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This topic may need a bit of introduction since it's not really what the title of the thread implies. I'm just doing it for halloween spirit.

Have you ever had any weird experiences playing the video games, things that happen with the games that make absolutely no sense, almost like weird paranormal experiences you can't explain? To start discussion, I'll give an example.

I've been playing Pokémon Pearl a lot lately, and for anyone who isn't aware, you get a Journal early on in the game. If you don't play for consecutive days, the Journal opens when you start your save file and tells you the last day you played on and gives you a summary of what you did to refresh your memory.

On October 18th, I'd been playing for a couple hours, and decided to take a break since I was getting tired. I slept for a while and when I went back to playing, I turned on the game, and I was greeted by the mentioned Journal message saying the last time I played was October 9th. Obviously, this is false and this message wasn't supposed to display, so I had assumed my save file had been corrupted or somewhat deleted. I advance from the screen into the game and I'd been right where I left off from before I fell asleep. I made sure I hadn't changed my system's time and date settings, and just passed it off as something really confusing.
I had started playing the game again today after school to find out that I had continued off from when I was playing last night, only to find the Journal screen pop up again, saying the last time I had played was the 19th.

I'm not sure what could be the cause of this, and I don't mind as the game seems to still be perfectly playable, but it's certainly an interesting experience that I would share and use to start discussion. Has anyone had any other occurrences like this, or anything else similar? I'm genuinely interested and would like to someday learn the errors that cause things like these.


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That’s kinda cute <3

I haven’t played too much of the games, and really haven’t had any spooky experiences with the main series games. Well, aside from Pokémon Rumble U, if anyone even remembers what that is. It’s a bad game tbh. However, I remember I was at like the final boss or something, or at least the fight with Mewtwo, and I forget which Pokémon I had, I know it was some dragon, probably haxorus, but it kind of just attacked the Mewtwo with whatever and for whatever reason it scared the heck out of me. Unreasonable fears are the best ones, guys.


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The weirdest experience I had while playing Omega Ruby. When you fly on your Mega Latios, you can find one mysterious island per day where you find specific Pokemon or items or a legendary Pokémon can appear. It is only possible to find one of these per day if you have no Street Pass activated (which I had not), but I had 2 or 3 islands at the same day more than once!


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My brother had a glitched Ariados in... Silver or Crystal, I forget which. That showed up as a Level 0 pink Tangela in battles. That freaked us out enough to eventually release it. Not sure how it happened, he never had a cheating device, and I don't think the game ever had any other issues.