Glaceon-GX from SM5!


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It will definitely see play, due to the easy Nightspear attack and to the ability to Lock Turn 1 Bridgette from the opponents Lele!


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Er Mah Guuuurd!!! I flipping LOVE Glaceon!!!! I LOVE it’s ability!!!!!It’s good against my Tapu-Koko deck I lend to my friends to play against me!!!!!! Ability= No Areo Trail. BOOM!!!!!!! GX attack + Koko on bench during frozen bullet, they bring Koko up = 2 hit K.O. !!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!! 1000/10

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Freezing Stare is a good at locking down Tapu Lele and a lot of other decks when active. Frozen Bullet is decent but weakness can be an issue since Metal will be common once this set is released.


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Alolan Ninetales/Zoroark is going to like this. Therefore I love it. Basically anything that can give the deck more control is greatly appreciated.

Also the gx-attack can acually be pretty deadly if you use the first attack and Ice Blade wisely. I guess this will transform Ninetails/Zoroark into more of a Waterbox/Zoroark-deck, but that sounds pretty nice to me. If only they weren't both weak to Solgaleo :(

But still, my favorite card of the set so far !
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  • Glaceon-GX - THE BASICS! Hmm! 200 hp is standard for S1 GX, Hits Volcanion for weakness, worst RC, Weak to Metal, which is BIG ATM, and it'll be bigger when Cool Solgaleo came out. The ability is phenomenal, except you'll face a Metal Deck. Even though it blocks Lele's ability, Cool Solgaleo and Registeel will crush Glaceon effortlessly. Yeah, Glaceon will have a bad time on these guys. The atk.. We've seen on Dakrai and its co-Eeveelution brother, Umbreon. Perfect damage to OHKO Volcanion but Turtonator isn't. The GX, it's fine, not hype too much. 3-4 Geodudes


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ahhhhhhg!!!!!! when are we going to get the Kanto originals!?!?!?!?!?! I do get that this set was already Sinnoh-heavy, but the first three Eevee evolutions need to happen at some point... (oh, and Pokémon International if you are reading this, can you make the Flareon GX good please?)


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Oh. Hell. Yes. I love this Pokémon in general (2nd favorite), and I love its ability. It will definitely see play, considering its a lot like Garbodor (which rotates next rotation iirc).


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Hey @TheNyanCatXD check this out! :p

Anyways, this card is super solid. 90+30 to the Bench isn't bad, especially with cards like Po Town, Promo Koko, and Espeon-EX. The GX attack really goes off after a few Frozen Bullets. And the Ability is insane, just smack a Water energy onto an Energy Evolution Eeevee and bam, turn one Lele lock. That's nasty.


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Glaceon Part 2 1000/10
  • I love both gen 4 eeveeloutions. They are some of my favorite pokemon. Art is on point. This is a small bit better than Leafeon GX. I always like a attack that can do damage to benched pokemon because there’s nowhere to hide:D. I also like Exeggutor GX because of this. Heckin. Quality.


I cannot wait for the full art and rainbow rares of this and Leafeon to be revealed.

I'm hoping there won't be any more rainbow rares lol but yes want to see the FA, not really digging the art on this and leafeon looks early 00s cgi!! Compared to some of the other arts being pushed out someone needs to give 5ban a break for a set or two.