Help I really love Greninja GX from the Detective Pikachu movie cards but...

Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by Volkner123, Jun 10, 2019.

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    I really love Greninja GX from the Detective Pikachu Movie cards and I want to use him in a deck. A lot of my good cards are from Ultra Prism I do have some cards from the set with Shuckle GX (I forget it’s name). Any suggestions?

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    My initial thoughts would be, play it somewhat like granbull, with guru, ultra ball, and red's. That'll make it easy to get greninja in play, who acts as another "instruct" with his ability. Aqua patch gets you attacks on turn one and synergizes with ultra and red's. You have a great shred attack so you can cut through whimsicott and shuckle, but unfortunately don't get the easy KO on reshizard.

    I'd almost want a quagsire to move energy off for max potion, plus it could get that reshizard for you, or the pikarom if you play the fighting one as well. Don't think you need naganadel though, since you aren't building up giant attacks, but batons are probably good along with choice bands. If you are doing a max potion build, shrine might even be a valid play to get those smaller GXs in one hit with a choice band.

    Alternatively, acerola would let you reuse greninja's card draw, if you can get it to work, and shrine even lets you use it for emergency draw if acerola is all you have.

    I think either acerola or max potion would make it very strong against most non gx decks (everything 130HP and under, just make sure to limit the bench vs weezing), so the trick is just finding the right backup attacker to target high HP things. Whether that's quagsire or something else, I don't really know.

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