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Hisuian Heavy Ball has been revealed from the twin sets Time Gazer and Space Juggler, which release in Japan on April 8th. We expect many of these cards to join those from Battle Region in our May set, Astral Radiance!
Hisuian Heavy Ball – Trainer
Look at your face-down Prize cards. You may reveal a Basic Pokemon you find there and put it into your hand. Then, shuffle this Hisuian Heavy Ball into your remaining Prize cards and put them back face down. (If you don’t reveal a Basic Pokemon, put this...

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Hisuian Heavy Ball - Like what I say on Twitter, "If Beast Ball never see much play, why do expect on this card?" 3-4 Geodudes


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Beast Ball was cool (design wise), because everything surrounding Ultra Beasts had something to do with Prize Cards - and that's a level of consistency rarely seen in the game. I really don't know why this cannot just take "a Pokemon", it's not like it'd be stronger than Ultra Ball. Hell, they could just give it Great Ball's wording, it's perfect for "a Ball that doesn't reach that far, but has great effectiveness".

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Hisuian Heavy Ball - Like what I say on Twitter, "If Beast Ball never see much play, why do expect on this card?" 3-4 Geodudes
beast ball was heavily restrictive for only ultra beasts
Heavy ball is more open in options. Take Oranguru as an example. Those decks tended to play a couple of 1 of mons. Such as Persian, Girafarig, absol, articuno gx and ditto (*). But Oranguru had to play 2 of them or risk to prize them. Heavy ball would have been amazing for guru as the options guru wanted to catch wasn´t in Beast Ball's range. Durant will most likely play 2-3 of these to get max value of the atack over Peonia. it will also help durant with those kind of tech cards like yveltal


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This makes stall and mill 20 times better, also mew can now fish it's stuff out t1 and have 4 genesects if they are all prized t1
Whoever came up with this card idea should be fired in my opinion
Also I think this will be banned quickly in expanded because it is an auto combo
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Not worth it since its a dead card if there are no prized genesects. Also its not rare that Mew only has 3 genesects in play.
Not technically a dead card considering you can still use it to reduce your hand count. If anything it's always a fodder to Ultra Balls/Cramomatic.


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Pretty great. Just in recent times I can't even begin to fathom the number of games I could have won if Tapu Koko Prism Star, Roadblock Sudowoodo, Zeraora GX, Tapu Lele GX, etc etc didn't start off prized (and obviously using Gladion wouldn't be ideal).

Could be really good in evolving 1 prize decks as well, if your bench barrier or 2 or more of your main attacker's basic is prized. Pretty great 1 of for decks like Fusion Strike Mew and Durant Mill as mentioned above, as well as maybe Single Strike (you hate to see more than 1-2 Houndours prized).


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are you kidding me?
this is a item?
to those who do not see the potential yet, this is crazy good
not every deck, but some
can be searched out by ball guy to look into your prizes and take out the basic mon you always need in some decks is crazy
first deck i can think of that wants it is durant
second:mew vmax
third:more or less single prizes decks
not every but they exist


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Hisuian Heavy Ball - Like what I say on Twitter, "If Beast Ball never see much play, why do expect on this card?" 3-4 Geodudes

From the current translation, it doesn't randomize the prizes. Therefore, its closer to town map (If paired with note taking). 60th card, know what the prizes are (And their order), and potentially a Pokemon search. Beast ball was hyper specific to one archetype, which had no more than 30 cards within it. This is different... IF it keeps the fact you don't randomize afterwards. For decks like mad party and durant, its an item to grab a missing mon, rather than use peonia (And in mad party's case, they know where the likes of an energy or supporter is). Even without the randomization, the aforementioned decks would still love it.