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Okay, this may seem out of wack, but for those who have played the Pokemon Sun and Moon Special Demo already, you may see your rival, Hau, appear almost always coincidentally alongside a group of team skull members. He then always will make you fight those team members.

Spoilers for whoever has not played the demo yet:
I find it very interesting that less than a minute upon meeting this kid, he drags you outside, only to be "ambushed" by two Team Skull Grunts. Instead of running, Hau encourages you to fight with your Pokemon, which is essentially wagering your Pokemon on the outcome of the battle. In other words, Hau makes you wager your Pokemon to team Skull in a battle.
Later, he leads an admin of Team skull right to you, right after you've been weakened by the totem boss. Right when you are at your weakest state. Right at the perfect time to finish you off and take your Pokemon.

Those who have watched the anime "Durarara!" may be all to familiar with the plot of kids starting gangs. It would be a very interesting element for the story if this was true.


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Well this makes the same amount of sense as Lillie and Lusamine being world-destroying monsters.
So none at all?

Honestly, I think you're looking way too deep into this. I don't find the demo a good source to solidify the argument here. Sure, Hau leads the right to him, but he's probably confident in your skills to take them down. Also, don't forget, we can assume he battled the other grunt we didn't face, since he acted all defeated as well.

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It's a good idea, but I'm not sure if that's true. Yes, it is possible for the 'good guys' to turn bad at the end, but your rival has never been an evil founder. Plus, Hau is just a kid, how could he control a huge evil gang, as well as controlling people much older than him? If it did end up happening, that would be very cool though.