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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by monsterenergy77, Oct 21, 2018.

  1. monsterenergy77 Aspiring Trainer

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    I didn't go to the pre-release for lost thunder so I just wanted to see how everyone else did at their pre-release, what cards stood out most? and what decks won your turny? Did you get any sweet pulls?

  2. Quirky_Quilava Evil Genius


    Amazing, pulled a rainbow rare Lugia.
  3. it was bad, i didnt get anything, and idk who won
  4. monsterenergy77 Aspiring Trainer

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    looks like such a nice card, i want one just to add to the collection. I feel like the lugia would have been great for the pre-release but wont be that good in standard
  5. GamePhoenix Fellow Mortal


    I got a ditto prism, a RR Shuckle, and I went 3-0, so pretty good for me!
  6. CTWLocus Aspiring Trainer


  7. The Almighty Bidoof Aspiring Trainer
    The Almighty Bidoof


    Someone at my prerelease pulled a FA AND RA Ninetales out of their kit. However, out of 19 packs, I only got Lugia-GX, Mimikyu-GX, and Thunder Mountain {*}
  8. VioletValkyrie Certified Princess ☆

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    I'll keep this thread in my queue for now and comment more on it later (as I'm just about to help staff for my local one), but I attended one over the weekend and it wasn't too sour.
    Out of 10 packs I didn't manage to pull anything worthwhile (a Sceptile-GX RA and a Life Forest ◊) though a friend of mine had pulled a Rainbow Alolan Ninetales-GX which was the highlight of the event.

    Actual tournament matches went fine and I mainly just went since my friends had gone. Sealed is a frustrating format because everything is luck-based and no player or deck is truly "good".

    One notable thing that sticks out to me as eventful from that day was the store having to call people up as someone had taken extra prizing that didn't belong to them. I wasn't able to stick around long enough to see if they caught the person who had done so, but a friendly reminder to respect others' belongings and to make sure yours are safe while you enjoy yourself at these events.

    Expect more information later talking about my local prerelease!
  9. The Binder Guy Aspiring Trainer
    The Binder Guy


    I did so-so at the two prerelease seatings I've attended so far. I got the Raikou promo first seating's Build and Battle box and pulled a regular Genesect GX and Thunder Mountain Prism Star from the four enclosed packs. I went 2-1 (I lost the first round) despite the small amount of people and pulled nothing noticeable from my 3 post-tournament packs.

    My second seating was similar, my second box had a Tapu Lele promo and the 4 enclosed packs had ANOTHER Thunder Mountain Prism Star and went 2-1 with the last round being my only loss. My post-tournament packs were better, I pulled a FA Mina and a White Kyurem from them.
  10. VioletValkyrie Certified Princess ☆

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    Well, not a lot to say besides it just being an enjoyable event. Out of nine packs I continued to pull nothing great, a second Sceptile-GX, a Ditto ◊ and Lusamine ◊.
    We had a surprisingly large turnout for a Monday night prerelease as I was expecting not very many people to show up.

    It was just generally a pleasant experience, even if I haven't been pulling well.
  11. Holden Sheeks a.k.a. WinterShorts
    Holden Sheeks

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    I went to the Pre-release at Arby's in Cuyahoga Falls, so you'll actually see a little bit of me on Derium's Pokemon channel playing in the pre-release (Got a link for ya right here!).

    As for the pre-release deck I played, I miraculously pulled a second Naganadel in addition to the one in my evolution pack (I got the Giratina promo, and that's usually what matters promo-wise, right?) so I built Ampharos / Naganadel with a bunch of lightning energies to try and abuse Ampharos's ability, even though many things evolve in pre-release so paralyzing the defending pokemon kind of did nothing really, so I ended up using the ability purely to style on my opponent when I was about to win next turn via attacking, and finished the tournament 2-1 out of 3 rounds. I did decent, yay!

    Pulls were garbage though. I got no GXs in my pre-release kit (As how most of my pre-release kits go actually, only to spend hundreds of dollars building almost every single deck I wanted to build), and I at least won more packs thanks to my results but that only got me one Ultra Rare, a Sigilyph-GX, which I like as a possible tech, but overall underwhelming card. I traded that and a Pokémon coin for a full-art Japanese Mega Altaria-EX. So while I got no pulls (unless you count the Giratina Promo which does redeem a bit), a person at league offered me a Life Forest Prism Star, a regular art Zeraora-GX, and a Staff Giratina Promo for $20, so I took that deal to get some good stuff out of Lost Thunder.

    I was honestly there to have a little bit of fun and maybe get a playset of Elm's (even though I only ended up with one Elm for the time being), and thus I still enjoyed the event. It was fun, thanks for asking!
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  12. MegaAbsol10 I'm playing Baby Blacephalon next quarter :)


    I've already said about my pulls in the look at what I pulled thread but I didn't actually talk about my Pre-Release.
    I went to Pre-Release at Patriot Games in Yorkshire, England and it was pretty fun (even if I got dominated)

    My Pre-Release Kit was Suicune (sigh....), which is the worst one to get when there is no specifically water support in the kits. I also got Natu-Xatu Popplio-Brionne-Primarina and Poipole-Naganadel (didn't even get an Elm's lecture). So I built a weird deck with All of the above plus a card which I'll get to in the pulls section. I played 2/3 (Had a free round, Round 3) and ended up 1-2 (The only win was the automatic free round) Word of advice, never only put 12 energies in a Pre-Release Deck. I played 7 Water and 5 Psychic and lost in the mirror and to Lugia GX/Primarina with a bunch of Fire Energies (they pulled 2 Lugias and a Heat Factory Prism). Oh well, it's all about the fun at a Pre-Release.

    To mirror my games, my pulls were amazing. That card from earlier that I mentioned was a RR Sigilyph GX that I pulled in Pack 1 of the Kit. I then pulled Thunder Mountain PS in Pack 2 and Tyranitar GX Reg Art in Pack 3 (and Unown Hand in Pack 4, I guess....). Then in my 3 prize packs, pulled a FA Sceptile GX Pack 1, Tapu Koko Holo Pack 2, and Alolan Ninetales GX Reg Art Pack 3. These are the best pulls I've ever had.

    Overall, a great time and a chance to get my hands on the some of the new cards! I'm inspired to build Sigilyph GX now as I have the RR one and a Rev Holo Spell Tag....
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  13. CynderDarkov Aspiring Trainer

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    When I opened up my 23-card evolutions pack I had Tapu Lele promo, the Primarina line, and the Wigglytuff line and I was just thinking "Oh no this is so bad", but then my 4 packs that I opened I got a Xerneas <> and two baby Shuckles which I realized that could be my win condition. So I took those, threw out the Primarina line and added with Wigglytuff lines (which I also pulled one of Wiggly and Jiggly out of the packs for a 3-3 line) as backup attackers and I somehow went 4-0. The power of deer god! Then in my prize packs I pulled a secret rare Electropower and a Thunder Mountain <> from the same pack and I was pretty happy about that.
  14. snoopy369 Aspiring Trainer

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    Ugg, pulls were the worst I've ever had. Neither I nor my son pulled a single GX, and I didn't get any useful supporters even, though my son got one Elm and one Sightseer. I pulled a Xerneas Prism, which I made some use of in the tournament itself (got the Lele promo and the Jigglypuff evo set). 2-1 with a total dead draw for the -1 but otherwise that deck is pretty effective.

    Going to another Wednesday and then another one or two this weekend; hoping to have more success there!
  15. The Binder Guy Aspiring Trainer
    The Binder Guy


    I just completed a second prerelease but this one had a single seating.

    I didn’t do so well but I’m fine with it. I went 0-3 with a deck that was primarily Water, I lost my first round due to Sigilyph-GX and my second ended due decking out with Zebstrika. Everyone who attened (it was less than 8 players) decided to end third round due to how late it was.

    EDIT: And I forgot my pulls, I got two Prism Stars (Lusamine and Ditto) and a holo Nihilego. My three post-tournament packs had zilch in terms of URs, but I pulled another Nihilego (this one was RH) and a RH Dragon Fairy Charm.
  16. RiverShock Aspiring Trainer


    The tournament itself was lots and lots of Ampharos. (All three of my opponents used it, and I built my deck basically solely around it as well.) Went 2-1. (Lost to a guy that had insanely good pulls tournament-wise. Virizion GX in particular hurt. Though I almost beat him game 3 because he couldn't draw an energy to save his life.) Pulled a Magcargo-GX, Lusamine Prism Star and secret Custom Catcher, so certainly can't complain. (Custom Catcher was pretty nice in the prerelease. Being able to Unseen Thunder then refill your hand is amazing.) My deck had 21 Lightning energy, lol. (I was originally thinking of using a couple of Mina and a couple of Fairy for energy acceleration, then came to the realization that basically nothing I was using could even use Fairy energy anyway, so ditched those four and a Girafarig for 5 more Lightning. Was definitely the right call, as was foregoing the Fairy half of my prerelease kit.) Was fortunate enough to pull 2 Stunfisk for the prerelease, too, which was very, very nice.
  17. FourteenAlmonds Roasted, but not salty


    I got a Tapu Lele promo with the Ampharos line in my prerelease, but ditched the fairy half of my kit when I made my deck.

    I pulled a Shuckle-GX and a Heracross out of my packs, which were the MVPs of the day. Shuckle was busted because of its ability, and Heracross could swing for 120 if I had an Ampharos on my bench.

    Memorable moments include donking three people with Wrap GX + Professor Kukui, and I didn't drop a game all day!
  18. The Binder Guy Aspiring Trainer
    The Binder Guy


    I just completed another set of Lost Thunder prereleases today, here’s how they went down.

    I pulled a regular Blacephalon GX and Life Forest Prism Star in my box along with promo Suicune and the Primarina/Wigglytuff core. I was originall going to build a deck based around Life Forest and Blacephalon GX but after examining the text on Life Forest I decided to scrap it and build a Water/Fire deck with Blacephalon GX, Primarina, and Suicune. I didn’t do too good in that one, but I did surpise a player by ending the match with Burst GX. I pulled a regular Lugia GX out of my three packs.

    My second seating, compared to all of my previous seatings, was a freaking miracle. I pulled a RR Sigilyph GX and a regular Tyranitar GX (and a Larvitar, but no Pupitars), and the Giratina promo from my box. I built a deck featuring Sigilyph GX, Giratina, and Steelix. I lost my first round due to a Fairy Charm Psychic-clad Wigglytuff, won the second round due to a surprisingly fast Steelix set-up, and the third due to Giratina. I pulled a regular Mimikyu GX, Xerneas Prism Star, and a THIRD Thunder Mountain Prism Star in my three post-tournament packs. The Mimikyu GX and the Xerneas Prism Star were even in the same pack!
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  19. Number51x Blasting off at the speed of light!


    It was alright. The set is so big that no one was really able to put together anything interesting outside the evolution packs that came with the boxes.
  20. PokeMedic Don't talk to me or my Pokemon ever again

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    I was hearing a lot of buzz that people were attending more than one prerelease and that attendance numbers were really high. If that was true it didn't reflect at all in my state. Lackluster at best compared to other prereleases, except a few venues.

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