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Alt. Format High Garden (Virizion GX / Shaymin)

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by Dark Espeon, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. Dark Espeon Dark Avatar
    Dark Espeon




    Pokémon (13):
    • 3 Shaymin SM3+ (beatdown)
    • 3 Virizion GX (beatdown)
    • 1 Tapu Lele GX (search)
    • 3 Lurantis (enable)
    • 3 Fomatis (evolve)
    Trainer (35):
    • 3 Professor Kukui (draw)
    • 3 Sightseer (draw)
    • 3 Guzma (control)
    • 3 Cynthia (draw)
    • 3 Lillie (draw)
    • 1 Rescue Stretcher (retrieval)
    • 2 Counter Gain (beatdown)
    • 3 Choice Band (beatdown)
    • 2 Timer Ball (search)
    • 4 Ultra Ball (search)
    • 4 Nest Ball (search)
    • 3 Aether Paradise Area (protection)
    • 1 Life Forest Prism (healing)
    Energy (12):
    • 12 Grass Energy


    Start with Virizion GX or Shaymin and use the search items to bench two Fomatis. Next turn evolve the benched Fomatis into Lurantis to enable the main attackers to hit harder. Virizion GX is the main attacker with Sensitive Blade while Shaymin acts as a vengeance attacker who can abuse Counter Gain to strike back fast.


    Virizion GX
    Basic Grass Pokémon
    HP 170
    [C] Double Draw
    Draw 2 cards.
    [G][G] Sensitive Blade: 50+
    If you played a supporter card during this turn, this attack does 80 more damage.
    [C] Breeze Away GX
    Put any number of your Pokémon in play and all cards attached to them into your hand.
    Retreat Cost: C
    Weakness: R

    Trainer - Supporter
    Draw cards from your deck until you have 5 cards in your hand. Before drawing, you may discard any number of cards from your hand.

    Counter Gain
    Trainer - Pokémon Tool
    As long as you have more prize cards remaining than your opponent, the attacks of the Pokémon this card is attached to cost [C] less.
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