I would Avoid Selling To Troll and Toad, Unless You Want Troll Cash.


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Hey everyone, hope this is in the right forum, wasn't too sure but seeing as I'm talking about a place that sells Pokemon cards, I thought this fit best.

Anyway I sold some really rare cards to Troll and Toad, about 50, worth about 250$ and they got it on the 25th of April. They didn't process it until the 27th and now it's May 11 and I still haven't been paid yet. Technically we're still in the 10 business days period but when I reached out to Customer Support, they said "the 10 business days is an estimate and not a guarantee. It may take even longer" But on the website it is "generally orders sold to us are paid within 10 business days, however checks may take up to 4 weeks to process" Now I asked to be paid through Paypal, had all the cards organized to their liking and it should have been a straight shot. I don't know why it is taking them this long to process 50 cards.

If you really need to sell your cards, take your chances on ebay or here of course, don't sell them to Troll and Toad. In fact, I wouldn't even recommend buying from them. Unless you play competitively, need cards fast, then I'd say trade them in for their store credit and buy their cards. They have decent prices, but none of their cards are usually in Collector's condition (probably due to the fact they ask you not to sleeve the cards when you sell them).

Oh, and this is a stupid question but... what can I do if they don't pay me by the end of the month?
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You could probably take legal action, or possibly have the cards returned to you?

If you sent them $250 worth of cards do not expect $250 back.
Don't even expect $100.

They're a card shop, they lowball.


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Get your cards back.

Troll and Toad is notorious for swindling sellers with their shady selling practices. If you really want to sell them, find players who are looking for them and at least get your money's worth. Don't be surprised if they come back telling you the cards aren't in the condition you sent them in.

Also just to say it again because I will say it every time, do not buy from Troll and Toad if you care at all about the condition of your cards. They don't protect their cards when they ship and the condition you get might not be the condition you signed up for. I've gotten cards from them, loose in a plain white envelope. They are garbage. Avoid, avoid, avoid.
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I have to disagree with the assertion that they don't protect the cards they ship. Each order I receive is in a bubble-wrap envelope, tightly sealed, with either hard shells to protect, or cardboard sleeves around a number of cards. I've never gotten anything less than perfect, and that's with 7 orders thus far.