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A gold, ultra rare Dialga VSTAR, Darkrai VSTAR Special Art, and Melony full art have been revealed from VSTAR Universe!
Update: Arceus revealed too!
We expect the rest of the secret rares to start leaking tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned!


#262 Arceus VSTAR (Brilliant Stars)


#260 Origin Forme Dialga VSTAR (Astral Radiance)



#248 Melony

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These are probably some of the best gold cards ever. The ones we've been having are cool, and the XY Break era ones were my favourites till now, but this is incredible. Surely it is Palkia on the right, Arceus in the center, Dialga on the left and Giratina at the bottom.


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I've been praying for more akira egawa alt arts and they let her do God and its children. They're so beautiful 😍

I hope she illustrates a gold Giratina as well


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I KNEW that there would be gold cards of the main pokémon of the year! But looks like Lugia will be out of it.
Also, this means that not only there are no pokémon Full Arts but there are also NO RAINBOW cards in the set. Could this (hopefully) be the end of the Rainbow Rares?

[173] AR Hisuian Voltorb (Astral Radiance)
[174] AR Kricketune (Astral Radiance)

[175] AR Magmortar (Brilliant Stars)
[176] AR Oricorio (Fusion Strike)

[177] AR Lapras (Brilliant Stars)
[178] AR Manaphy (Brilliant Stars)
[179*] AR Keldeo (Astral Radiance)

[180] AR Electivire (Brilliant Stars)
[181] AR Toxtricity (Fusion Strike)

[182] AR Galarian Articuno (Chilling Reign)
[183] AR Mew (Celebrations)
[184] AR Lunatone (Pokémon Go)
[185] AR Deoxys (Fusion Strike)
[186] AR Diancie (Pokémon Go)
[187] AR Comfey (Lost Origin)

[188] AR Galarian Zapdos (Chilling Reign)
[189] AR Solrock (Pokémon Go)

[190] AR Galarian Moltres (Chilling Reign)
[191] AR Absol (Astral Radiance)
[192] AR Thievul (Astral Radiance)
[193] AR Magnezone (Astral Radiance)
[194] AR Altaria (Evolving Skies)
[195] AR Latias (Fusion Strike)
[196] AR Hisuian Goodra (Lost Origin)

[197] AR Ditto (Pokémon Go)
[198] AR Dunsparce (Fusion Strike)
[199] AR Miltank (Astral Radiance)
[200] AR Bibarel (Brilliant Stars)

[201] AR Riolu (Brilliant Stars)
[202] AR Swablu (Evolving Skies)
[203] AR Duskull (Brilliant Stars)
[204] AR Bidoof (previously unreleased)
[205] AR Pikachu (Lost Origin)
[206] AR Turtwig (Brilliant Stars)
[207] AR Paras (Lost Origin)

[208] AR Poochyena (Astral Radiance)
[209] AR Mareep (Evolving Skies)
[210] SAR Leafeon VSTAR (Promo)
[211] SAR Charizard V (Brilliant Stars)
[212] SAR Charizard VSTAR (Brilliant Stars)
[213] SAR Entei V (Brilliant Stars)
[214] SAR Simisear VSTAR (previously unreleased)

[215] SAR Suicune V (Evolving Skies)
[216] SAR Lumineon V (Brilliant Stars)
[217] SAR Glaceon VSTAR (Promo)

[218] SAR Raikou V (Brilliant Stars)
[219] SAR Zeraora VMAX (Promo)
[220] SAR Zeraora VSTAR (Promo)

[221] SAR Mewtwo VSTAR (Pokémon Go)
[222] SAR Deoxys VMAX (Promo)
[223] SAR Deoxys VSTAR (Promo)
[224] SAR Hatterene VMAX (previously unreleased)
[225] SAR Zacian V (Celebrations)

[226] SAR Lucario VSTAR (Promo)
[227*] SAR Drapion V (Speculation)
[228] SAR Darkrai VSTAR (Astral Radiance)
[229] SAR Hisuian Samurott V (Astral Radiance)
[230] SAR Hisuian Samurott VSTAR (Astral Radiance)
[231*] SAR Genesect V (Speculation)
[232] SAR Zamazenta V (Brilliant Stars)
[233] SAR Regigigas VSTAR (previously unreleased)
[234] SAR Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR (Lost Origin)

[235*] SAR Colress's Experiment (Speculation)
[236] SAR Irida (Astral Radiance)
[237] SAR Raihan (Evolving Skies)
[238] SAR Grant (Astral Radiance)
[239] SAR Cynthia's Ambition (Brilliant Stars)
[240] SAR Adaman (Astral Radiance)
[241*] SAR Cheren's Care (Speculation)
[242] SAR Roxanne (Astral Radiance)
[243] SAR Gardenia's Vigor (Astral Radiance)
[244*] SAR Melony (Chilling Reign)
[245] SR Volo (Lost Origin)
[246] SR Elesa's Sparkle (Fusion Strike)
[247] SR Friends in Sinnoh (previously unreleased)
[248*] SR Professor's Research - Professor Rowan (Brilliant Stars)
[249] SR Friends in Hisui (previously unreleased)
[250*] SR Boss's Orders - Cyrus (Brilliant Stars)

[251*] SR Grass Energy
[252*] SR Fire Energy
[253*] SR Water Energy
[254*] SR Lightning Energy
[255*] SR Psychic Energy
[256*] SR Fighting Energy
[257] SR Darkness Energy
[258*] SR Metal Energy
[259] UR Palkia VSTAR (Astral Radiance)
[260] UR Dialga VSTAR (Astral Radiance)
[261] UR Giratina VSTAR (Lost Origin)
[262] UR Arceus VSTAR (Brilliant Stars)
[01*] Oddish (Paradigm Trigger)
[02*] Gloom (Paradigm Trigger)
[03*] Bellossom (Paradigm Trigger)
[04*] Tangela (Paradigm Trigger)
[05*] Tangrowth (Paradigm Trigger)
[06*] Scyther (Incandescent Arcana)
[07] Sunkern (Gym Promo, Silver Tempest)
[08*] Yanma (Incandescent Arcana)
[09*] Yanmega (Incandescent Arcana)
[10] Kricketot (Gym Promo, Astral Radiance)
[11] Cherubi (Gym Promo, Battle Styles)

[12*] Carnivine (Incandescent Arcana)
[13*] Leafeon V (Special Card Set Grass Leafeon VSTAR - Hong Kong & Taiwan, Promo)
[14*] Leafeon VSTAR (VSTAR Universe, Promo)
[15] Grubbin (Gym Promo, Fusion Strike)
[16*] Zarude (Incandescent Arcana)
[17*] Calyrex (Incandescent Arcana)

[18*] Charizard V (Star Birth, Brilliant Stars)
[19*] Charizard VSTAR (Special Deck Set Charizard VSTAR, Brilliant Stars)
[20*] Radiant Charizard (VSTAR Universe, Pokémon Go)
[21*] Entei (Incandescent Arcana)
[22*] Simisear V (Start Deck 100, Brilliant Stars)
[23*] Simisear VSTAR (VSTAR Universe)
[24*] Larvesta (Paradigm Trigger)
[25*] Volcarona (Paradigm Trigger)
[26*] Volcanion (Incandescent Arcana)
[27*] Salandit (Incandescent Arcana)
[28*] Salazzle (Incandescent Arcana)

[29] Seel (Gym Promo, Lost Origin)
[30] Galarian Mr. Mime (Gym Promo, Battle Styles)

[31*] Wailmer (Incandescent Arcana)
[32*] Wailord (Incandescent Arcana)
[33] Corphish (Gym Promo, Brilliant Stars)
[34] Snorunt (Gym Promo, Chilling Reign)

[35*] Luvdisc (Incandescent Arcana)
[36*] Kyogre (Incandescent Arcana)
[37] Kyogre V (Gym Promo)
[38*] Glaceon V (Special Card Set Ice Glaceon VSTAR - Hong Kong & Taiwan, Promo)

[39*] Shinx (Start Deck 100, Battle Styles)
[40*] Shinx (Paradigm Trigger)
[41*] Luxio (Start Deck 100, Battle Styles)
[42*] Luxio (Paradigm Trigger)
[43*] Luxray (Start Deck 100, Battle Styles)
[44*] Luxray (Paradigm Trigger)
[45*] Rotom V (Lost Abyss, Lost Origin)
[46*] Rotom VSTAR (VSTAR Special Set)
[47*] Emolga (Start Deck 100, Evolving Skies)
[48] Eelektrik (Gym Promo, Lost Origin)
[49*] Helioptile (Paradigm Trigger)
[50*] Heliolisk (Paradigm Trigger)
[51*] Radiant Charjabug (VSTAR Universe)
[52*] Zeraora (Start Deck 100, Fusion Strike)
[53*] Zeraora V (VSTAR Universe, Promo)
[54*] Zeraora VMAX (VSTAR Universe, Promo)
[55*] Zeraora VSTAR (VSTAR Universe, Promo)
[56*] Pincurchin (Zeraora VSTAR & VMAX Deck)

[57*] Exeggcute (Incandescent Arcana)
[58*] Exeggutor (Incandescent Arcana)
[59*] Mewtwo (Incandescent Arcana)
[60*] Mew V (VSTAR Universe, Fusion Strike)
[61] Girafarig (Deoxys VSTAR & VMAX Deck)
[62*] Lunatone (VSTAR Universe, Pokémon Go)
[63] Dusclops (Gym Promo, Brilliant Stars)
[64*] Tapu Lele (Incandescent Arcana)
[65*] Hatterene V (VSTAR Universe)
[66*] Hatterene VMAX (VSTAR Universe)
[67] Enamorus (Gym Promo)

[68] Graveler (Gym Promo, Fusion Strike)
[69*] Solrock (VSTAR Universe, Pokémon Go)
[70] Baltoy (Gym Promo, Fusion Strike)
[71] Riolu (Gym Promo, Brilliant Stars)

[72*] Pancham (Paradigm Trigger)
[73*] Rockruff (Paradigm Trigger)
[74*] Lycanroc (Paradigm Trigger)

[75] Koffing (Gym Promo, Chilling Reign)
[76*] Purrloin (Paradigm Trigger)
[77*] Liepard (Paradigm Trigger)
[78] Krokorok (Gym Promo, Vivid Voltage)
[79*] Pangoro (Paradigm Trigger)
[80*] Skrelp (Paradigm Trigger)
[81*] Dragalge (Paradigm Trigger)
[82*] Hoopa (VMAX Climax, Darkness Ablaze)
[83*] Galarian Meowth (Paradigm Trigger)
[84*] Galarian Perrserker (Paradigm Trigger)
[85*] Scizor (Incandescent Arcana)
[86*] Aron (Paradigm Trigger)
[87*] Lairon (Paradigm Trigger)
[88*] Aggron (Paradigm Trigger)
[89] Metang (Gym Promo, Silver Tempest)

[90] Absol (CoroCoro Promo)
[91] Pawniard (Gym Promo, Astral Radiance)
[92*] Pawniard (Incandescent Arcana)
[93*] Bisharp (Incandescent Arcana)
[94*] Zacian (Incandescent Arcana)
[95*] Zacian V (VSTAR Special Set)
[96*] Zacian VSTAR (VSTAR Special Set)
[97*] Zamazenta (Incandescent Arcana)
[98*] Zamazenta V (VSTAR Special Set, Brilliant Stars)
[99*] Zamazenta VSTAR (VSTAR Special Set)

[100*] Rayquaza V (Blue Sky Stream, Evolving Skies)
[101*] Rayquaza VMAX (VMAX Climax, Evolving Skies)
[102*] Rayquaza VMAX (Special Deck Set Rayquaza VMAX, Evolving Skies)
[103] Duraludon V (Dragon Pokémon V Get Challenge Campaign Promo, Evolving Skies)
[104*] Duraludon VMAX (VMAX Climax, Evolving Skies)
[105*] Radiant Eternatus (VSTAR Universe)

[106*] Tauros (Paradigm Trigger)
[107*] Ditto (VSTAR Universe, Pokémon Go)
[108] Eevee V (CoroCoro Start Deck)
[109*] Snorlax (Start Deck 100, Fusion Strike)
[110] Starly (Gym Promo, Brilliant Stars)
[111*] Bidoof (VSTAR Universe)
[112*] Chatot (Incandescent Arcana)
[113*] Regigigas V (VSTAR Universe)
[114*] Regigigas VSTAR (VSTAR Universe)
[115*] Shaymin (Paradigm Trigger)
[116*] Stoutland V (Start Deck 100, Battle Styles)
[117*] Yungoos (Paradigm Trigger)
[118*] Gumshoos (Paradigm Trigger)
[119*] Oranguru (Paradigm Trigger)
[120*] Greedent V (Start Deck 100, Fusion Strike)
[121] Wooloo (CoroCoro Start Deck)
[122] Dubwool (CoroCoro Start Deck

[123] Bea (Bea After School Trainer Card Collection, Vivid Voltage)
[124] Bede (Bede's Determination Trainer Card Collection, Sword & Shield)
[125*] Crushing Hammer (Start Deck 100, Sword & Shield)
[126] Digging Duo (Gym Promo)
[127*] Energy Retrieval (Start Deck 100, Sword & Shield)
[128] Energy Search (Start Deck 100, Sword & Shield)
[129*] Energy Switch (Start Deck 100, Sword & Shield)
[130*] Friends in Hisui (VSTAR Universe)
[131*] Friends in Sinnoh (VSTAR Universe)
[132] Great Ball (Start Deck 100, Sword & Shield)
[133] Hop (Hop's Daily Routine Trainer Card Collection, Sword & Shield)
[134] Leon (Leon's Advice Trainer Card Collection, Vivid Voltage)

[135*] Lost Vacuum (VSTAR Universe, Lost Origin)
[136] Nessa (Nessa's Rest Trainer Card Collection, Vivid Voltage)
[137] Poké Ball (Start Deck 100, Sword & Shield)
[138] Pokémon Catcher (Start Deck 100, Sword & Shield)
[139] Potion (Start Deck 100, Sword & Shield)
[140] Raihan (Raihan's Indomitability Trainer Card Collection, Evolving Skies)

[141*] Rare Candy (Start Deck 100, Sword & Shield)
[142*] Rescue Carrier (VSTAR Universe, Evolving Skies)
[143*] Sky Sealing Stone (VSTAR Universe)
[144] Switch (Start Deck 100, Sword & Shield)
[145*] Trekking Shoes (VSTAR Universe, Astral Radiance)
[146*] Ultra Ball (VSTAR Universe, Brilliant Stars)

[147] FA Hoopa V (unknown origin)
[??] FA Elesa's Sparkle (VSTAR Universe, Fusion Strike)
[??] FA Friends in Hisui (VSTAR Universe)
[??] FA Friends in Sinnoh (VSTAR Universe)
[??] FA Professor's Research - Professor Rowan (VSTAR Universe, Brilliant Stars)
[??] FA Volo (VSTAR Universe, Lost Origin)

[??] RR Lucario VSTAR (Lucario Hyper Rare Contest Promo, Promo)
[01*] AR Hisuian Voltorb (VSTAR Universe, Astral Radiance)
[02*] AR Kricketune (VSTAR Universe, Astral Radiance)

[03*] AR Magmortar (VSTAR Universe, Brilliant Stars)
[04*] AR Oricorio (VSTAR Universe, Fusion Strike)

[05*] AR Lapras (VSTAR Universe, Brilliant Stars)
[06*] AR Manaphy (VSTAR Universe, Brilliant Stars)
[07*] AR Keldeo (VSTAR Universe, Astral Radiance)

[08*] AR Electivire (VSTAR Universe, Brilliant Stars)
[09*] AR Toxtricity (VSTAR Universe, Fusion Strike)

[10*] AR Mew (VSTAR Universe, Celebrations)
[11*] AR Lunatone (VSTAR Universe, Pokémon Go)
[12*] AR Deoxys (VSTAR Universe, Fusion Strike)
[13*] AR Diancie (VSTAR Universe, Pokémon Go)
[14*] AR Comfey (VSTAR Universe, Lost Origin)

[15*] AR Solrock (VSTAR Universe, Pokémon Go)
[16*] AR Absol (VSTAR Universe, Astral Radiance)
[17*] AR Thievul (VSTAR Universe, Astral Radiance)
[18*] AR Magnezone (VSTAR Universe, Astral Radiance)
[19*] AR Altaria (VSTAR Universe, Evolving Skies)
[20*] AR Latias (VSTAR Universe, Fusion Strike)
[21*] AR Hisuian Goodra (VSTAR Universe, Lost Origin)

[22*] AR Ditto (VSTAR Universe, Pokémon Go)
[23*] AR Dunsparce (VSTAR Universe, Fusion Strike)
[24*] AR Miltank (VSTAR Universe, Astral Radiance)
[25*] AR Bibarel (VSTAR Universe, Brilliant Stars)

[26*] AR Riolu (Brilliant Stars)
[27*] AR Swablu (Evolving Skies)
[28*] AR Duskull (Brilliant Stars)
[29*] AR Bidoof (previously unreleased)
[30*] AR Pikachu (Lost Origin)
[31*] AR Turtwig (Brilliant Stars)
[32*] AR Paras (Lost Origin)

[33*] AR Poochyena (Astral Radiance)
[34*] AR Mareep (Evolving Skies)
[35*] SAR Leafeon VSTAR (VSTAR Universe, Promo)
[36*] SAR Entei V (VSTAR Universe, Brilliant Stars)
[37*] SAR Simisear VSTAR (VSTAR Universe)
[38*] SAR Suicune V (VSTAR Universe, Evolving Skies)
[39*] SAR Lumineon V (VSTAR Universe, Brilliant Stars)
[40*] SAR Glaceon VSTAR (VSTAR Universe, Promo)

[41*] SAR Raikou V (VSTAR Universe, Brilliant Stars)
[42*] SAR Zeraora VMAX (VSTAR Universe, Promo)
[43*] SAR Zeraora VSTAR (VSTAR Universe, Promo)

[44*] SAR Mewtwo VSTAR (VSTAR Universe, Pokémon Go)
[45*] SAR Deoxys VMAX (VSTAR Universe, Promo)
[46*] SAR Deoxys VSTAR (VSTAR Universe, Promo)
[47*] SAR Hatterene VMAX (VSTAR Universe)
[48*] SAR Zacian V (VSTAR Universe, Celebrations)

[49*] SAR Drapion V (Speculation, Lost Origin)
[50*] SAR Darkrai VSTAR (VSTAR Universe, Astral Radiance)
[51*] SAR Hisuian Samurott V (VSTAR Universe, Astral Radiance)
[52*] SAR Hisuian Samurott VSTAR (VSTAR Universe, Astral Radiance)

[53*] SAR Genesect V (Speculation, Fusion Strike)
[54*] SAR Zamazenta V (VSTAR Universe, Brilliant Stars)

[55] SAR Regigigas VSTAR (VSTAR Universe)
[56*] SAR Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR (VSTAR Universe, Lost Origin)

[57*] SAR Adaman (VSTAR Universe, Astral Radiance)
[58*] SAR Cheren's Care (Speculation, Brilliant Stars)
[59*] SAR Colress's Experiment (Speculation, Lost Origin)

[60*] SAR Cynthia's Ambition (VSTAR Universe, Brilliant Stars)
[61*] SAR Gardenia's Vigor (VSTAR Universe, Astral Radiance)
[62*] SAR Grant (VSTAR Universe, Astral Radiance)
[63*] SAR Irida (VSTAR Universe, Astral Radiance)
[64*] SAR Melony (VSTAR Universe, Chilling Reign)
[65*] SAR Raihan (VSTAR Universe, Evolving Skies)
[66*] SAR Roxanne (VSTAR Universe, Astral Radiance)

[67*] GOLD Palkia VSTAR (VSTAR Universe, Astral Radiance)
[68*] GOLD Dialga VSTAR (VSTAR Universe, Astral Radiance)
[69*] GOLD Giratina VSTAR (VSTAR Universe, Lost Origin)
[70*] GOLD Arceus VSTAR (VSTAR Universe, Brilliant Stars)
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Are we sure Melony is #248? This would put her between Friends in Sinnoh and Friends in Hisui but she should be AFTER Friends in Hisui. I believe she is #244 since she fits perfectly after Gardenia's Vigor.