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Hello everyone! Here’s Gabriel again with another Pokémon TCG article and this time I’m going to talk about a deck that many knows exist, but few truly know how it works to win games and reach the Top 4 of one of the main Pokémon TCG competitions of the world.
About Mewtwo V-UNION
My interest in writing about Mewtwo V-UNION arose when I realized that good Pokémon TCG players didn’t know how the deck actually worked. As much as the deck has been successful in the North American International Championship thanks to players like Mees Brenninkmeijer and especially Sander Wojcik, it is not a deck that has become popular and few players are interested in testing the deck or at least knowing what to do when you face a deck like this. But if an entirely new deck made the Top Four at the NAIC, why do I get the feeling the deck isn’t being taken...

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