News Golden Mew Surfacing on the internet!


025/025 isn't a secret rare though, only cards over the set card number are. Looks legit, but that makes me think that it could be fake, since all gold cards in the SwSh block so far have been over the set number.

But since it's a special set, it could be that, maybe they wanted exactly 25 cards in the 25th Anniversary special set.


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that does make sense and the ability name is different from the translation so maybe this is one of those things where the guy took one from the factory or they have a friend who works for pokemon

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Looks legit if you ask me. I would be stunned if the entire set was leaked. If not, it's fine. I can take a 3-month drought of no new cards.


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First of all, the main set is FOURTYFIVE cards and not TWENTYFIVE. Wouldn't the subset be marked as a subset? Shiny Vaults (SV) and Radiant Collections (RC) have been, so why not this set's subset?
If this card IS fake, however, the person who faked it did a VERY convincing job with the textures.