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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by MasterGallade, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. MasterGallade ThePokemonRhombus @ YouTube


    Well since Hidden Fates is probably my most hyped set EVER, I made a predictive set list while at work after the reveal of the first English cards from the set earlier :D

    The SV subset was pretty easy, no surprises there - but the main set is a little tricky. I assumed we'd be getting all the new cards from the Brock/Misty Trainer Battle Decks since those still haven't been brought over and it seems like a good opportunity with all the Gen 1 GXs already included lol but even then there's still empty spots, especially in the Trainers

    (Bold cards are 100% confirmed)

    01 Caterpie
    02 Metapod
    03 Butterfree
    04 Paras
    05 Scyther
    06 Pinsir-GX (RR)

    07 Charmander
    08 Charmeleon
    09 Charizard-GX (RR)
    10 Magmar

    11 Psyduck
    12 Slowpoke
    13 Staryu
    14 Starmie-GX (RR)
    15 Magikarp
    16 Gyarados-GX (RR)
    17 Lapras
    18 Vaporeon (H)

    19 Pikachu
    20 Raichu-GX (RR)
    21 Voltorb
    22 Electrode
    23 Jolteon
    24 Zapdos (H)

    25 Ekans
    26 Ekans
    27 Arbok
    28 Koffing
    29 Weezing
    30 Jynx
    31 Mewtwo-GX (RR)
    32 Mew

    33 Geodude
    34 Graveler
    35 Golem
    36 Onix-GX (RR)
    37 Cubone

    38 Clefairy
    39 Clefairy
    40 Clefable
    41 Jigglypuff
    42 Wigglytuff-GX (RR)
    43 Mr. Mime

    44 Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno-GX (RR)
    45 Farfetch’d
    46 Chansey
    47 Kangaskhan
    48 Eevee (H)
    49 Eevee
    50 Snorlax

    51 Bill's Analysis
    52 Blaine's Last Stand
    53 Brock’s Grit
    54 Brock's Pewter City Gym
    55 Brock’s Training
    56 Erika's Hospitality
    57 Giovanni's Exile
    58 Jessie & James
    59 Koga's Trap
    60 Lt. Surge's Strategy
    61 Misty’s Cerulean City Gym
    62 Misty's Determination

    63 Misty’s Water Manipulation
    64 Pokemon Center Lady
    65 Sabrina's Suggestion
    66 Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno-GX (SR)
    67 Giovanni's Exile (SR)
    68 Jessie & James (SR)
    69 Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno-GX (HR)

    SV01 Scyther
    SV02 Rowlet
    SV03 Dartrix
    SV04 Wimpod
    SV05 Pheromosa

    SV06 Charmander
    SV07 Charmeleon

    SV08 Alolan Vulpix
    SV09 Wooper
    SV10 Quagsire
    SV11 Froakie
    SV12 Frogadier

    SV13 Voltorb
    SV14 Xurkitree

    SV15 Seviper
    SV16 Shuppet
    SV17 Inkay
    SV18 Malamar
    SV19 Poipole

    SV20 Sudowoodo
    SV21 Riolu
    SV22 Lucario
    SV23 Rockruff
    SV24 Buzzwole

    SV25 Zorua
    SV26 Guzzlord

    SV27 Magnemite
    SV28 Magneton
    SV29 Magnezone
    SV30 Beldum
    SV31 Metang
    SV32 Celesteela
    SV33 Kartana

    SV34 Ralts
    SV35 Kirlia
    SV36 Diancie

    SV37 Altaria
    SV38 Gible
    SV39 Gabite
    SV40 Garchomp

    SV41 Eevee
    SV42 Swablu
    SV43 Noibat
    SV44 Oranguru
    SV45 Type: Null

    SV46 Leafeon-GX
    SV47 Decidueye-GX
    SV48 Golisopod-GX

    SV49 Charizard-GX
    SV50 Ho-Oh-GX
    SV51 Reshiram-GX
    SV52 Turtonator-GX

    SV53 Alolan Ninetales-GX
    SV54 Articuno-GX
    SV55 Glaceon-GX
    SV56 Greninja-GX

    SV57 Electrode-GX
    SV58 Xurkitree-GX

    SV59 Mewtwo-GX
    SV60 Espeon-GX
    SV61 Banette-GX
    SV62 Nihilego-GX
    SV63 Naganadel-GX

    SV64 Lucario-GX
    SV65 Zygarde-GX
    SV66 Lycanroc-GX (Midnight)
    SV67 Lycanroc-GX (Dusk)
    SV68 Buzzwole-GX

    SV69 Umbreon-GX
    SV70 Darkrai-GX
    SV71 Guzzlord-GX

    SV72 Scizor-GX
    SV73 Kartana-GX
    SV74 Stakataka-GX

    SV75 Gardevoir-GX
    SV76 Sylveon-GX

    SV77 Altaria-GX
    SV78 Noivern-GX

    SV79 Silvally-GX
    SV80 Drampa-GX

    SV81 Aether Foundation Employee FA
    SV82 Cynthia FA
    SV83 Fisherman FA
    SV84 Guzma FA
    SV85 Hiker FA
    SV86 Lady FA
    SV87 Aether Paradise Conservation Area FA
    SV88 Brooklet Hill FA
    SV89 Mt. Coronet FA
    SV90 Shrine of Punishment FA
    SV91 Tapu Bulu GX FA (Gold)
    SV92 Tapu Fini GX FA (Gold)
    SV93 Tapu Koko GX FA (Gold)
    SV94 Tapu Lele GX FA (Gold)
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  2. Frost Amethyst AMAB-NB


    For the SV subset, we more or less agree, but I think we'll get the missing Lady FA in place of Viridian Forest. IGN had reported on the Hidden Fates reveals earlier this morning, and claimed that there were be four Stadium full arts.

    The "main" set is going to be interesting. Unified Minds has more Grass and Fire Pokemon than we expected from Sky Legends, Miracle Twins and GG End so some of us in the Unified Minds prediction thread were expecting some of the Family Card Box cards like the Butterfree line to show up there instead.
  3. steffenka Miss Vaanjie


    Here are my thoughts as of now! I'm a bit uncertain on the Trainers, as well as Igglybuff, but it fit so haha :p

    1. Caterpie
    2. Metapod
    3. Butterfree
    4. Scyther
    5. Pinsir GX
    6. Chespin
    7. Charmander
    8. Charmeleon
    9. Charizard GX
    10. Magmar
    11. Litten
    12. Psyduck
    13. Starmie GX
    14. Magikarp
    15. Gyarados GX
    16. Lapras
    17. Vaporeon
    18. Bruxish
    19. Pikachu
    20. Raichu GX
    21. Voltorb
    22. Electrode
    23. Jolteon
    24. Togedemaru
    25. Ekans
    26. Ekans (From Sky Legend)
    27. Arbok (From Sky Legend)
    28. Koffing (From Sky Legend)
    29. Weezing (From Sky Legend)
    30. Jynx
    31. Mewtwo GX
    32. Mew
    33. Inkay
    34. Salandit
    35. Geodude
    36. Graveler
    37. Golem
    38. Onix GX
    39. Clefairy
    40. Clefable
    41. Jigglypuff
    42. Wigglytuff GX
    43. Mr. Mime
    44. Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno GX
    45. Farfetch'd
    46. Chansey
    47. Kangaskhan
    48. Eevee
    49. Snorlax
    50. Yungoos
    51. Gumshoos
    52. Stufful

    53. Brock's Grit
    54. Brock's Pewter City Gym
    55. Brock's Training
    56. Bug Catcher
    57. Hau
    58. Jessie & James
    59. Misty's Cerulian City Gym
    60. Misty's Determination
    61. Misty's Water Manipulation
    62. Pokémon Center Lady
    63. Potion
    64. Rare Candy
    65. Switch
    66. Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno GX
    67. Giovanni's Exile
    68. Jessie & James
    69. Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno GX

    With the Shiny Set, we're pretty much agreeing on everything though! :D

    SV1. Scyther
    SV2. Rowlet
    SV3. Dartrix
    SV4. Wimpod
    SV5. Pheromosa
    SV6. Charmander
    SV7. Charmeleon
    SV8. Alolan Vulpix
    SV9. Wooper
    SV10. Quagsire
    SV11. Froakie
    SV12. Frogadier
    SV13. Voltorb
    SV14. Xurkitree
    SV15. Seviper
    SV16. Shuppet
    SV17. Inkay
    SV18. Malamar
    SV19. Poipole
    SV20. Sudowoodo
    SV21. Riolu
    SV22. Lucario
    SV23. Rockruff
    SV24. Buzzwole
    SV25. Zorua
    SV26. Guzzlord
    SV27. Magnemite
    SV28. Magneton
    SV29. Magnezone
    SV30. Beldum
    SV31. Metang
    SV32. Celesteela
    SV33. Kartana
    SV34. Ralts
    SV35. Kirlia
    SV36. Diancie
    SV37. Altaria
    SV38. Gible
    SV39. Gabite
    SV40. Garchomp
    SV41. Eevee
    SV42. Swablu
    SV43. Noibat
    SV44. Oranguru
    SV45. Type: Null
    SV46. Leafeon GX
    SV47. Decidueye GX
    SV48. Golisopod GX
    SV49. Charizard GX
    SV50. Ho-Oh GX
    SV51. Reshiram GX
    SV52. Turtonator GX
    SV53. Alolan Ninetales GX
    SV54. Articuno GX
    SV55. Glaceon GX
    SV56. Greninja GX
    SV57. Electrode GX
    SV58. Xurkitree GX
    SV59. Mewtwo GX
    SV60. Espeon GX
    SV61. Banette GX
    SV62. Nihilego GX
    SV63. Naganadel GX
    SV64. Lucario GX
    SV65. Zygarde GX
    SV66. Lycanroc GX
    SV67. Lycanroc GX
    SV68. Buzzwole GX
    SV69. Umbreon GX
    SV70. Darkrai GX
    SV71. Guzzlord GX
    SV72. Scizor GX
    SV73. Kartana GX
    SV74. Stakataka GX
    SV75. Gardevoir GX
    SV76. Sylveon GX
    SV77. Altaria GX
    SV78. Noivern GX
    SV79. Silvally GX
    SV80. Drampa GX
    SV81. Aether Foundation Employee
    SV82. Cynthia
    SV83. Fisherman
    SV84. Guzma
    SV85. Hiker
    SV86. Lady
    SV87. Aether Paradise Conservation Area
    SV88. Brooklet Hill
    SV89. Mt. Coronet
    SV90. Shrine of Punishment
    SV91. Tapu Bulu
    SV92. Tapu Fini
    SV93. Tapu Koko
    SV.94 Tapu Lele
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  4. The Almighty Bidoof Just your everyday MtF trans Bidoof worshipper
    The Almighty Bidoof


  5. MasterGallade ThePokemonRhombus @ YouTube


    OH I forgot IGN said that lol it's very interesting that we'd only get 4 of the 5 FA Stadiums, maybe they'll make one a box promo?

    I'm definitely curious to see which Family Box Cards will be in Unified Minds or Hidden Fates; I feel like it'd be the easiest to just put them all in Hidden Fates, but it seems at this point they could go either way

    whoops forgot about Pokemon Center Lady, and Igglybuff does fit perfectly LOL it's annoying how we don't get these promos for so long it makes it harder to figure out which ones they're putting in sets and which ones they'll just put in blisters :p
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  6. Timmony_tcg Aspiring Trainer


    It seems likely at this point that the SR Viridian Forest will be in Unified Minds, since it doesn't mess with its Standard legality in a future TEU-on format (Forest is the only SR stadium revealed thus far in the C block)
  7. Frost Amethyst AMAB-NB


    I would think Potion, Great Ball and Pokemon Catcher will all get reprinted in the main set. They were in the Family Card box, and they'll be rotated out in August despite being common entry-level filler Trainers. There are 13 Trainers in the box and I would predict seeing some of the first three categories:

    Rotating out but common:
    -Potion, Great Ball, Pokemon Catcher

    Not yet printed in English:
    -Pokemon Center Lady, Bug Catcher

    Will still be in rotation anyway so maybe they'll reprint them:
    -Crushing Hammer, Rare Candy, Switch, Judge, Cynthia

    Rotating out and probably not:
    -Hau, Ilima, Professor Kukui
  8. Timmony_tcg Aspiring Trainer


    1) It's a minor point, but Hau isn't rotating (reprinted in CES), and actually seems like a possible reprint
    2) The fact that the new FA Cynthia is an alternate art SV print indicates that they don't want it legal for TEU-on, so it very likely wouldn't be reprinted in any capacity
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  9. Shafninja Aspiring Trainer


    Cynthia will still be legal though. She was released in Ultra Prism
  10. Frost Amethyst AMAB-NB


    Right, Timmony is saying that they might not want Cynthia to be legal in the Team Up-on rotation next year, which it would be if they reprinted her in the main set of Hidden Fates.
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  11. MasterGallade ThePokemonRhombus @ YouTube


    Very good point actually, for some reason when I originally put all 5 Stadiums I wasn't thinking of which ones would be legal after rotation lol
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  12. The Rhyperior I am still Mr. Rhyperior
    The Rhyperior


    I think I will delete the Butterfree line then change to Dwebble line. Dwebble, Hoothoot, and Ekans are the Pokemon with the Birds in the artwork
  13. The Rhyperior I am still Mr. Rhyperior
    The Rhyperior


    If next year was Team Up-on, Electrocharger will be 100% useless. So I would suggest LOT-on.
  14. Frost Amethyst AMAB-NB


    What do they care if one specific card becomes useless? They've pretty much rotated out an entire year's worth of sets consistently since keeping Majestic Dawn-on and realizing they shouldn't have.
  15. Kangaflora Aspiring Trainer


    For some reason, Steffneka's prediction looks more accurate, giving the circumstances that Dwebble has a Legendary Bird in its picture.
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  16. Shafninja Aspiring Trainer


    Oh as in Next August's rotation. Gotcha
  17. Timmony_tcg Aspiring Trainer


    There are a number of reasons why the next rotation will most likely be TEU-on, but since I don't want to detract too much from the original discussion, I'll just give a couple bullet points and leave it at that:
    • Tag Bolt, the Japanese main set equivalent for our Team Up, was the start of the C block - while our rotation won't be matching Japan exactly (if they rotate all of B block, they'll be losing Dark Order/GX Ultra Shiny, which we obviously keep), it's still a good indication of the cutoff for rotation
    • Rotation generally occurs at the point when a new gameplay mechanic is introduced (e.g. Prism Star cards in Ultra Prism, Ancient Trait cards in Primal Clash, Pokemon BREAK in BREAKthrough) - obviously, Tag Teams are the major new mechanic in this case
    • Rotation also usually matches the game releases (Ultra Prism to promote USUM, Primal Clash to promote ORAS) - Team Up could be considered the start of the unofficial "Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee block"
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  18. Blob55 Aspiring Trainer


    I feel like the TCG will be very stale by the time Gen 8 comes out, because of the restriction of which Pokémon can be used. Cutting out 5 sets at a time, IMO is also too much.
  19. MasterGallade ThePokemonRhombus @ YouTube


    Looks like Hoothoot, Noctowl, and Bug Catcher are in Unified Minds, so really wondering what will take their place now lol

    BUT! I was right about the Dwebble line not being in Hidden Fates :p
  20. The Rhyperior I am still Mr. Rhyperior
    The Rhyperior


    update setlist?

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