Collecting "How Much is This Card Worth?" / "Is This a Good Trade?"

No. Machamp was the most common Base Set card ever printed. ALL of them were 1st edition. Check eBay completed listings to see what they're going for.
MountainDrew said:
No, but this one is shadowless.

Shakespeare said:
This is kind of a no brainer. Look for the 1st edition symbol.
All 1st edition Base Set cards are shadowless. See the right side of the caricature on the card? No shadow.
just like the jungle error misprint cards how many of those were there and what is the going rate on them.

Do they stile make the beckett for pokemon I live in Australia I cant find a price book.
Hi Guys,
Whats first edition Japanese Charizard worth these days?
Is the English version of Charizard ex worth same in money value and in trade value
What do you mean by 1st edition Japanese Charizard? The one without the rarity symbol? Japanese Base Set cards did not have a 1st edition symbol. So if your card has the rarity symbol, it's worth around $25-30 I think. If it has no star rarity symbol then it's probably worth a lot... Also, condition is everything!!
Well from what i had read online and from the last issue

1. Use of Images without Permission
2. Selling card packs without giving Nintendo some of the profits
3. Some other issues i think also
ahg3117 said:
Any predictions for the new ex's? Such as Latias latios deoxys and thundurus?

I think Deoxys will be the most expensive, followed by Thundurus and then Latios/Latias. Not sure how high they'll go though... I guess it depends on how many people switch to the Plasma Box deck.