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Standard GreenZard

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by Wolfe_XD, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Wolfe_XD Aspiring Trainer


    Pokemon - 7
    4 Volcanion UNB 25
    2 Reshiram & Charizard-GX UNB 20
    1 Eevee & Snorlax-GX TEU 120

    Trainer - 42
    4 Welder UNB
    4 Green's Exploration UNB
    2 Koga's Trap UNB
    1 Judge FOL
    1 Bills Analysis TEU
    4 Pokegear UNB
    4 Custom Catcher LOT
    4 Mixed Herbs LOT
    4 Cherish Ball UNM
    3 Pokemon Communication TEU
    3 Fire Crystal UNB
    2 Fiery Flint DRM
    2 Switch SUM
    3 Power Plant UNB
    1 Heat Factory Prism Star LOT

    Energy - 11
    11 Fire Energy

    Basic GreenZard outline for post rotaion, Koga helps deal with pikarom (one shot) and helps the eeveelax to 2 shot in bad matchups, Power Plant screws with mewmew and whims. Looking for some extra spice rather than major changes.
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  2. Catastrophia PokéBeach Articles Editor

    Articles Staff Member

    Looks like a pretty standard GreenZard build to me so not much to say. I like a couple of Great Potion along with Mixed Herbs, and prefer 1 Reset Stamp over Judge (searchable with Green's). Also, Bill's is pure gas - drop a Cherish Ball and add another imo.
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  3. moving pictures Aspiring Trainer
    moving pictures


    I am not an experienced Greenzard player - but a new card that intrigues me and could possible be useful is tag switch. Could be clutch is getting energy onto Rezishard to fire off the GX attack. If you were looking to get a knockout that didnt require as much damage, you could greens a switch and tag switch to volcanion....after the KO Rezishard isn't hanging out to dry.
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  4. TuxedoBlack Old School Player


    Following are a few thoughts for your consideration:

    While running only 7 Basic, I suspect you tend to mulligan 2-3 times on average; thus yielding your opponent extra cards at game start. You may want to increase your Judge and/or Judge Whistle count(s) to mitigate this risk.

    While understanding the reason for running 4 Cherish Ball, it still seems excessive. Have you tested a mix of Cherish Ball and Pokémon Fan Club?

    I'm finding Lysandre Labs to be more helpful than Power Plant, especially against post-rotation deck players.

    Is the 1 Bill's Analysis more important than another R energy?

    No doubt, you'll win most Stadium wars by running 4; but it seems excessive. Is the 3rd Power Plant more important than another R energy?
    I hope you find these comments helpful.

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