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Standard Improving GreenZard

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by moving pictures, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. moving pictures Aspiring Trainer
    moving pictures


    So - I have 3 boys who all play, as well as myself. My youngest is 6 years old, and he has been playing Green's Reshizard now for a while. He is actually very good and regularly knocks off Masters. Obviously the deck is super straight forward for him - go second, get volc in front if possible, start weldering and healing, etc..

    I think the turn 1 supporter rule is going to hurt him a bit as he wont always go second. I get that GreenZard is not going to be a top tier deck as we move in to Sword and Shield, but its probably what he will continue to run for the next year or so do to his familiarity with the deck and age. Below is my current estimate of what his deck looks like (off the top of my head). I may be missing something super obvious - I feel as though the 2 switches and comm might not be in there but this is pretty darn close.

    Would be interested in some feedback on how to improve it with the new cards from Sword and Shield

    Pokemon - 7
    4 Volcanion
    2 Reshizard
    1 Braixzard

    Trainers - 41
    4 Welder
    4 Greens
    1 Faba
    2 Mallow and Lana
    4 Acrobike
    2 Tag call
    2 Fire Crystal
    1 Flint
    1 Energy Spinner
    1 Pokemon Communication
    4 Mixed Herbs
    3 Great Potion
    4 Pokegear 3.0
    1 Heat Factory
    2 Giant Hearth
    1 Lysandre Labs
    1 Power Plant
    1 Reset Stamp
    2 Switch

    Energy -12
    12 Fire Energy

    Your feedback is appreciated! Thanks.

  2. Ⓙ_666666 Aspiring Trainer


    First off, this is a very good list that was hard to find problems with.
    1. Add cynthia & caitlin, because you can retrieve the vital greens and welder cards from your discard. It will also help with hand size and finding cards.
    2. For sword and shield, try quick ball, because it can search for basic (any for this deck) pokemon.
    3. Rotom bike will help the turn 1 if you go second because you can draw to 6, which will also end your turn. But for turn 1, you won'd need to attack or play a supporter.
    4. Big charm will help increase health of the pokemon it is attatched to by 30
    5. Vital band will increase damage by 10
    6. and lastly, add weakness guard energy. Considering the metagame will be mostly water, (frosmoth) his deck would then be harder to beat.
    I hope these ideas help.
  3. Malamar4 Aspiring Trainer


    My son is 8 and plays the same deck. I tweak it a lot but the core skeleton of the deck stays the same.
    It should be a fast aggro deck that can attach energy and attack every turn.

    Here’s his current list:
    Pokemon - 8
    4 Volcanion
    2 Reshizard
    1 Braixzard
    1 Mega Lopunny and Jigglypuff (this may come out for a Victini V, fewer GXs now)

    Trainers - 40
    4 Welder
    4 Greens
    1 Mallow and Lana (switch and healing)
    1 Cynthia and Caitlin (reuse welder, greens and draw power)
    1 Lt Surges strategy (can be a game winner)
    4 Custom Catcher (gusting is important)
    4 Mixed Herbs (healing and recover)
    4 Pokegear 3.0 (dig for welder and greens)
    2 Tag call (6 targets)
    3 Fire Crystal (mid to late game welders)
    1 Fiery Flint (search energy)
    1 Energy Spinner (search energy)
    1 Heat Factory (draw power)
    2 Giant Hearth (search energy)
    2 Power Plant (Mewtwo & Mew/ Dedenne/ etc)
    2 Reset Stamp (frequent mulligans - 2 is required)
    2 Switch (move volcanian or damaged Pokémon)
    1 Great Catcher (gust up big GX for the win)

    Energy -12
    12 Fire Energy
  4. Lord Charizard Aspiring Trainer
    Lord Charizard


    How does this list look post-SWSH? Wouldn't you use Quick Ball?

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