Guitar Hero III


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Did anyone get it? I think it's a great game. I love playing "Welcome to the Jungle" on hard mode, but expert is insane.


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I've just started unlocking the songs, but my favorite so far is most definitely "Paint it Black" by the freaking Rolling Stones. I'm also loving "When You Were Young" and "Lay it Down" (or whatever the Priestess song is) as my favs at the moment. I've unlocked a couple bonus tracks but haven't played any of them yet.

And for the record, I got the Wii version, so if anyone out there wants to play a friendly game (I suck, only can do Medium and some hard songs...stupid orange button) I'm up for it. Definitely the ONE rhythm game I need to improve on. DDR is a different story, though. I've had numerous people call me out for cheating on that, lol.


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I do not have the game but I do have a question related to the awesomeness of Guitar Hero III.

I played this game for the first time at a friends house over the weekend. I only played 5 songs of varying degrees of difficulty but the last song that I played was "Through the Fire and the Flames" on Expert. I have no idea how, but I scored 31% completion on that song.
Keeping in mind that my playthrough was the fifth time I had ever played any from of Guitar Hero. Is a score of 31% on "Through the Fire and the Flames" any good?

Feel free to let me know how horrible I am at that game, you won't hurt my feelings.


I've just got this game. It's my first time playing a GH game but it's pretty fun from what I have played so far (although it's not a game that feels like it's for total beginners, to me). I have the wii version too, but I'm only going to play anyone when I actually become half decent at the game (the sun may swallow up planet earth by that time).


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LOL bacon. I'm probably getting GH III for Christmas, but I've played the demo at my local Gamestop so many times. I get near 100% every time on the easy songs. If they do the battles by difficulty, I will rock on easy mode. :F

dmaster out.