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Hello. I'm Star. I joined to get friend codes for Friend Safari. My Safari is Dragon, but I'm not sure what pokemon are in it yet. I found PokéBeach through google. I play Skylanders and Soccer.


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Hey, I joined Pokebeach initially just to see if people in this community would be up for a gigantic tournament spanning across multiple communities. I found out about Pokebeach from a friend. My hobbies include traveling to alternate realities while eating fruit roll-ups and guzzling cheese sticks dipped in hot sauce. Besides that, my main hobby is writing, particularly fantasy or poetry. I hope I can actually get something out of being here in spite of my kind of singular reason for joining, as it seems like one of the chillest online Pokemon communities with some pretty awesome members. Truth be told, I don't frequent forums all too often. Cheers!


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David Here XD I've been a fan of pokemon for as long as i can remember but never really started playing since last year and well, I'm still a novice xD.
Im 18, UK resident with A levels and currently doing a Joinery course
I currently have 2 decks at the moment Blastoise/Keldeo/Black Kyurem and Chandelure/Reshiram/Rayquaza
I love to talk about Pokemon, Anime (OMG I love anime) and Zelda[/font]

Naked Snake

Hello. I used to be frequent user here, but I regret to say I haven't been an active user in quite a while.
You may remember me as Eveon, that was my username for the longest time. Well, anyways I'll be here for a while, no plans on leaving.


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Hey i'm Joey. I've been on pokebeach for years but never made a forum account. My friend Kevin Garret got me to make an account to help him with his "Kalos League. I love pokemon so I look forward to being a part of this site. My youtube is :]


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Hello! I joined so I could attempt to complete my Vivillon collection! I plan to look for Friend Safaris too. My friend told me all about it and I'm looking forward to completing as much of my Pokedex as I can! Unfortunately, friend safaris won't happen for me until quite some time. I still need to beat the Elite Four. :)


Now With Sablenite!
Hey guys. LoneWolf2113 here. I joined Pokebeach because I want to get better at the Pokemon TCG. I found out about Pokebeach from TheJwittz's Prof-It! video series on YouTube. I love playing Pokemon and Guitar. I also enjoy Final Fantasy, reading, and doing math stuff. My favorite Pokemon is Sableye. He reminds me of myself, kinda weird but really lovable and cool once you get to know him.

Random Pokemon Stuff that I like:
Favorite Types: Dark, Fire, and Electric
Favorite Pokemon: Sableye
Favorite Pokeball: Tie between Quick Ball and Dusk Ball


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Hello everyone! My name is Kevin. I found these forums via google search. I joined because I enjoyed reading and learning from others, and I hope to continue learning. I just started playing and collecting again after a VERY long time. I don't know how long it has been, but I started collecting Pokemon cards when they first came out along with playing the red and blue version with my friends. I have been out of the Poke-loop for that long.

I just got X and Y for my son and I on our 3DS's, and my girlfriend got me to join our local league with her and her son. I bought a Chespin starter deck, and am looking for tips and things to help me get better at the game.

I love video games, and I have a gaming PC, a PS3, a Wii U, and a 3DS XL. I'm also in college specializing in consumer psychology.

I hope to meet lots of new people here and learn as much as I can. :)


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Hellooooo. I joined because I play cards with my bro and he likes to cheat, so now I can double check. xD Haha. But hi everyone!!


Aspiring Trainer
Hi, I'm Felix.
I join this forum because I find that a lot of interesting decks here and I want to give suggestions and discuss with the deck-builders!
I enjoy playing PTCG, but I don't have a 3DS so DON'T ASK FOR FRIEND CODE.
I may not have good English, so bare in mind if you find bunches of literal mistakes in my comments/posts!


Professional Ghost-Type
Hiya friends, obviously im FreakyFroslass, i've been getting into the tcg because i though it was cool, but i hope to get better at it and expand my YT channel to a new audience, i mainly made this account to better myself and others as players


cis piss
Hi there! I'm MegaDepleo. I like to play Pokemon, watch the anime, read the mangas and collect and play the card game. I joined this site because I wanted to share my experience and help others. I found out about PokeBeach by the website being on a Beartic card in a fake Booster Pack(Strange, right?) I hope to make plenty of friends.


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Hello, (Whoops I already posted in a place before this one 0_O)

~I came here mainly to trade Pokemon, and also to see what other Pokemon stuff if going on around here.

~I found Pokebeach by accident, I stumbled across your coverage of Pokemon X and Y. I'm only making a forum account today though.

~I specifically make pixel art and Fakemon (Fake-Pokemon). I make sprites. I just mess around basically...

Thanks! Thats who I am and why Im here!


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I'm yu6 XD and I'm from Italy
I joined this board because I love Pokémon and I lurked around the site/forums for quite a lot XD so finally I'm here ^^
I found about PokéBeach years ago (uhm... maybe 3-4 years ago???) but like I said earlier, I only lurked XD

About me... uhm... I love drawing (I also have a DA account), do graphic for websites/forums (I have 2 websites and 2 forums -> but it's spam so let's skip this XD), read manga, watching anime (recently I can't find a good series to watch....) and play videogames :)
My fav videogames are: Pokémon, Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series, plus some random games (Scribblenauts, Worms, etc...)

I played a lot of Pokémon games (spin-off, main series, ecc...) and I started with the good-old one Blue (with Squirtle as my first starter). My fav Pokémon are: Pikachu, Totodile, Rayquaza and many others ^^ and my fav Pokémon game is Sapphire :)
For the fav character, it's Haruka/May (and I'm a self-proclaimed world n.1 Haruka/May fan XDDD)
And... I think it's all XD


Is hella rad!
Hello, I'm Coffee! I found this place thanks to constant internet searches for Friend Safaris and I'm not disappointed. Plus I needed to join a forum again after a long break. I watch a bunch of anime, play Pokemon and other games. I draw in my free time also~! Hope to not sound like idiot and somehow, make friends!


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Shining Raikou said:
This is a thread for new members to introduce themselves. Post an introduction as well as things like:

  • why you joined
  • where you found out about PokéBeach
  • your interests
  • hobbies
  • anything else relevant

Want to say hello to new members? Please visit the member's profile and leave a comment there.

Welcome to PokéBeach! We hope you enjoy your stay! :)

PS: Older members who want to mention why they joined can use this thread:

Hey Im Willie, Ive been a pokemon trainer in the games since Gen 2 with Crystal I came here to chat pokemon. :cool: