s just a typical idea that’s been seen plenty of times in the TCG. Next time, try to use your creativity to build something new and special with the card; don’t submit something that the IRL TCG would use as filler.

    Wording: 12/15
    Mind Spread:
    -Italicize “(before your attack)” [-1 Point]
    -Replace “one” with “1” [-1 Point]

    -Capitalize Knocked Out in the TAG TEAM rule [-1 Point]

    Believability: 13/15
    The balance here is OK. Mind Spread is definitely useful for spread decks without being OP (an average of two damage counters per turn on everything is pretty good but not too crazy considering it takes up four bench spots). The damage on the GX attack feels about on par with Lunala GX (SM103) considering the slightly higher cost and the fact you’re using a Pokémon that gives up three prizes.
    No GX (besides Mewtwo & Mew GX) has had only an ability and GX attack and no other attack, and considering Mewtwo & Mew could still attack because of the ability, this card composition has no precedent. Additionally, TAG TEAM GXs all have an extra effect based on either more energy being attached to them or a supporter being played that turn, so having a vanilla effect there makes even less sense.

    Final Score: 32/50
    This card just feels like a waste of potential. I’ve seen more interesting themes and newer ideas from you in the past. You’ve gotten better at wording, but your card just seems like a typical generic card in the real TCG instead of something truly new and exciting. As you continue faking, I strongly encourage you to use more unique effects in your cards, since what’s the point of faking if not to make something more exciting (and better) than cards in the real TCG.

    Jellicent - [P] Pokemon - 120 HP
    Stage 1 - Frillish
    NO. 593 Floating Pokemon 7'03" 297.6 lbs

    Ability: Sailor’s Fate
    Once during a game on your turn (before you attack), if this Pokemon is in your discard pile, you may put this Pokemon into the Lost Zone. If you do, put one of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon and all cards attached to it into the Lost Zone. You can only use one Sailor’s Fate per game.

    [P]: Submerge
    Discard this Pokemon and all cards attached to it. Switch 1 of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon with his or her Active Pokemon.

    Weakness: [P]
    Resistance: None
    RC: [C][C]

    Fishermen are terrified of Jellicent. It's rumored to drag them into the sea and steal their lives away.
    Creativity: 16/20
    Sailor’s Fate is a really interesting idea! I really enjoy how you’ve worked to create a depiction of the ‘Dex entry, and the effect itself is pretty unique too. Submerge has nice synergy with Sailor’s Fate, but I wish you did a bit more with the effect itself instead of just combining two things that have been seen plenty of times before.

    Wording: 4.5/15
    Sailor’s Fate:
    -Replace “before you attack” with “before your attack” [-1 Point]
    -Replace the second “this Pokémon” with “it” [-1 Point]
    -Accent é in Pokémon x2 [-1 Point]
    -Replace “into” with “in” (this is a strange quirk of Lost Zone wording) [-1 Point]
    -Replace “one” with “1” [-1 Point]
    -Replace “can only use one” with “can’t use more than 1” [-1 Point]
    -Specify that you’re using a “Sailor’s Fate Ability” [-1 Point]
    -Replace “per game” with “in a game” [-1 Point]

    -Replace “his or her” with “their” [-1 Point]
    -Accent é in Pokémon x3 [-1.5 Points]

    (This is just my preference, but I’d add “Evolves from Frillish” rather than just “Frillish” in the evolution bar.)

    Believability: 10/15
    My worry with this card is that it is destined to become a tech card used in literally every single deck, since you don’t need the evolution line and it is an extremely powerful thing to be able to remove any benched threat for simply discarding a card, which is extremely easy to do. If you made the effect contingent on being active or something, the “once a game” rule would probably stop it from being gamebreaking, but as it stands, this is a card that would be put in every single deck and require every player to play around it as if it was a normal mechanic, which is really overpowered.

    Final Score: 30.5/50
    I know this score doesn’t look great, but I thought this was a really good effort. It’s clear that all of your wording errors were just tiny typos or other similar mistakes that could easily be corrected by just checking once more over your references, and your ideas behind the card were really great. Just be a bit more careful and you’ll be back to the leaderboard in no time.

    Jellicent HP 130 Psychic
    Stage 1 - Evolves from Frillish
    NO. 598 Floating Pokémon HT: 7’03” WT: 297.6 lbs.

    /Ability/ ~ Undead Evolution
    Once during your turn, if this Pokémon is in your hand, you may reveal it. If you do, put a Supporter card from your discard pile onto your Bench as if it were a 60 HP [P] Basic Pokemon that can’t Retreat. At any time during your turn, you may discard that card from play. Then, you may put this Pokémon onto that Pokémon to evolve it. If you do not, discard this Pokémon. You can’t use this Ability during your first turn.

    [C][C] Sea of Memories 40
    Use the effect of a Supporter card under this Pokémon as the effect of this attack.

    The crown on its head gets bigger and bigger as it absorbs more and more of the life-force of other creatures.

    Weakness: Darkness x2
    Resistance: Fighting -30
    Retreat: 3
    Creativity: 20/20
    The intricacies of the effects here is masterful, Nyora! With Undead Evolution, not only have you created an interesting way to accelerate your evolution while simultaneously freeing up deck space by not needing to include any Frillish, you’ve made it so this ability would directly set up an attack. Sea of Memories is itself quite unique in that you can customize it with whatever Supporter’s effect you want, but once set up, it is locked into using that one effect. It’s super unique and yet I really feel like I could see these ideas in the actual TCG. Amazing work!

    Wording: 11/15
    Undead Evolution:
    (-This is super minor, but put a dash between 60 and HP. [-0 Points])
    -Uncapitalize retreat [-1 Point]
    -To make this less confusing, put “At any time during your turn, you may discard that card from play.” in parentheses (or something else, the wording is just super unclear as is, since it seems as though “Then” refers to this sentence). [-1 Point]
    -Referring to a card that was until just now a Supporter as “that Pokémon” seems really strange. I’d say “that card” or something similar. [-1 Point]
    -Replace “do not” with “don’t” [-1 Point]

    Believability: 12/15
    Using any supporter’s effect as an attack and not needing to discard it in the process is nice and has some use, but at the end of the day, you’re still using your attack up on an effect that isn’t going to do much damage. However, on some stall decks, I feel like this could be super useful to spam Jessie and James or some other disruption option at the end of every turn, which could end up disabling your opponent way too much. That being said, there are so many very powerful stall options out there and I doubt this one would be particularly more overpowered than any of them, just another possible archetype some people would use as a one-prize alternative to Trevenant and Dusknoir GX.

    Final Score: 43/50
    As always, Nyora, the ideas behind your card are absolutely fascinating and incredibly interesting. You had a couple of tiny mistakes, but you did a pretty nice job overall with wording and balance and as always, your card was exciting and fun. Great job on this month, and thanks for all the great cards you’ve made that I’ve had the pleasure to judge!

    3rd Place: ShaQuL’s Nifty Ninjask-GX, with 40/50 points.
    2nd Place: FourteenAlmonds’s Polished Politoed-GX, with 42/50 points.
    1st Place: Nyora’s Judicious Jellicent with 43/50 points
  16. ShaQuL That's what I do, I clown on you.


    Oh wow! I can't believe I came third! Thanks for the tips, I'm glad I managed to make the card simpler than my previous ones but still interesting :)

    Well done to everyone else, I look forward to seeing your cards in this month's CaC!
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