Help Is TCG Republic a reliable place to buy Japanese cards?


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Does anyone have any experience buying cards off of TCG Republic? Is this a widely used website?

Asking because I was curious about some of the fairly low prices on the website- in particular, in the “Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky” set section (which became Stormfront internationally) lists the base set Charmander line reprints as each going for about a quarter of the English price. ($13 for Charmander, $13 for Charmeleon, $102 for Charizard). A lot of the prices in general seem pretty cheap.

Is this because this set was printed a ton in Japan, making them fairly common? Or because of less Base Set nostalgia in general in Japan? Does anyone have a positive/negative experience with using this site?

Thanks for the help!


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It's funny you bring this up, because just the other day I was actually looking into TCG Republic.
The problem with sites like these is they often use stock images instead of the actual product they have. Also, TCG Republic doesn't seem to specify card condition. Maybe Charizard evo line is cheap because it is heavily played?
I will buy something from TCG Republic and get back to you.