Happy B-day Jayh

Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by Heavenly Spoon, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. Heavenly Spoon Just this guy, you know?
    Heavenly Spoon

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    I'm not a big fan of B-day thread, since they all seem to be post-count++ to me, but, well, I have too much post-count anyways, so, here's a B-day thread for some-one who has been way too active here in the old days, and who's still rather active, with a lot of post-count, JAYH!!

    Jayh is now 11, our young boy is getting a bit less young and a bit less boy-y :F

    here used to be a day that jayh had the most post-count, but then I appeared in this forum, that changed in no time :p, so, well, sorry to steal your glory, I'm not #1 poster anymore anyways

    but, this thread is just to wish him a happy B-day, so:

    HAPPY B-DAY JAYH-large number-

    I would make you a drawing, but, well, I can't draw ampharos and I don't want to embarrass myself like pory did, so, well, maybe pory can make a drawing for you

  2. Shade Daroach


    happy b day jay,
    i know you like eevee's so.....


    heres the link:

  3. CCloud Aspiring Trainer


    Always like c-m to leave drawings to Pory. Well, anyways....

  4. Frozen Eternity Aspiring Trainer
    Frozen Eternity


    Happy Birthday ! Jayh! Good Luck for your PSLE!
  5. xxashxx "Pokemon Gotta catch em all Pokemon"

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    Happy B day man. and I hope you have a fun day too.:)
  6. Noobnerd ~I see a little silhouetto of a man~


    Oh ya I forgot!
    Happy Birthday.

    Next year PSLE prepare to face the wonders of...PSLE.
  7. Porygon Strange Polygon Thing


    Well, I tried...

    Happy birthday anyway. :p
  8. Kirlia7755 Avid Fan


    Well, Porygon, its the thought that counts! :p

    Thanks everyone for this thread. Im now 11! Yay!
  9. pungtuckweng Aspiring Trainer


    Haha, next year see what agg you get for ye PSLE... Happy B-day!

    *Hopes you won't get above 238*

  10. Light Venusaur Deidara~Senpai's student (in training)
    Light Venusaur

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  11. Kirlia7755 Avid Fan


    Well, I have a message to some of you who posted in this thread:

    cute mew: Thanks for remembering that it was my birthday and starting this thread. I really appreciate it.

    All of u who posted between c-m and pory: Thanks for the birthday greetings! And the "good luck for PSLE" message from Noobnerd.

    Porygon: I really loved that Ampharos you made. I might even use it in my avatar! :p

    Absol: Why do you hope that I dont get over 238? Come on mate, really! Do my scores really concern you?

    Light Venusaur: Thanks for that picture, oh one thing, Im Jayh, not Jahy. Still, nevermind, its awesome and Im gonna save it into my hard drive as soon as I reach back in Singapore.

    Well, if anyone has any more birthday greetings for me, you can post here or PM me, but I dont think that this thread will stay long, as its not my birthday anymore, so farewell!
  12. xxashxx "Pokemon Gotta catch em all Pokemon"

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    I hope you get a lot of pokemon items for chrismas and you B day and merry christmas too. HOHOHO!.:)
  13. Ghost Pokemon Master Dun Dun Dun Dun...
    Ghost Pokemon Master


    yeah,hope Pikaclaus has a gift for you

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  14. silent swordsman Mew collector
    silent swordsman


    i hope you met Light Venusaur without a hastle
    have a good one Jayh272416 or Kirlia7755 LOL
  15. pungtuckweng Aspiring Trainer


    Haha, i got 238, so if you dont get above 238, i thrashed you!
  16. Kirlia7755 Avid Fan


    haha. Thanks everyone. BTW that pokemon emerald Im working on... Its a b-day present from my aunt. Got that early so I can boot it up and play LOL.

    Silent Swordsman: Yep, I met Elsa without a hassle. Thanks for yer concern though.

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