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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by AshCo, Sep 1, 2020.

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    Okay, so this is something that's been bothering me for the last two years or so. I'm kind of big on alternate foil patterns, and collecting Ultra Rares that have them. Think how the Battle Arena decks with EX's used XY Sheen foil rather than the normal holo pattern that EX's use. There's one card in particular that's been bothering me though.

    In early 2018, according to this thread:, there was a new Blastoise EX tin exclusive to Walmart that used the GX wave holofoil. Seems simple enough, until I look into it and realize this is...Pretty much the only info I could find on this tin, ever. In fact, the picture of the blastoise shown here:


    This is the only image of that specific Blastoise variant I could find. So...What's the deal here? Was this put in such a limited print run, in such an obscure product at a specific store that it made this version of Blastoise-EX is so rare to the point that there's such little information on it? Does anybody own one of these? I'd love any help on this, this thing's been driving me crazy for two years now.

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    It exists. I collect alt-holo and non-holo exclusives.


    I have an order for it on TCGPlayer from Oct 2019. I must have seen it as a variant I didn't have on the Bulbapedia page. Doing an order was risky, because there were three variants at that time (the original card from packs, the card from tins, or the card from the Battle Arena Deck). Since I only owned the Battle Arena Deck version, I took a shot and the card from the tins showed up in the mail. I don't remember perfectly, but I probably looked on eBay and couldn't tell from the pics whether anyone had one.

    Battle Arena Deck (Sheen) on the Left
    TCG Player Order (Water Web) on the Right

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Good luck with your hunting!
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    Yeah, it's just one of those cards that has a weird release to it. I looked on ebay recently and saw two listings for it under the plethora of the normal and battle arena ones, plus the occasional fake or two. Glad it isn't as hard to find as I thought it would be but still probably a lot less common than the normal ones. Thankfully it's not priced accordingly, lol.
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