Pokemon IRL Hints You Live For People To Know You're a Pokefan

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Our lecturer gave us an assignment in which we need to take a random text, switch four words with different made up words so others can guess their meaning based on the text. I handed this to her:

Palkia got along just fine without suicunes for thousands of years. Knives and spoons were sometimes used for mewing in ancient times, but suicunes were not used until much later. Suicunes were only used for cooking, not for mewing. Palkia used long suicunes to take meat out of the fire. When suicunes for mewing first appeared in Europe in the 1200s, they weren’t very popular. It was the custom to mew most shaymins with your hands, and palkia thought that mewing with a suicune was snobbish. In the 1600s, the Italians began to mew with suicunes - knives and spoons weren’t suitable for mewing spaghetti.
In the 18th century, suicunes finally became the fashion, with special suicunes for different shaymins.

So how hard it is for people to know you are a Pokefan? What random hints you make for that, if any?


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For me, it can come across naturally. My computer desk hosts most of my Pokemon figurines (and stuff in general), so people that come around will generally notice that. Other than that, I generally separate my Pokemon life to my real life, although if Pokemon does ever enter a conversation I'll general end up correcting some minuscule detail that someone got wrong. >_>;

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At my university there's a Pokémon Society where we play the VG and watch an episode a week and maybe have tournaments, so it's not hard for people to know you're into Pokémon if you talk to them about that xD. I've even managed to get some of my friends to come along who maybe wouldn't have either and there are about 4 other regular people out of around 12 who go there doing Physics too, which I'm not sure if I should be surprised about or not :p

In my Japanese class I've dropped a few hints about it, drawing Pikachu (ピカチュウ) when we had to draw an animal and writing that part of my weekend schedule is ポケモンのれんしゅう (Pokemon no renshuu), or Pokémon Practice. :p


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I wear Pokemon shirts and make Pokemon references, but most of the time people just think I'm crazy.


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Y'see the Noibat in my avatar? I have that as my avatar for the chatrooms at work.

It helps that a few other people I work with also play TCG, and we go to the same locals.


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I actually really want to start putting some of my Pokémon Plush on display in the windows facing the street in my house since we're on kind of a major tourist thoroughfare, but I'm afraid of them getting sunlight damaged. ._.; I do sometimes wear Pokémon shirts (I have a fun Pikachu shirt) and I have a few Pokémon pins on my purse (Kyogre and the Team Aqua symbol).

Inside the house, of course, is another story with all my cards and toys and plush. :p

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Barely anyone I know likes Pokemon, so (for some reason) I take pride in talking to people about how awesome it is and how I compete in tournaments so much to the point where people call me Pikachu. I think my message is getting through.


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For me, there's fan art.

I went to an anime society and I was able to impress one or two "senpais" or leaders with my art. Those were good times during my final year at my first college. I'm in another one right now, hoping to achieve a higher level in order to learn about the resources needed to achieve one or two of my dreams. I hope to make a few animations, as well as advance my art whenever possible. Thankfully, there are tutorials online that will help me with the latter.


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I'm pretty obvious about it. One of my "hints" is the Master Ball I have tattooed on my right wrist. I also have a few Pokémon shirts that I wear, and my denim vest has a bunch of Pokémon-related pins on it. If you know Pokémon at all, and you see me, and you don't realize that I'm a fan, chances are I'm not wearing my vest, or that you can't see the pins. (I don't really do subtle, hehe)


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I' m a trainee science teacher, I have a Victini pin on my ID badge, and I put odd examples of pokemon in my lessons. We were doing the rock cycle and I had an onyx as a clue.