News 'Islands Waiting for You' and 'Moonlight of Alola': Japan's Next Sun and Moon TCG Set!


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great with this, vileplume and forest of giant plants you can turn one into the break and lock items (for both) then either spread or hit big for all the items they have.


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Trevenant(SM2)/Vileplume or Trevenant(XY4)/Forest of Giant Plant.Trevenant's always related with item lock XD.

Connor Ritter

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That grass Phantump means Giant Forest of Plants can get turn 1 Forest Curse Trevenant a lot easier in expanded.


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Not if I turn 1 Vileplume ;)

Don't remind me. It is still hard to believe the game is at a point where T1 Item lock competitive, but not to the point where most would call it "broken". I call it broken, but for most, its just how they are used to the game working. >_<

No time to go back and comment on even earlier posts or card reveals, at least right now, but yeah, the new Trevenant has more potential than I realized at a glance thanks to how it interacts with XY-era cards. Trevenant BREAK can still take advantage of it as well, as Forest of Giant Plants only cares about the Type of the Pokémon Evolving (and not the Type of what it Evolves into). I am uncertain how important the Grass Phantump will be to Expanded play; how many Trevenant BREAK decks want to shift to Vileplume on the Bench? Give up Dimension Valley? Change enough stuff, and it isn't really the same deck anyway, but just seems like it due to the cards and tactics that would be in common, plus the unusual nature of Pokémon (one major card Type where cards may have the same name but totally different attributes and effects).

Tapu Finu-GX looks like it was mean to punish
  • Small, important Bench-sitters (Alolan Muk, Garbodor, Manaphy-EX, Shaymin-EX, etc.)
  • Resource intensive Actives (or Bench-sitters, with Lysandre)
Darkrai-GX is all "So you want more Darkrai in Expanded play? I'll hook you up!". That Ability only becomes better with Battle Compressor and Dark Patch to supplement Ultra Ball and other discarding effects. "Dark Rift" hits that 130 now needed for reliable 2HKOs, and with Choice Band plus Professor Kukui could pull off the occasional power OHKO (though I'm not sure if that is worth it). Works with both existing Darkrai-EX as well.


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That first attack is.....interesting...I'm not sure it'll do much though. It seems like people are trying to dump trainers out of their hands as fast as possible...
This will both... work well with vileplume, and against heavy supporter decks since they can only use 1 of those per turn.


It might not be the most competitive deck but it might be a very fun deck to play around with. I certainly like it.


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This card is also interesting because using forest you could T1 evolve straight into trevenant break. Thus gain more HP, type change, and silent fear attack!

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  • Phantump - Better than BKP Phanthump bcoz the Plants lets it evolve into an annoying XY Trev in Expanded then the BREAK nxt turn. I give it 4 Geodudes.
  • Grass Trev - Seems Item lock is around Trev.


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And then you can also later evolve to Trevenant Break to drop damage counters... and maybe even use Espeon GX too... Nice options.

Another frightening combination with this is T1 Trev Break combo with Mega Alakazam. Trev starts spreading early and Alakazam puts everything down. That might take an already interesting (but somewhat slow) archetype and give it the speed needed to make Alakazam's mega attack a legit thing.