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    After being absent from this forum for over a year, I've been working thoroughly on a new story, dubbed 'HOPE'. This follows the journeys of many characters across the globe in the year 2050 as mankind suffers from a parasitic plague. With many points of view, this is my most ambitious project yet- and I intend to finish it. This version on here has been removed of profanities, but there is a dark, heavy theme and horror, so please be aware when reading. I will try to update as regularly as possible, and I accept any feedback in order to improve my writing. I have been working on this story for several years, and I think I have finally settled on a version I like. This is an apocalyptic horror story, so keep that in mind when reading.
    Please enjoy! PG- 13


    “We should warn them.”

    “We can’t.”

    “We’ve seen it... We can’t let them die...”

    Jonathan glanced up at the evening sun that bathed down upon the city in the summer heat. Shimmering glass skyscrapers tower over what used to be nothing but a desolate desert. He took one bite of his sandwich before returning back to his friend; his white lab coat covered in crumbs and mysterious nameless substances. His face was pale and sharp; but the slight fear that he displayed couldn’t be detected by even the keenest eye. His stubble rose upon his flushed cheeks; lips tight and thin as if they were trying to keep a secret. A dark blue tie hung loosely against his white, coffee stained shirt; a few buttons awry with string that fell from the seams. He wasn’t a day older than 45, but his hair was thin and already greying; a few wisps stood out from all sides of his head, and in particular from behind his ears.

    “We should warn them...” Jonathan muttered as his steely grey eyes refused to make contact with his associate.

    “There’s nothing that can be done now.” Erica sighed coldly. Her tired, dark eyes glared blankly at her rather scrawny colleague beside her. She folded her arms uncomfortably over her long lab coat, keeping her body rather curled up and tensed as if she was in severe pain. Her right hand clenched her white sleeve near her shoulder; the other hand was beside her trembling lips as she bit her nails. She shook her head before returning to staring at the ground.

    “If we warn them... Who knows what will happen? I can’t afford that.” Erica unfolded her arms, but her dark skin still showed signs of sweat and uneasiness.

    “If we warn them... It gives them a chance to live... To prepare themselves...” Jonathan had taken on a softer tone of voice. “Please Erica! We have to! Before it’s too late...”

    Erica couldn’t stand for such irrationality. It was their job to protect the people, but this situation was one they never dealt with before. Erica didn’t want chaos to ensue; else it will be their fault for making the wrong protocol. She was known for being very cautious and rather calculating when it comes down to decisiveness; almost a complete opposite to Jonathan. Despite that, they seemed to get along rather well.

    “I said no. How long are you going to keep dragging this out for before I fire you for insubordination? You can’t tell anyone! You wish to see the world bathe in its own blood before the real bloodshed starts? It’s rather selfish to think that you could save them. You’ll only be dowsing the flames with propane.”

    Jonathan shook his head in dismissal. He was known for acting out on his own before going to his superiors about it, and has endangered many lives in the past. He wanted to go against his superior for another run, but being fired isn’t what he was afraid of. Jonathan wanted to make the most of what little time he had left, and didn’t want to be remembered as a rather uptight insubordinate.

    “Fine... I guess... I guess it’s your call...” Jonathan stared distantly at the dry grass surrounding the quaint park bench that stood forward of the modernised business park in the centre of the city. Erica was taken aback by this sudden co-operation, but soon returned to her more anxious state. “Just... Make sure you do your job.”

    “We don’t have too long.”

    “No. But whatever time we have left, we can spend it with family. You do have a family, right, Jon?”

    Jonathan didn’t reply. Erica noticed the small golden ring that always seemed to be clinging to his bony finger, but he kept most of his life private, as it should be. He simply stared lifelessly into the blurred and colourful horizon.

    “There is no way we can save them. You have to understand...” Erica calmed down, her voice more soothing. Jonathan relaxed a little, and clasped his hands together upon his lap.

    “What if there was... Imagine... Imagine if somehow we could save them. Save them all. And leave this life behind. I don’t want to watch them suffer.”

    Erica frowned, before looking upwards at the reddened sky.

    “Me neither...” Erica placed her hand over Jonathan’s pitifully, tapping it faintly.

    “There’s always the easy way out.” Jonathan squinted at the hazy sunset.

    “No way out is ever easy.”
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    My word, this is AWESOME! You portray characters so well, their indecisiveness and emotions make them so...real! It's so lifelike!
    I wish I had your ability! :D
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