Gengar Line from “Raging Surf!”


Grass-Type Gym Leader
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Gengar, Haunter, and Gastly have been revealed from the Japanese set SV3a Raging Surf, which releases in Japan on September 22nd. We expect Raging Surf to be incorporated into Paradox Rift, our November set.
Gastly – Darkness – HP50
Basic Pokémon
[C] Allure: Draw a card.
[D][C] Will-O-Wisp: 20 damage.
Weakness: Fighting (x2)
Resistance: None
Retreat: 1

Haunter – Darkness – HP80
Stage 1 – Evolves from Gastly
[D][C] Dark Slumber: 40 damage. Your opponent’s Active Pokémon is now Asleep.
Weakness: Fighting (x2)
Resistance: None
Retreat: 1...

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First dark type gengar since fusion strike :] Nice ability but idk if it's worth playing a stage 2 just for a free switch effect each turn, but always love gengar I hope this one gets an illustration rare :3
Not the least playable Gengar we've gotten recently, but that's not saying much. Probably better than Decidueye or Solgaleo in an Iron Valiant list.
Not the least playable Gengar we've gotten recently, but that's not saying much. Probably better than Decidueye or Solgaleo in an Iron Valiant list.
I rather have a basic or a Stage 1 tho, or I rather run Iron Valiant on Lost Box since they took advantage of switching, not dediacting 1/12 of my deck for that.

Gastly/Haunter/Gengar - same ability as MEW Dragonite that never saw play in Japan. 2/2/3

EDIT: MEW Dragonite gives 0 retreat yet still saw no play. It waa Decidueye, which again, saw no play.
Gengar is what an ideal uncommon rarity card should be. Not amazing by any means, and maybe outclassed by some flashy ultra rare, but still useful at fulfilling its specific role and able to fit into a variety of decks. Thankfully we're not in the SwSh era anymore where cards like this get bumped up to be a rare arbitrarily

I also love the retro vibe of Gastly's artwork honestly
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Agree with Shinxed3 above me. I don't need every Pokemon to be super playable, but I would love it if more common/uncommon cards get printed like this Gengar that aren't just bland 'stat' cards lacking some kind of unqiue ability or interesting attack. Gets kinda boring when the filler cards in the set are so obviously inferior to other options simply by comparing the numbers printed on the cards. As an example, they could bring back Pokemon that came with held items, like some cards in the DP era had (e.g. Duskull with the Reaper Cloth can evolve the turn it comes into play etc.).
Gengar's ability is pretty cool (even though it being a Stage 2 will likely prevent it from seeing play) and I really like its artwork. Big bold cartoon vibe.
what i'm liking about the scarlet and violet era is that it's clear that we're getting single prizers with distinct niches. even if this card is not competitively playable, it has something going for it that makes it unique

i feel like in previous generations we had way more generic single-prizers compared to now.
I agree with the above comments, I'm glad to see more effects/mechanics on a wider variety of cards, instead of an endless wave of commons that do nothing vs flashy 2 and 3-prizers with no inbetween.
If we ever get a good Gengar ex in an upcoming future set, this will be pretty nice to throw in as a 1 of for the free Switch effect.