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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by The Evil Sneasel, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. The Evil Sneasel Aspiring Trainer
    The Evil Sneasel


    Hello all, I have a few questions
    * Can someone explain the meta triangle
    * What deck could beat/have a change against atleast two of the top decks
    *How do you beat fighting beast box
    *What deck should I play
    - Buzzroc
    - Zorogarb
    - Greninja BREAK
    - Bulu
    - Sylveon Mill
    - Brokenvoir
    - Gardzoro
    - Other (Not malamar.)

  2. Zzrrdd Aspiring Trainer


    The main triangle in the current meta is buzzwole>zoroark>malamar>buzzwole. This is a very simple way of looking at it and there are many different possibilities that could change the outcome of said matchup, for example player skill, techs against certain match ups, and simply luck. My go to deck at the moment is zoroark lycanroc, as it has a decent chance against buzzwole as long as you play both new EX and mewtwo. Also 4 strongs and 1 kukui is important, as the Strongs allow lycanroc to hit 130 on a baby buzz an the kukui allows zoroark to also hit for 130. Kukui also makes for some nice surprise kos in combination with multi switch. Its a fun, solid deck that doesn't really have any impossible match ups. Dot get me wrong, the buzz matchup is unfavoured, but a good player with the right techs can definitely pilot it to victory. I do like zorogarb, but its very difficult to play optimally.

    So yeah I'd recommend trying zoroark lycanroc. Keep in mind I haven't played much buzzwole post FOL, but I feel that zororoc is well positioned at the moment
  3. The Evil Sneasel Aspiring Trainer
    The Evil Sneasel


    Thank you very much Zzrrdd for your insightful knowledge with the meta triangle. If the meta was mainly FIGHTING beast box and Ultra necrozma, then what deck would you play.
  4. Mega gardevoir.

    hits everything for weakness
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  5. The Evil Sneasel Aspiring Trainer
    The Evil Sneasel


    HAHAHA very funny. How would you go about malamar and beast box in these matchups.
  6. i play mega gardevoir zoroark

    1st turn start zorua

    lele brigette for 3 more zorua

    bench gardy

    get some zoroarks

  7. Mario W Aspiring Trainer
    Mario W


    Dusk Mane Necrozma/magnezone hits for 220 every turn, OHKO against everything in the meta right now
  8. Lies. Doesn't ohko hoopa
  9. The Evil Sneasel Aspiring Trainer
    The Evil Sneasel


    Or Alolan Ninetales.

    But there's something called ATTACKING WITH MAGNEZONE. Or Mew.
  10. uncleyuri


    Buzzroc with a couple of baby Buzzwole has a chance in pretty much every match up. It’s fast enough that even when you are playing an unfavorable match up you can still trade prizes efficiently enough to win.

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