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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by junkiejay, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. junkiejay Bruh


    So i'm considering coming back to playing pokemon because i really wasn't a fan of the format of the tcg as of december 2018, so i quit. Because i'm wanting to come back i kinda need a new deck. I'm willing to pay up to like 50 because i have a lot of credit at my local store and quite a fair amount of cards to trade in to obtain more store credit. Any ideas and a decklist even would be very much appreciated.

  2. Mysticvulpix Just be chill


    Some cheap possibilities: Dark box, pretty cheap cards like spiritomb and umbreon, as well as some all right GX’s such as honchcrow and Sableye/tyranitar tag team. This deck is pretty good, and still is cheap. I’m pretty sure there’s also a few other single prize attacker decks with cheap cards. Just try to go to a unified minds prerelease, a lot of important upcoming cards can be found there
  3. K-Genesis Aspiring Trainer


    The cheapest options I can think of right now are:

    Alolan Exeggutor (Dragon)

    None of them run any costly cards (i.e. Jirachi, TT Pokémon) and may actually compete with TT decks in this new rotation due to either speed or type advantage.
    The first three decks are new to rotation, with most set pieces coming from UNM, hard to pinpoint a list right now. Eggs is a fairly tested deck by now that won't lose much with rotation, I'm sure you can find a working list somewhere here.
  4. Willem Aspiring Trainer


    Something cheap would be making a Sleeping spores or Lost March deck.
  5. rewster1 Aspiring Trainer


    I'm not sure I should suggest anything, as SUM-LOT was my absolute favorite format. I want it back, lol.
    There are so many decks around, it might be helpful to know what you liked to play before. Also December wasn't very long ago, do you have staples from then? Cynthias? Lillies? Possibly even skeleton lists of decks that are still valid archetypes, like malamar.... ok that's the only one I can think of. But if you had malamars before they still work and might even be usable as a thin line in any deck that would have run DCE before. Oh, blacephalon, that's still in the running. And alolan eggs is probably better than ever right now, though whether it is good enough to cross into tier 2 remains to be seen with all the new junk coming out.
  6. SableyeGuy Aspiring Trainer


    Not to minimod or anything but isnt this sorta discussion for a different forum?
  7. Pokeman The great snake rules forever!


    I’d build Killer Bees! Beedrill/Rowlett/Eggecutor, a deck with a bunch of hot techs and a 1 shot attitude!
  8. snoopy369 Aspiring Trainer

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    I think this belongs in another forum - the Competitive Play forum, most likely. Deck Garage is for decks you've already made.
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