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Standard Inteleon Frostmoth


Aspiring Trainer
Deck works surprisingly well. Key is to use Frostmoth to power up Inteleon VMAX and start picking off bench Pokemon. Keldeo V is there as another attacker and Eldegoss V is to grab a supporter from the discard pile but if you can get two water energy on it, you can use it as a pivot and even OHKO something like a Zigzagoon.

2 Frosmoth (SSH 64)
1 Keldeo V (SSH 53)
3 Inteleon VMAX (RCL 50)
1 Eldegoss V (RCL 19)
4 Inteleon V (RCL 49)
2 Snom (SSH 63)
2 Jirachi (TEU 99)
10 Water Energy (TEU 199)
1 Capture Energy (RCL 171)
2 Training Court (RCL 169)
2 Scoop Up Net (RCL 165)
2 Great Ball (SSH 164)
3 Capacious Bucket (RCL 156)
3 Evolution Incense (SSH 163)
2 Pokémon Communication (TEU 152)
3 Marnie (SSH 169)
3 Quick Ball (SSH 179)
2 Boss's Orders (RCL 154)
3 Crushing Hammer (SSH 159)
1 Team Yell Grunt (SSH 184)
1 Reset Stamp (UNM 206)
1 Tool Scrapper (RCL 168)
2 Switch (SSH 183)
4 Professor's Research (SSH 178)