Discussion Hoenn Partner Pack Delay- I think I found out why


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Anyone else who collects the Jumbo Partner packs have all noticed no stores, not even ebay, have Hoenn for sale. The ebay stores I deal with all gave me the same answer that they won't have it till the end of month.

I just got my 3 Hoenn packs from pokemon center and instantly noticed something. The packs themselves are wider. I don't think the cards are bigger but with the wider packs must come bigger display and thus shipping box. I think this is why we aren't seeing them in stores but shipped out as individual packs.

I also noticed just recently the earlier region jumbo have been back on sale on pokecenter. I'm gonna pickup some and see if they too have the wider packs. Kinda makes these earlier packs a bit special imo.




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I still find it kind of ironic that there are now packs within larger packs.