'GX Ultra Shiny' Pack Featuring Shiny Pokemon, Worldwide Card Legality After All?!


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- Lycanroc GX is a good card with lower HP than the Bloodthirsty Eyes but a better regular attack. The ability is not bad but I think Bloodthirsty Eyes is better. We'll see if it will be played.
The Bloodthirsty Eyes Lycanroc has the same HP as the Twilight Eye version.

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  • Shaymin * - This could an instant non-GX atkr in some Grass decks. 4 Geodudes
  • Lycanroc-GX - We have an alt option to destroy decks (I dunno what I am saying to this fella) 4 Geodudes
  • Alt Types
  1. Alolan Marowak - Searchable with MT, that's the bonus and the free atk can be sometimes good if Malamar can't fuel energy in early turns. 3-4 Geodudes
  2. Mimikyu - Mimikyu was a decent addition in some decks especially Shining Lugia, this will be decent in Gardevoir decks. 3 Geodudes
  3. Alolan Exeggutor - Exeggutor was proven good based on some tournament sucess, N typing could be suspicious especially you are capped to 120-150. Yes, Altaria can.. But you must dedicate spaces to Zoroark, Baby Shuckle #HeyNick, and Lele. But the option is still open. 4 Geodudes
  4. Alolan Ninetales - Ability lock becomes more complicated to spam with today. Abilities like Ninetales that blocks abilities could be a decent option. 3-4 Geodudes
  • Nebby/Cosmoem - finally a new Cosmoem which makes the Solgaleo/Lunala not complete unplayable due to lack of Stage 1 and reliant on Rare Candy. The same thing happen to Dark Crobat when Dark Golbat rotates and before Pokémon Breeder reprinted. 3/3
  • Fairy Charm UB - *Buzzwole Frightened* 3 Geodudes
  • Water/Grass Memory - are we expecting a Silvally-GX reprint from ULP or not because Forest Silvally will stay for another year after rotation. Anyways, Water and Grass and not relevant weakness to hit but it gets benefits from it. 4 Geodudes
  • Ingo and Emmet - I haven't battle these in my Gen 5 playthrough except the Rosa team up battle, I am busy on PWT and beating the champ (BW). Anyways, play this card for the first effect. What's the point of drawing cards from the bottom if you sneak the top card in the first place. With Oranguru/Magcargo dominate the setup status, this could help decks a lot. 4-5 Geodudes
  • Morgan - too risky but rewardful payout. 4 Geodudes
  • Dana - Only few stage 2s saw play and will see play when LOT came out like Jumpluff, Gardevoir, and Sceptile. Searching 2 cards is nuts, if you faced these top Stage 2s. 3 Geodudes
  • Nita - People can still top deck it and reattach it to the targeted Pokemon. Basics are common to be in the active spot, but I see this use on Turn 1 or in the early game. 3 Geodudes.
  • Evelyn - Evelyn is ma girl. But why TPCi did to her? Draw flat 4 cards? That's even 4/3 of Hau. Oh boy! 3 Geodudes
  • Number of non-SR cards to be imported inTeam Up -...


A. Marowak and A. Exeggutor actually have a bit of synergy now because both are searchable with M. Treasure. You can hit for psychic weakness and play a split of 3-1 or 2-2 grass and dragon Exeggutor to hit for grass weakness as well. Not bad against Buzzwole/Lycanrock but mostly bad against everything else. The new illustration for their cards are very nice though.

And lol, this is like, what, the 3rd print of Naganadel-GX and the card still sucks.


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Gardevoir-GX Disruption looks more fun every time I hear about a Fairy Charm...


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I hope we will have the new card in a real set and not as promo.
Because i hightly doubt we will have this kind of set (like best of XY ) .

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With these new memories, we can cover... cover...
Absolutely nothing relevant. C’mon, where’s our Fairy memory?


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Wow, Ingo & Emmet is really cool, you can also abuse this with Oranguru too. No Full Art though </3

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*STILL crossing fingers for a Shiny Dunsparce*

I'm kind of disappointed that the Shinies don't have "Shining" in their names despite former Shinies from this era having it, but oh well!
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Guzzlord-Morgan deck anyone? It'll never be amazing but it would be a lot of fun to play right.


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After seeing the shiny rowlet/dartrix, I really hope that they bring back shiny pokemon as SRs like they did in the BW era sets


So a box has the potential to only get a shiny rowlet and no shiny GX? :( How will the other Secret rates be implemented??? Since we get one shiny per box?


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The picture has a very nice border. Im so excited about this set, that i want to open all boxes i pre-ordered.

Where did you pre-order from? I haven't been able to get my hands on any Japanese preorders these days! (Note: I am North American)