Imposter Professor Oak's Fakes Rules

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Imposter Professor Oak's Fakes Rules

  • Provide credit where credit is due! That means, providing proper illustration credit on cards (should be the artist of the work you’re including in the “Illus.” line). Do NOT plagiarize content either (can result in a permanent ban)!
  • Do not obsessively bump your thread unnecessarily. Two times within a week is more than enough.
  • Please have a thread title that is a clear reflection of the content present within the thread.
  • When creating a thread, please have appropriate content ready to be showcased. Failure to do so (fake cards, fakemon, game description and pictures, etc), will result in a temporary deletion of the thread and you will have to contact a Creative Works staff member to have it re-opened.
  • No simple-worded posts. This includes: “Thanks,” “Thank you,” “Cool stuff,” “Nice work,” “I like your design,” and numerical ratings, etc. If you do so, please include additional content to your posts - it can be a comment on the artist’s recent design, style, or progress - any feedback that relates to the thread or helps the user out with their work. If you would like to thank someone, please do so through private message or through the profile commenting system.
If you have any questions regarding the rules, Imposter Professor Oak’s Fakes forum, or the Creative Works as a whole, then please contact either @Ice Arceus, [USER=107419]@Jabberwock[/USER], or @bbninjas and we will be more than happy to help out! :)
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