If the First Turn Rule Didn't Exist


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I'm glad that rule exists. Could you imagine getting toad locked turn one? Or being hit with Landorus + Strong Energy + Muscle Band + Virbank Laser? Or even something like Charizard EX + Blacksmith + DCE + Muscle Band. At that time, we thought plasma decks were pretty broken, but I think they're small fries compared to some of the stuff we have now. Stuff that is kept from being too broken by the first turn rule.


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RE: If the first turn rule didn't exist.

Nothing of what you said is the full extent of what attacking on turn 1 can do. Zekrom/Pachirisu/Shaymin/Tornadus was so awful to play against.

Even that is weak compared to what went on in the DP era with decks like Sabledonk. And in turn, that's nothing compared to Unlimited which can be summed up with this simple flow chart.
Did you win on turn one? > yes > good job, your deck works properly
you're not playing right


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Oh, don't forget the month or so that Emobar, Forretress, Shuckle, and Broke Time Space were all in Standard together. I don't remember it being super reliable to do, but it was possible to wipe out all of your opponent's Pokemon on turn 1 without even having to attack. And that was in Standard. It was great.


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I used to have an unlimited deck that I took apart because of the fact that it could no longer donk due to the new rules and Rare Candy's errata ruined it for me.

Long story short people hated playing against it because no matter what happened they would be donked turn 1 with Garchomp.

I always go second with my Plasma Eeveelution deck because 95% of the time if they don't get a Pokemon onto their bench, odds are I'm going to knock them out on my very first turn if I'm lucky enough. But because of these new rules people who know me literally smile with glee whenever they win the coin toss and say I'm going to go first. When this happens they know there is no possible way I can harm them as badly.

But I'll be honest, it makes for way more fun games when I don't go second because I feel like it makes the game more fair.