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Herro! :D I'm Kelsey, I like to be called Kels. My name is Timer here on the forums, because this is the name of my main character/sona on other games :D

I've been a huge fan of pokemon since forever.... like since I was wittle.. xD And well I love animals and whatnot... So pokemon are purfect! I just got back into the trading card business and stuff. Collecting and selling, As I don't want to hoard e.e I love to draw and anyone who has a dA feel free to take a look at my art, :3

I came over to this forum because from what I see, this forum is very active, and I think ya'll can help me expand my collection, and maybe I can help you all out too! :D

Thanks for reading my post guis, hope to chat with you all soon n.n


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I'm ZorroW and I'm new.
I played TCG before and now I'm trying to get into it a little.
I found out about Pokebeach when I was googeling a bit and I started to read a bit on the forums.
Everyone seemed nice here so I tought I would stay here for a bit and trying to get into it again.


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Hello I am Walter but you can call me mcwam91 I have been a fan of pokemon since I was about 7 or 8 (I am now 22) I came here for trading pokemon from black 2 also I would like some new team ideas

Austinsoevil (Sandvich Hunting)

Sandvich Hunter
Hell my name is Austin And I`m A New Member
I`m Really Addicted To: Pokemon Platinum,Pokemon Black 2,Minecraft,Spore,Left 4 Dead 2,Garrys Mod,And Portal 2
I wanna be a scientist when i grow up,my nature is "Brave"
This Is My Current Team On Pokemon Black 2
Emboar Lv 43
Rocky (Gigalith) Lv 26
Trashy (Trubbish): Lv 23
Deerling: Lv 30


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Hiya guys my name is Tad. I'm here to learn about this game and to become a good competitor at ptcgo in light of the upcoming tournament feature. Also wanting to do some buying of sorts to grow my rather small collection.

Have any tips for me in ptcgo? My name is makamaru. I do not have any good decks though so don't expect a good battle lol. Hope to talk to some of you soon.


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Hey Everyone my name is Corey im 15
i have been playing tcg for about 6 months just starting playing league at my local store
I have a keldeo blastoise deck and also working on a darkrai ex deck
I am here for deck help and info
Thanks everyone :)


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I'm new lol, I'm gonna be posting my fan fic here so it would be great if you could check it out, it's titles Jay's Journey through the Henzo Region

thank you all x x x


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Hi! My name is r1oss1 which is my name with 1's in it. I came here because I love the beach, pokemon and forums! I found out about pokebeach by watching TheJWittz's youtube video Prof-It! epiosde 3 pokemon websites. I am intrested in pokemon (duh.), Albert Einstein and reading. My hobbies are : playing baseball, playing the TCG and playing the VG's. I'm Jewish and only like 2% of the world is jewish and I'm one of those 2%. I hope people can help me with my soulsilver team and ev training them. Thank you for reading this!


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My names Sunny, and yup, I'm a girl!! :3
My friend Ethan recommended Pokebeach to me!
So, hey, Why not?
I really like the old games, and heartgold and SS.


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Hello! I'm Miles :3 I joined Pokebeach to talk with fellow pokenerds, and to help with my deck problems and such :3 I found out about pokebeach from a few old friends and I check on it for new news :3 My interests consist of Pokemon of course :3 I also love friends :3 ( I use :3 too much XD) My hobbies are the card game of pokemon. I have taken 2nd at three battle roads. I have taken third quite a bit at cities as well. Thank you for reading :333333


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Hey guys!
My name's Stephan, joined because my friend got me into the card game >_<
I like all the games (and the cards too!) ^_^


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my name is Xavier and i joined Pokebeach so that I could find people to trade with since the GTS is doing my head in!

I like music and video games as well as singing (which I study)

Keep in touch! ;D

Siuwong Chan

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Well, would it be embarrassing to mention that I'm not an American? I'm from mainland China. I've spotted pokebeach by accident. PTCG is a great card game I think. As you could see, my English is not so good, either my Japanese. Despite of that, you guys could still ask me for some simple Japanese-English card translation. I hope to make friends here. Prepared for a cultural shock.


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My name is Mike. I am a father of 3 and we all play Pokemon. Started 2 years ago and have gotten more involved each year

I'm now a professor and a league leader for 3 leagues

Love the game and the community!
Shining Raikou said:
This is a thread for new members to introduce themselves. Post an introduction as well as things like:

  • why you joined
  • where you found out about PokéBeach
  • your interests
  • hobbies
  • anything else relevant

Want to say hello to new members? Please visit the member's profile and leave a comment there.

Welcome to PokéBeach! We hope you enjoy your stay! :)

PS: Older members who want to mention why they joined can use this thread:


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Hey guys, I'm Samp98, but just call me Samp. Mainly posting here so I don't have to worry about my account being deleted, but I might as well talk about myself as well. I joined mainly to ask a question about a card I had, but might use this place more in the future. I was reffered to here from the Pokemon (general) GameFAQS message boards. I've heard about this place before, but never joined. I play video games pretty often, and enjoy racing games the most. Also am a huge NASCAR fan, which goes with me loving cars, the faster the better.


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Well, hi there! I'm Paris, or ParisTayla9 as my username is :) My Pokemon team is:
Vulpix (starter)
All of my team (including me & my Pokemon at Prof. Oak's Lab) wear a black obsidian lightning-bolt shaped necklace. It's my team symbol.
I joined this website because it seemed like the kind of website I might be able to post my Fan Fiction on. Hopefully people read & like it :3 I came across this website randomely, and my interests include Pokemon, drawing and school. My hobby is being an active member of Girl Guides (woo!)

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day :D:D



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Hey, new here. I've been buying up Pokemon cards in the past year or so and now I'm looking to get back into competitive play. I was a kid last time I went to a tournament, so things have changed since then, I think :p

I'm a grad student, and I am a writer. My girlfriend and I play a little, but we've only ever used theme decks.


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Hi there i am pervicol :)
why you joined ? = Well i am a pokemon colector and want to buy sell
where you found out about PokéBeach = Searching in google
your interests : Pokemon, nba, music
hobbies : play the guitar, play pc games, play tcg games, eat, drive, play basketball

Hope to make cool friends!