Help Good Deck for Teaching the Game?

Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by GymLdrJesse, May 17, 2018.

  1. GymLdrJesse neighhh

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    Hey there, I will be teaching a couple people how to play the TCG and was wondering a good deck to put together that would be easy to play and teach a lot of aspects of the game?
    Maybe 2 suggestions would be good so i can have them play each other.
    Ty in advance!

  2. Tapu Lele Responsibile for an Economic Recession
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    I teach a Pokemon TCG Club on a weekly basis, and often times I'll be giving kids "rental decks" to use if they don't have their own deck.

    It's best to use the 2 decks from the battle arena deck sets that have been coming out. I've giving my club theme decks to use, but often times those decks just matter on the luck of the first hand draw, and kids get really frustrated about it.

    The Battle arena half decks (especially the two Kyurem decks) show new players how many options they have every turn and give them a good idea how to structure decks of their own later on. They also are great in terms of budget and time efficiency.
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  3. AuraJackle Aspiring Trainer


    if your teaching them to play good or at least well built decks something that uses all aspects of the game in a good fashion woluld be something like empoleon/octillery or something like buzzwole/lycanroc that way they can get down the order of how things are done like energy attaching and evolving and can the importance of deck thinning and correct bench management. I would not reccomend theme decks or battle arena decks unless these are just children that have no intention of playing past the point of "i have bigger numbers on my card than you so i win"
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  4. GymLdrJesse neighhh

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    I like the idea of empoleon/octillery. That would teach them about abilities, evolving, and a general strategy without them getting dumpstered every game.
    And just to promote sales, i will recommend they buy a theme deck, then maybe build from there. Some of them arent complete trash to build from, like the garchomp deck.
  5. The Evil Sneasel Aspiring Trainer
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    I teach Pokemon tcg too and I use decks like Bulu for abilities, evolution (w/rare candy)and mass energy acceleration with abilities (same with buzzroc)
  6. OppositeAttract Aspiring Trainer


    I think Espeon Garbodor might be a good deck to show new players since it demonstrates the value of abilities (through restricting them), the value of utilizing items efficiently, game condition (Espeon's confusion) and the importance of building decks for consistency. Disruption is inherently something I feel is important to teach new players early, therefore because of all the previous given reason I think Espeon/Garb should be beneficial to teach new players the mechanics of the game.
  7. GymLdrJesse neighhh

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    I put together an empoleon/octillery and vika/bulu deck. That should cover mostly everything.
  8. bunnybird12 Don't be sad- be hoppy!


    I think Garchomp/Lucario is another deck that’s good for teaching because it’s purpose is pretty straightforward and shows how cards can have synergy and work together to create an efficient strategy.

    Like others said before, the battle arena decks are good too.
  9. Yea for sure, Espeon Garb teaches everything important
  10. Eduardo Arana Aspiring Trainer
    Eduardo Arana


    I would go for a theme deck for sure. When the player gets comfortable with the rules, you can give them a meta or so deck to try out.

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