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[H]: jpn B&W cards, sleeves [W]: victory medals


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How much do you value the Sawk and Throh sleeves at? BTW how how many packs of the sleeves do you have. And what would you want for them.


Team Victory Leader
x1 Victory medal SPRING 2011 ($40)

For your
Oshawott 3 card set (Sandile, Zorua) ($8)
B&W 30 card set( Emboar and Samurott) (Not sure of the price)


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@ironman: i have at least 6 sets of sealed sleeves. i will take a look at your trade thread. thanks.
@kepperson: if you would like to make an offer that would be great. I have at least 4 packs of sleeves that I have for trade - maybe more
@gary: hi - i don't know how to value the 30 card sets either lol. Your trade seems fair - I will send you a PM to confirm. thanks.


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mochi said:
Oregon, USA

1. Please make a starting offer
2. I will ship internationally for larger trades
3. State card condition if not mint - I collect as much as I play
4. All other pokebeach rules apply

Victory medals - english and mint only
Reshiram BW full art
Zekrom BW full art
Pikachu BW secret
2x RH Seeker
x1 RH Bebe's search (from RR only - to finish the set lol)
Shiny Dialga (SL2)
Shiny Ho-oh (SL5)
Shiny Lugia (SL7)
Shiny Suicune (SL11)
COL holo energy
will add to this list...

Boxes & Cases
- BW Starters deck box *link
- Charizard deck box *link
- Team Plasma deck box

- BW Starters sleeves *link
- Zekrom & Reshiram sleeves *link
- Monster Ball sleeves *link
- Rainbow Text sleeves *link
- Leader N sleeves
- Darumaka sleeves
- Sawk Throh sleeves
- Espeon Umbreon sleeves
- Litwick sleeves
- Charizard sleeves
- Elesa sleeves
**link for sleeves**
- Ultrapro Regigigas Sleeves (50/pack)
- KMC Mat Red sleeves (80/pack)
- KMC Mat Dark Blue sleeves (80/pack)
- KMC Mat Dark Brown sleeves (80/pack)
- KMC Super Purple sleeves (80/pack)
- KMC super gold sleeves (80/pack)
- KMC super silver sleeves (80/pack)
- KMC metallic red sleeves (80/pack)
- KMC metallic blue sleeves (80/pack)
- Ultrapro canary yellow sleeves (50/pack)
- Ultrapro 3x4 premium top loader (25/pack)

Tepig 3 card set (Blitzle, Pidove) *link
Oshawott 3 card set (Sandile, Zorua) *link
Snivy 3 card set (Munna, Klink) *link
B&W 30 card sets, 6 different ones *link
- Tepig
- Oshawott
- Snivy
- Emboar
- Samurott
- Serperior

Zoroark Large promo (500hp one)
Luxray GL X
Uxie X
Celebi Prime
Lugia Legend bottom
Rayquaza & Deoxys Legend full
Raikou & Suicune Legend bottom
Entei & Raikou Legend Bottom
Slowking Prime
Steelix Prime x3
Blissey Prime x2
Feraligatr Prime (pack)
Meganium Prime (pack and promo)
Houndoom Prime
Dialga G Lv.X
MewTwo Lv X (promo)
Palkia G Lv.X
Rayquaza C X (pack)
Surfing Pikachu (RR)
Red Gyarados (HGSS 123)
Absol Prime
Garchomp C X (pack)
Gallade 4 X
Rhyerior Lv X (1 promo, 1 pack)
Salamence Lv X

Cards of interest
Jumpluff (4 Holo/2 RH)
Sableye (played, excellent-very good condition) x4
Spiritomb LP x3
Vileplume UD x4
Kingra LA x2 (1 RH, played in a sleeve - nm to excellent condition)
Mewtwo LA11 (1RH nm condition, 1 holo vg condition)
Mewtwo MD9 x2 (excellent condition)
Gengar SF x4
Chatot G RH
Heat Rotom
Mow Rotom
Jirachi RR x3
Garchomp C x2 (regionals stamped RH)
Uxie (league and regular)
Azelf (league and regular

Pokemon Communication x5
Energy Gain x5
SP Radar x5
Power Spray x5
Expert belt x4 (2RH pack)
Rare Candy x5 (1RH)
Blackbelt x6 (2RH)
Twins x5

I have these off of your wants. I am interested in your Monster ball sleeves.

1x Reshiram BW full art
1x Zekrom BW full art
1x RH Seeker
1x Shiny Suicune (SL11)

Again I am interested in your Moster ball sleeves. Lmk, thank you.
*Note- I would love to Pm about this deal instead of posting. Thanks again.


Get on my level
Ok I cud probaly do
1x Reshiram FA
2x Seeker RH
1x Victory Medal
And misc COL energy for your
Sawk and Throh sleeves how many do you have?


Team Hovercats
Victory Medal are $25-$30 right now. I can buy 2 sets (64 sleeves) for $22. I would trade a Victory Medal for that same amount.


magnezone <3
sh dialga col
col holo water nrg
reshi full art
rh seeker

kmc red matte sleeves
kmc dark blue matte sleeves
rayquaza/deoxys legend full

lmk or counter!


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hey perhaps we can work out a trade

BINX wants
luxray lv x english only
1 or 2 sets of elesa sleeves

BW UR pikachu english
BW UR reshiram english
please check my thread


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@hyunbin: sorry, i don't have japanese bw cards, i only purchased the promos
@mlouden: unfortunately i traded away the RDlegend and updated my thread
@jumplypluff: i just traded for the cards you are offering and have updated my thread. if i see something i like from your thread i will send you a pm as requested - thanks.
@ironman: i have at least 6 packs for trade but i have the reshiram fa coming in from a trade already. what season is your victory medal from?
@kepperson: can you please tell me which season your victory medal is from?
@pikajew: i will be receiving reshiram fa and pikachu from a trade. if something falls through i will definitley let you know.
@scream: i didn't see anything from your list that stuck out at me but my needs change so i can take a look again in a couple of weeks
@binx: the pikachu and reshiram have been confirmed in a trade and i didn't see anything right now from your trade thread but i can check back in a couple of weeks if my wants change

**Right now i have most of my card wants but i am hoping to get sales approval soon for those who would rather do that**


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what do you value the seeker rh at lmk thanks i may have one to trade for the litwick sleeves ill also throw in other stuff like i have a fire col NRG