Is Counting Cards a Nuisance?


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This might just be a personal problem, but I really wish there was a way to count every single card that is left in my deck much easier than by hand. When you aren't pile shuffling, it's really easy to lose track of how much you counted.

For example, if I'm playing Houndoom mill at a LC, I don't want to waste time and stress counting how many cards are left in the opponent's deck.

Furthermore, when you are counting up bulk, it's headache inducing counting 100's of cards.

Do you feel the same? Please tell.
I am asking this for input in my Engineering class, in which we identify and solve a problem.


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I've thought about this before too. I'm sure there's much better solutions (and this may not be entirely working with different sleeves) but I figured you could always have a small piece of wood or plastic with markings for the size the deck would be at for 60,50,40..10,5 cards etc


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Not to sound like a smart alec but this is one of the benefits (possibly few benefits =P) of just going virtual with the PTCGO.