TCG Fakes Generation Alpha (Image Based + Custom Blanks)

Discussion in 'Creative Works' started by AlphaLad, Oct 19, 2020.

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    Hey everyone.

    I've messing around with image-based fakes for a while, so I decided to dedicate a whole thread to it. I thought it'd be cool to make full sets with my own custom blanks. That way, it'd be like my own generation of Pokémon cards.

    Each of my sets will be listed in order below:

    1. Kanto Reborn (In Progress)

    If you guys have any feedback or suggestions, let me know. Thanks!
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    Hey, not bad! I really like these custom blanks — it's definitely a unique take to put the evo box between the name and the HP, and I like that it leaves more of the art exposed.

    It's interesting how you've chosen to make Pokémon+ essentially LV.Xs that you can play more copies of. I question the move to raise HP by so much in contrast to the attack, though — and it still only gives up one Prize on a Knock Out, right?

    They're definitely great aesthetics-wise, though. I look forward to seeing more! :D
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    Hey, thanks for the support! Now that you mention it, the HP for Pokémon+ does seem a tad bloated. Especially since they do give only 1 prize card, I'll probably bring it down for the sake of balance.
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    10/22 Update

    Every Grass type in Kanto Reborn has been completed! You can find them all here. Next up is Fire types, which will include some of Gen 1's most iconic Pokémon.
    Here's a sneak peek of what's to come:
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