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Hi everyone, i'm Vincent, 32 years old and i'm from Spain. I started to play pokemon since red/blue released when i was a kid and i have played all gens since then. I have been into the TCG for a few years, and recently i started to collect some cards that i really like and doing openings on youtube, but mostly small openings and stuff. My favorite pokemon is Giratina without a doubt, and now that the current set has it, i'm going crazy xD.


Aspiring Trainer
Hi! I'm Ingrid from the Netherlands. I'm a pokemon fan since the release of pokemon red/blue. My favorite pokemon game is silver/gold. I have never played the TCG game but I love to collect the cards, I have since the start of pokemon TCG collect the cards and since 2 years I collect the cards from the newer series too, my collection goal is to have cards in my collection from all previous era's before sword and shield.
My favorite pokemon are lapras, dragonite, marill, espeon, eeveelutions (gen 1 and 2), houndour.


Pixel artist
Hi guys!
I'm Porygatto, but you can call me Pory. "Gatto" means "cat" in italian, because I'm kinda obsessed with cats. :3


I love Pokémon and my favourite pokémon are Porygon-Z and Skitty.
Although I registered just today, I've been visiting PokéBeach daily for... 8 years? Well, I use to come here to keep updated with the TCG. I don't play, but I collect cards based on their illustration. My favourite illustrators are Saya Tsuruta, sowsow, Kanako Eo, Shibuzoh and 0313.
I love illustration and I'm an artist. I do mainly pixel art, if you look for Porygatto on socials you'll find me eventually. I posted some stuff on my profile, maybe I'll open an art gallery here, too.
Well, see you! :p



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Hi, the last time I played Pokemon games was probably around 8 years ago :D
I also lost track of Pokemon since Ruby & Sapphire, so I hope to start follow back with the new X&Y.