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  1. Pokeman The great snake rules forever!


    So I have been using this deck for the past month or more now, to only feel this list in particular has only gotten way better than its already good list from the UM format. I’ve been tinkering with it since my top 8 loss that came down to time in the League Cup I have played it in. I then last week scraped the deck and built it from ground up with the cosmic eclipse updates that included it to be a straight water deck with Red & Blue supporter card as it’s acceleration. I found out a lot about it, it wasn’t fast, it was too slow of a deck and not as consistent as the deck that I have been working hard and long on. That’s Glaceon GX/Welder. And I have been testing it out so much and find this to be much much better with obviously changing up the list with the new cards. I think this deck is hot now & once the new format is ready to kick off! What do you think about the updates? I find everything to flow perfectly. Also do you think this is the right list to play? Do you feel it should be taken as a threat? Do you find yourself struggling with other lists that are good, well I think you can look no further! With Fire still being it’s main focus of acel. This deck get to use Flareon GX still, plus regular Flareon to swing for a beautiful 220, with viable options this deck deck covers a lot of the format now, hopefully it will in the same boat in this next!

    Glaceon GX/ Welder decklist:

    4 Jirachi
    4 Eevee GX
    2 Glaceon GX
    1 Flareon GX
    1 Flareon
    1 Mew
    1 Articuno GX
    1 Deddenne GX
    1 Oriocorio GX

    4 Welder
    4 Cherish Ball
    3 Pokegear 3.0
    3 Viridian Forest
    2 Cynthia
    2 Pokémon Communication
    2 Great Catcher
    2 Switch
    2 Escape Board
    1 Grimsley
    1 Erika’s Hospitality
    1 Friend Ball
    1 Reset Stamp
    1 Lana’s Fishing Rod
    1 Pal Pad
    1 Fire Crystal
    1 Island Challenge Amulet

    4 Water
    8 Fire

  2. ProfessorWillow Aspiring Trainer


    This is easily the most miserable thing I’ve seen in a while man.
  3. Pokeman The great snake rules forever!


    Lol are you joking?
  4. ProfessorWillow Aspiring Trainer


    No - GLACEON?! With welder this has got to be a meme.
  5. Yaginku Aspiring Trainer


    Welder is the equivallent of DCE, except you can play it along with an extra water energy AND draw three cards. Glaceon GX never needed a lot of water energy. Playing fire energy means that 50% of decks in the format give you stadiums you can use.

    This looks like a fine list, though obviously very different to the one I've played a couple of sets ago.
  6. Constantine Palaiologos Emperor of the romans
    Constantine Palaiologos


    Why not more Glaceon GX?

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