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Discussion in 'Creative Works' started by NinjaPenguin, Feb 10, 2019.

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    So... I requested the artist's permission to use this art three years ago. Better late than never? Fun fact: I had to artifically inflate the size of Virizion and Suicune's heads to add a tad more perspective, but other than that, the art was PERFECT.

    From a design standpoint, I've designed these two attacks so that they have some subtle synergy. The intended strategy is that Muster Clash would allow you to use two Fisherman (HGSS) Supporters during your next turn, which can then be traded in for a whopping eight free cards from the discard pile using Aurora Swirl. That Muster Clash blocks the use of Trainers is also quite critical, because it prevents the use of Energy Search / Energy Retrieval cards that could push the limits of Aurora Swirl further. A side effect is that LEGENDs become much easier to play once you've gotten this one set up, since you can pull pairs from the discard pile. This might seem particularly powerful, but keep in mind that LEGENDs are naturally slow, which means that a player will need to choose between support and power during the late game, when taking Prize cards is becoming critical. (And an early game Suicune & Virizion LEGEND has limited capacity because the discard pile will still be relatively empty.)

    I know I say this every time, but I've accidentally bumped the blank around during final touches phase, so the placements are probably wrong. Dx

    Muster Clash (think --> mustering strength or resources): Magnezone PLS, Supporter Cards, Vileplume UD
    Aurora Swirl: Ref: Golem AR / Cofagrigus DEX, Superior Energy Retrieval, Junk Arm, Tropius UL, Electivire FB

    Art by Aoi-1
    Blanks by @aschefield101 (with some edits to the LEGEND / Card Name elements)
    @AwesomeEevee (Metagross) because I feel like I used something of yours, but I can't remember what

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    Is it legal to present my own feedback before final judging? I have something on my mind.
  3. Jabberwock #Jovimohnaeliackvid

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    In the CaC, the rule is normally yes, that's totally fine, but for this (being the last round of a rather special case) I'd prefer if you didn't. You're welcome to PM either contestant with feedback, but I'd rather not have anything in-thread that could be construed as "judging before the judging".

    (Unless of course it's just "woo! great work y'all! I love it!" in which case by all means. :p)

    Also, on another note about judging: It will be a couple of weeks. The timing of this last round worked out kinda awkwardly for me in that I'm about to start exams in a couple of days, and they won't be over till the 16th. I'll get on this straightaway after that, but I just won't have time before then. Sorry for the inconvenience. Dx
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  4. Gabs Kazumi Amateur Illustrator @kazumi.draws
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    Wow, I saw the results and completely forgot to reply here >.>

    It was very fun to participate with Scrafty, and I'd like to thanks for the judging!

    To justify some of the flaws, I went with a Fairy Weakness since it's between the Fighting/Dark type of the card. Giving the card two different Weaknesses would leave it underpowered, so I chose a Weakness that makes more sense to me (and I've already made a comment about how I think TPCi should give more diversity in the Weakness/Resistance to help deckbuilding).

    And, about the attacks being underpowered, I was afraid it would get too strong in the end bc the card has two types, and the effect of Hoodlum Scramble was already too strong. With 2 Energies you're able to disrupt your opponent's game, and giving it more power (specially in a Stage 1 card) seems a bit unbalanced for me. The same goes with All-Out Attack: it goes up to 210 damage if you fill all the requisites, and Scrafty is a 1-Prize attacker :v

    I'm a bit late, but I wish the BEST OF LUCK to both contestants. Can't wait to see who will take the trophy :)
  5. Anees Azeemi Thine mother is a land strange
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    Oh my goodness... That... that... that Legend Card...
    Very honestly both these cards are absolutely stunning!
    Great job you awesome people!
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
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  6. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    Round 3 Results

    Judge: @Jabberwock

    Creativity/Originality: 12/15
    I see where you were going with the Typhlosion Prime synergy, and I do like how that plays into the attack. HGSS is a good era for it, too, since it can be somewhat difficult to one-shot everything in HGSS, or at least not on the same level as in certain other eras. It is quite a frail Pokémon, given that it only has 90 HP to begin with and you want it to have some damage on it as often as possible, but even that works with the power repeatedly bringing it back. Initially I was skeptical because the power seems like a whole separate part of the card from the attack, but it actually works as a nice tie-in because of the card’s frailty. So props for that. It would be neat if the attack hadn’t already been done before in several ways, but the synergy at least is good.

    Wording: 15/15
    - Looks good to me.

    Fonts/Placement: 10/10
    - I genuinely thought the spacing was off for the attack text, there being so much space between the Power name and the stats bar, versus the bottom of the attack text and the Pokédex text area, but I checked it against Smeargle UD and it seems legit. So [-0 points] for that, then.

    Believability/Playability: 5/5
    Seems fine. The damage output for Burning Ash is solid but nothing crazy, and the Energy cost is offset by the synergy you pointed out with Typhlosion Prime. Swarm’s Phoenix is good but not broken recovery. I like the balancing here.

    Aesthetics: 4/5
    It does look good, and I applaud the recoloring of Volcarona, but is the art right for a CoL-style secret rare? My thinking is no, because the HGSS trademark “traditional art” style is usually seen on generic holos or LEGENDs and is absent entirely from the secret rare legendaries. Something about that, combined with the fact that there’s very little difference between the color of Volcarona’s wings and the color of the fire behind it, is making me hesitate about awarding the aesthetics a perfect score.

    Final Notes:
    Swarm’s Phoenix is a nice creative effect, but what I really like is just how believable it is. A couple minor nitpicks here and there, but overall it’s a card I could definitely see IRL. Especially impressive considering you’ve only rarely, if ever, faked this era before!

    Total: 46/50

    Creativity/Originality: 15/15
    The card practically oozes creativity, which is a good sign for this. It has great unexplored design space with Muster Clash’s tradeoff of all your Trainers for an extra Supporter for a turn, and the synergy with Aurora Swirl makes you think immediately about all the potential combos you could pull off. It’s the sort of card that has a ton of possible uses, and so tests a player’s ability to use it correctly. I feel quite justified in awarding this the full 15.

    Wording: 13/15
    - When you search the discard pile, you still show whatever you grab to your opponent before putting it into your hand. [-2 points]
    - Admittedly I don’t love the wording of Muster Clash, but I don’t know how else I’d word it, so [-0 points] here.

    Fonts/Placement: 10/10
    - Looks good.

    Believability/Playability: 5/5
    Y’know it feels slightly weird to me that Aurora Swirl doesn’t do any damage, but I’m not sure why, as it’s clearly a support Pokémon and it’s not like it really needs to do any damage there. More than, like, 30 damage would be ridiculous anyway given how good the effect is. So I can hardly dock for that. Otherwise, the card is easily believable even in spite of its very different effects. Muster Clash’s tradeoff of Trainers for an extra Supporter, which I’ve already mentioned as being good design space, is also good balancing. Aurora Swirl has the potential to swing a game, but the set-up for a LEGEND is relatively difficult and even then you’re vulnerable to a Knock Out or a Judge (or some other hand disruption). Nicely done!

    Aesthetics: 5/5
    Honestly, I’m not really sure what I can say here, because you and everyone else can already see for yourselves how the aesthetics are. The card is just stunning. A perfect use of the art. I’m sad I can’t give you more than 5 points for it.

    Final Notes:
    Brilliant use of new design space, building fascinating room for potential combos, and all balanced quite expertly.

    Total: 48/50

    You can tell it’s the finals by the fact that that these are two of the highest scores I’ve ever awarded -- in bb’s case, the highest score, bar none, I’ve ever given. If not for a wording slip, in fact, I’d consider it perfect! In the end, it was the exploration into rarely- and never-before-used design space that sealed the win for him over Nyan, whose Volcarona had some interesting effects and synergy with existing cards but otherwise stayed more within the realm of what’s been done.

    Nonetheless, immense respect to the both of you. This was the final round of a tough tournament involving the very best the ‘beach has to offer in image faking. It was a privilege to judge your cards, and I thank you for that. ^.^

    Which means the winner of the first ever Text-Based Create-a-Card Faking Tournament, by a score of 48/50 to 46/50, is:

    Congratulations to the winner and thank you to everybody who participated in this tournament! We hope that you enjoyed it and would love to hear your thoughts on how well this worked and how you'd like to see an event like this structured in the future.
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    I admire how Ninja judges the cards. It feels very satisfactory and honest I couldn't really agree with Ninja more. The Volcarona is absolutely stunning but I am still unsure whether it needed that dock. Both the cards have this 'real' element to them that to consider them Fake Cards almost seems an injustice. Salute to all those artists that participated here, its been a pleasure seeing you at work, crafting such beautiful pieces. Thank you all for this amazing experience.
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    Wooo!~ Nice work Nyan and everyone else who participated, and special thanks to @Jabberwock for judging and @NinjaPenguin for hosting over the past few months.

    I was about say that in Aurora Swirl, you wouldn't need to show your picked cards to your opponent because you can pick any card... but that's not quite true, whoops. xD
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    Even if you could pick any card, you'd still have to show it to your opponent on account of the discard pile being a public zone. Reference Zigzagoon GE and Honchkrow LV.X SW. :p

    Also, realized I forgot to say this in my judge note –– congrats bb! :D

    The tournament was fun to judge, and y'all definitely whipped up some stellar cards. I have to admit, though, that it was quite time consuming for me, so I'm probably not looking to judge another on top of the bimonthly CaC in the near future. :/

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