Help Inherited random sealed Pokemon sets - are they worth anything? (Sun&Moon, Hidden Fates, ...)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by ranma, May 2, 2020.

  1. ranma Aspiring Trainer


    Hi everyone

    Preface: I used to play Pokemon TCG as a kid, been out of the loop for a lot of years. I have played video games up to and including XY. I registered on this forum a few years ago (2014 I think), when love for the Pokemon cards was reignited but faded again soon after. Recently I inherited some sealed sets and some random open cards and I am wondering if these cards are worth anything.

    What I got is:
    • Plasma Blast sealed boosters (a few of them)
    • Gaia Volcano sealed box of boosters (this is in Japanese, to my knowledge of Japanese it says Gaia Volcano on the box with Groudon on the cover)
    • Sun&Moon Lost Thunder sealed box of boosters
    • Hidden Fates tins (Charizard, Gyarados, Raichu on the cover)
    • Hidden Fates Eliter Trainer Box
    • XY Theme Decks (Xearneas and Yveltal on the cover)
    • XY Evolutions random boosters
    • Sun&Moon Crimson Invasion random boosters
    • Sun&Moon Celestial Storm random boosters
    • Card lot, different sets I think, seems like a mixed bag of commons, uncommons and rares ???

    Do you guys think this is worth diving into and researching if they are worth anything? I was thinking about actually opening them (I am a sucker for opening boosters, no matter what game it might be) but I am not sure. Maybe there is something here, but probably just a bunch of old cards.

    I appreciate your help&thoughts.

  2. AshCo Talks Too Much.


    Heya, sorry for such a late response but I'm hoping I can help you out a little.

    I don't know much on Japanese boxes, but a sealed box from the end of 2014 (Gaia Volcano) may fetch a decent price secondhand.
    People are also trying to pawn off sealed hidden fates ETBs for a high price due to scarcity.
    Plasma Blast packs have a median of $13 each right now on TCGplayer, though I'm not sure how much that reflects the actual market.

    I'd say you could pretty much open anything other than that if you'd like, I'm not sure how much HF tins will go up in value in the future given they got a pretty hefty second print run last fall. They're all pretty recent besides Plasma Blast and the Gaia Volcano box (around 7 and 5 1/2 years old respectively)

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